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Membership Gratitude Chat: March 2016


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10Q - March 9, 2016


MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


Maureen: Michael, for a number of days starting in January I had almost non-stop déjà vu episodes that made me feel out of sorts (…or maybe I was feeling that way anyway and it’s unrelated). I couldn't make any sense of them. It’s still going on but it’s less intense. I sense that they are related to the general anxiety that is around many of us, this year. Would you tell us a little more about déjà vu episodes. What causes them? Why do they occur?, etc.


There are primarily two reasons for this experience, though we could elaborate further in continued exchanges on the topic.


Both reasons are a function of memory. In the more practical and most common sense, it is a "hiccup" in the recording of a current experience. Your body and brain have taken in the experience and recorded it *before* your consciousness has registered the memory.


When it "plays back," it is playing back in what might be experienced as two layers (or more).


Here is a quite literal and simplistic example:


You walk into a room. Your mind is "elsewhere." Your body and brain register the walking into the room. Your mind "returns" and plays this memory back immediately. It is superimposed on the present input and feels as if it is a bizarre memory, but it is actually a memory recorded only seconds before.


This is most common among those who are distracted, distressed, panicked, in pain, worried, anxious, in creative processes, etc.


Maureen: That makes sense.


The second form of Deja Vu is more relevant to the "mysterious" memories that arise relative to experiences that transcend the current life or local memory.


These are called up from the Instinctive Center and triggered by any number of cues.


These tend to last longer in duration and tend to trigger more profound philosophical inner dialog than the local deja vu.


In both instances they are simply synchronized moments of memory. One is a replay of an immediate moment and the other is a replay from beyond the immediate moment.


There is no more significance to these than any other form of memory. Sometimes these are random, and sometimes they are relevant, and sometimes they are pleasantly nostalgic or exciting, or they are processes of sadness and healing.


Colleen: You mentioned before that the Earth has been expanding. Please talk more about this. How fast does it expand? How does it relate to plate tectonics? Do the other planets and our moon expand as well?


The expansion of the planet is more rapid in its earliest formation and this slows tremendously over time. It is still expanding, but at about a fraction of a millimeter per cycle of rotation around the Sun. Plate tectonics is a separate system, so to speak, and plays with and against the expansion and rotation in ways that help distort and shift the planet over time. In other words, they are competing forces to some extent and this contributes to large cycles of weather and geological shifting so that the single home of a Sentient species is always changing.


The more creative the dominant sentient species, the more the planet tends to reflect this in its variables and shifts over time.


Other planets have been in expansion and some have nearly halted while others are still expanding much faster than Earth.


The moon is not.


PeterK: In a recent private session, I asked for the Life Task and Life Plan of a Task Companion. You provided an answer for the Life Task but said that the Life Plan is something you would discuss with the fragment, if asked. Is it inappropriate for me to ask about the Life Task and Life Plan of another person?


No, it is not inappropriate. We will clarify.


If you were to ask what color a person's hair is, we can say brown, even if the person has colored his hair, bleached it, dyed it, shaved it. We can say it is brown and everything he chooses to do with his hair is his choice. Calling it "brown" only tells you what the color is. Life Tasks are like hair color. We can tell you what they are, but what a person does with that Task or how that Task shows up in the life will always be up to the individual.


The brown hair will go with this person wherever he goes.


However, elaborating upon a Life Plan can be similar to trying to describe how a person is getting from Point A to Point Z.


It is not that it is inappropriate to ask this about another fragment, but there are so many variables, nuances, and details that are fairly regularly altered and updated that for us to describe to anyone other than the person, himself, can often be meaningless or empty of context.


Life Plans start out like a shopping list for ingredients aimed for making a certain recipe.


You go to the grocery store armed with your list and then that is when you see all of the ingredients available to you in all of their glory.


Some people stick to their list and aim for the ingredients and get out of the store and on with their "cooking," but many more find themselves distracted, exploring, snacking in the aisles, sampling goodies, reconsidering, etc.


So Life Plans are complex and varied and change regularly.


In general, we can look at Life Plans in 5 year increments.


So while you can ask us about Life Plans, the discussion is often far more complex than a phrase.


We know there may be better ways to clarify, but we think this will do for now.


PeterK: Thank you, this is very helpful. I enjoyed the comment about snacking in the aisles.


Becca: Hi Michael. I have an interest in true crime and was wondering if you have access to information about whether people who are accused of crimes are guilty, or the locations of missing people. I understand that some people claim to be psychics able to lead investigators to this kind of information. Is this a legitimate skill? Part of their life task or karma, for instance? Would it be possible for a channel to learn the whereabouts of a missing child, such as Madeleine McCann, or whether a suspect is guilty?


We tend to only have access to details about crimes after the Karmic Ribbons are burned or in stasis. Karmic events tend to remain acutely localized among the fragments involved until there is time to process the experiences. We do not have access to individuals and their local data. We only have access to what is updated in the Akashic Records.


Local psychics, however, can "read" more localized energies in ways that can be successfully interpreted as leads and insights.


Most are not very accurate or skilled in these interpretations, but some are.


We can sometimes find keys or lost objects if an updated record reveals a memory of recent placement of these objects. We can sometimes locate lost individuals if there is no Karmic dynamic obscuring our view.


In the case in question, we cannot see details at this point.


When a valid psychic is involved in this line of work, it tends to be related to their Life Task, and various other factors in their design.


Becca: wow, thanks Michael, that's really interesting!


MEntity: We must conclude here for today. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.

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