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June 7, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor


We are here. One moment.


Hello to all of you. We will begin with the Energy Report. This Report is for the weeks running between June 10 and June 23. Recall that our Energy Reports are not based on predictions, but rather, probabilities and momentum of consciousness based on collective choices.


Over the next two weeks, more implementing of a wider circle of contact is the focus. This means more people in interactions with you in some way, either in dreams or in waking state. These fragments are in some way related to a larger picture, however small their contribution to your current perception. Regardless of your age in physicality, and regardless of your psyche relative to your Life Task, it appears to be a year centered around individuals increasing communion and exchange.


The next month or so will bring you into examinations of your Needs involving Exchange, Communion, and Acceptance. In fact, NEEDS, in general, are at a height in examination over the next month or so, whether they are your primary needs or your neglected needs. Though Exchange, Communion, and Acceptance are the themes, all Nine Basic Needs (Security, Acceptance, Freedom, Exchange, Power, Expression, Expansion, Adventure, Communion) will be under examination. The challenge will be between the want to have your Needs fulfilled by fragments in your intimate circle, while the reality requires that any Need can ONLY BE FULFILLED BY YOURSELF. This will mean that you, yourself, may end up in positions that are asking you to fulfill Needs for someone else. This could create opportunities for truth, love, and energy to be infused into a relationship, or an opportunity to displace your responsibilities and “blame” others.


Sensitivity will rise in terms of the fragments involved in your intimate circle, challenging you to choose between recognizing what you are Offering Vs Getting. Your culture supports in the most insidious of ways how to GET, but rarely how to truly Give. This certainly creates a dichotomy within, in regard to what you are to provide yourself Vs what is valid in accepting from external sources.


Over the next two weeks, if you choose, you can examine your behavior in your intimate exchanges. Observe your REACTIONS. Your reactions are your messages over the next couple of weeks, at least in terms of discovering where you are responsible for fulfilling Needs that have been neglected for a time. We define “intimate exchanges” as anything involving conversation, touch, social grace, sex, sharing, eating together, and several other incidences of behavior which gauges another fragment involvement.


As we said, Communion, Exchange, and Acceptance will be the “issues” over the next week, for many. This means it is a very important time to Offer valid sincerity, compassion, and attempts to “see past” the flaws of others.


We will also add that at least 10 of you here have “messages” to collect from “strangers” in the next couple of weeks, regarding your next life steps. We would also venture to call the next couple of Weeks, “Sage Weeks,” meaning it is a time to view everyone as children, regardless of behavior and to trust in the “flaws” you see in others and yourself. It will be a time to allow room for major “mistakes” created by yourself or others, if you choose. Celebrate the many varied ways others express themselves, even if you “wish” for someone's change in behavior or someone is expecting a scripted behavior from you. The energy is available as support for experiences of true Exchange, Communion, and Acceptance, again, if you choose to utilize it.


The most pivotal, powerful tool you will have over the next couple of weeks is a smile. We do not mean this in a trivial way.


The Energy Report is commented on enough that we may move on, or take questions regarding it. Questions?


[MaryBV] Would it harm us to know who will receive a message from a stranger?


[Michael_Entity] No


[MaryBV] Hahahah, ok who?


[Michael_Entity] Anne, Annette, “nelson,” David, Ludmila, Marion, Troy, Lawrence, Leela, Mary. This is not conclusive, but a picture of the momentum at this point. There are “messages” for all of you; pivotal. It simply happens that the ten mentioned are in positions that allow contact with more of a “stream” of people through their various environments.


[Anne49] would you define the true nature of giving?


The true nature of Giving is in creating an Exchange without the fear of “being ripped off.” Giving is not just an active offering of something, but a gauging of the recipient's capability to receive. To be put simply, True Giving is in the comprehension of Other as they are a part of an Exchange.


True Giving, as an example, includes the allowance of OTHERS to Give what is natural to them. For instance, TOUCH. It is considered a violation in many ways to have a stranger touch you, when in reality it is a form of Giving for you to allow social contact from another fragment. We do not mean for you to reduce your boundaries to allow true violations, but a gentle touch, a bump, a brush against you, is not a violation, they are opportunities. Listening to another fragment without using the exchange as a platform to tell your own stories is another example of True Giving. Many of you are kind listeners, compassionate, and deeply helpful, but this does not mean you are Giving if your intentions are to “earn” another's love or to be able to “get them” to listen to you. Many with Self-deprecation are prone to do the latter.


