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Do physical twins have always Mercurial body type?

Jean-François Lozevis

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I believe that for astrology Mercury is related to Gemini. So I wonder if physical twins have always some mercurial body type. I read something about it in MT Teachings.


For myself, I maybe had a physical twin that I did absorb before birth. My father was scared when he learnt that my mother was maybe waiting for two babies at once. Some of my behaviours are strange: I repeat myself when talking, I buy things like toothpaste by too. And I have my third body type as Mercurial.

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  • TLE12

We all habe a primary,secondary, and tertiary body types.


Most of us only know out primary and secondary.


Body types use astrological terminology I think because they were originally channel by the original Michael group in the 70s.


I would suggest two things.


Ask M about it.  It would be curious to know that in a situation like your if the absorption of a non sentient twin changes something on the metaphysical level.


The other is to review body types on here. I think I it is made pretty clear that the body types are unique to thw person.  Some twins will be Mercurial.  In the same way that some warriors or king will have mercurial body type. Some twins will be Geminis.  Some warriors and kings will be too.  However, not all.


Tying body type Mercury to Mercury is astrolocially associated with Gemini therefore all twins have Mercurial body types, is a leap.


M has talked before and said explicitly astrology is a different system while they can overlap, they are not built off each other and thus are not easily translated between.


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My reply is not to @Jean-François Lozevisbut rather to @Christian, so my reply addresses the subject of Body Type in general.

Channels will provide their clients with their alleged Body Types (in addition to their alleged Overleaves), but the concept of Body Type did not originate with the Michaels. The original source was Rodney Collin's book The Theory of Celestial Influence (1968)The speculation provided in that book was adopted and adapted in the "Fellowship of Friends" (FoF), a Gurdjieffian group that the founding members of the original Michael group (OMG -- 1973-1978) had been part of. This means that OMG members adopted and adapted their understanding of Body Types from the FoF, not from the Michaels originally. Yarbro mentioned Body Types in Messages from Michael (1979), but she did not name or describe them. The formulation now used in the Michael Teaching communities was originally adopted and adapted from Jose Stevens's book The Michael Handbook (1986). Stevens was not a member of the original Michael group, but he received transcriptions from an OMG member while it was in progress, and therein the Body Types were named and described. (I suspect that Stevens was also familiar with the Collin book.) So, the Body Type system did not originate with the Michaels; they have apparently gone along with the concept simply because OMG members, and subsequent students, have found it to be useful. The reason I say "gone along with" is that, a careful and thoughtful review of the available documentation from the beginning of the OMG until the present, reveals that one cannot fit the Body Type system into the Overleaf System (the same situation as with Astrology). And in addition to that, there are many discrepancies in what channels have said in their various attempts to correlate the two systems. This tells me that 1) channeling on the subject is dubious; 2) as long as we are dependent on a phenomenon as iffy as channeling, it is not likely that a consensus on the subject will be arrived at in the Michael Teaching as a whole; 3) it is unlikely that there is "truth" in the Body Type system as presently formulated; 4) despite 1, 2, and 3, the subject apparently has a beneficial utility when students, who have arrived at a consensus between or among them about their understanding, talk to each other about Body Types. If you are of a scholarly disposition, you might appreciate my attached 50-page exposition, extracted from my book A History of the Overleaf Chart. There you will read that there might be an even greater utilitarian value if more and more students discontinued the discussion of the senseless Body Type system that we inherited from Collin, and instead talked with each other enough and arrived at a consensus about a sensible Body Type system. Michael students recognize that there is some deep truth in the Overleaf system, but, unable to fit the Body Type system into the Overleaf System, they have not been able to find that same truth in the Body Type system as presently formulated. My assertion is that there is a way to incorporate a sensible Body Type system into the eminently sensible Overleaf System.


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I'll preface this by saying that I don't believe in astrology - it's one of those inherited beliefs from the New Age-ish Boomer generation that birthed and raised me, and the milieu I kind of landed in as an adult, that has fallen away for me. No matter what Michael says about it, it never adds up for me. Whatever people want to believe is fine, I have no issue with it as a personal belief, but when applied broadly, it gives rise to pseudoscience.


But my main point here and in my shorter answer is that I've known many twins in my life, both fraternal and identical, and each pair has had vastly  differing body types. One pair were short and soft and round. Another are nearly 7 feet tall and skinny as rails.

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