[Leela] My question relates to something that happened a little while ago. I am curious about the press conference called by high-level NASA and other government officials about extraterrestrial contact. How much of this was accurate, and will we see any real results of this?


[Michael_Entity] The conference was valid and addressed many issues known and unknown to the participants previous to the exchange. There are some “serious” issues to be dealt with within the “higher governments” and NASA as you prepare for eventual revelations. Contact with off-planet species has been known to many in positions of “power” for over 50 years. There are fewer and fewer ways to “protect” the public, especially with the advent of faster and wider means of communication and research. Your world is almost as “small” as it will ever be, so these issues must be addressed if there is going to be any sense of “control” by those in positions of knowledge. You will see results of this conference, with the release of carefully regulated pieces of information, first with allusions, then with revelations. We, ourselves, have been “waiting” for a formal announcement of revelation for quite some time, as we have seen many fragments “pushing” to make it possible. Your world is almost ready to believe.


[Liiona24] Is there any real intention to allow drilling for oil off the coast of Florida or is this being stages between the brothers to allow Jeb Bush look good when he “fights” his brother and “wins?” Cynical view perhaps, of what could be going on.


[Michael_Entity] There is real intention to drill. Its probability is at 57%. There is no political conspiracy behind it, simply what some might call ignorance.


[xyzlorenzo] Mormon roots are showing… can you tell me overleaves for Joseph Smith and just a little blurb about the his and the Mormon faith's significance to world affairs?


Joseph Smith: Early Mature Priest/Server, Artisan Cast, Acceptance, Passion, Idealist, Arrogance (double), Intellectual/Emotional.


Mormonism is a mature soul religion as opposed to the baby soul religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. Its focus is on acceptance and inclusion, but its roots are heavily weighed down by Arrogance. The philosophy is still within the parameters of Baby Soul behavior, but with a broader definition of what is acceptable. There is still an emphasis on negative poles, even in the focus being Acceptance, as the focus is on Ingratiation, not Agape.


In terms of its “significance to world affairs,” it is simply another religion. Religion, in general, is losing its footing in positions of power and authority as more Mature Souls question themselves.


[clavis] Could Michael comment on which stage of the 4th IM that I'm going through? And how to stay on the positive pole through the process (the 4th IM)? Thanks.


[Michael_Entity] We do not comment on personal situations in public chats; however, we will include a response to this, sent to you privately, when the transcript goes out. We will say you are at the 3rd Stage.


[JNelson] (From my mom) How can I differentiate between past life recall and imagination?


[Michael_Entity] They are the same. Imagination is incorrectly distrusted, when in reality it is your highest form of contact with various non-physical aspects of life. There IS a difference between delusion and perception, however. Delusion requires you to enforce a vision, while a memory of a past life, or perception, “happens.”


[JNelson] But can't you create things completely original with your imagination?


[Michael_Entity] Yes, you can create something completely original with imagination. Past Life Recall, as we said, “happens,” while creativity is actively pursued, which can lead to delusions. If you are seeking recall, for instance, in meditation, your differentiation will be more difficult, but the validity can come in the determination of the “past life's” significance NOW. If you are more entertained than empowered, it is more likely delusion. If there is relevance and meaning even if only symbolically to you NOW, then it is more than likely a Past Life Recall in some form. We refrain from saying “it might be your imagination,” simply because Imagination is a large context that includes both delusion and memory/perception. Most of your own memories within a lifetime are based on Imagination. Most valid past lives, though, as they become available and however vague, will have direct relevance to your life. They are recalled for a reason. Active pursuit of past lives can lead to delusion, only because most have expectations and scripts for what they must experience.


[JNelson] I am interested in how The Book of the Law was channeled by Aleister Crowley. Would Michael care to explain who/what Crowley was channeling and possibly comment on Crowley's teachings and abilities as a whole?


We will include our response in the transcript, but will conclude here, for tonight.


[added response]


The fragment known as Aleister Crowley (a Final Level Young Priest, Artisan Casting) was simply “channeling” his own Essence and Personality's ideals. Much of the interpretations are distortions from the original intentions, but his goal was ultimate empowerment of the individual, along with the encouragement that all was ultimately “safe”.


Good night.


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Great answer to how to differentiate between past life recall and imagination. I have always wondered about this. Thanks Janet for posting this!


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