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Michael Speaks -- Personal Group Session


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July 13, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Personal Group Session



Hello to all of you. We are here. You may find our approach a bit different than that of the more open chat, but as the nature of our interaction alters, so does our seeming expression. There may be more of what you might deem “personable” aspects of us “showing through,” but this is simply the nature of the exchange, not a matter of our “personality.” We do not have a Personality, as you know, but we would utilize varying layers of the channel’s Personality for this event.


We will move directly into the Energy Report for you across the next few weeks. In general, the next few days will simply move swiftly through your awareness, seeming as if time is sped up. This is similar to having had your eyes closed for some time, being awakened jarringly, and trying to adjust to the bright lights and loud noises.


As we have mentioned in our previous reports, this will seem as if it is a time for you to see who it is you “grab hold of” as you re-center yourselves. Whomever you find you reach out for, or reaches out to you, will be an indication of some deeper link that will most likely be a strength shared over the next year or so, at least.


As we go through a report for each of you, they will appear more like predictions than they are. In order to make a report for any of you individually, we must look at various factors. These factors would be any themes that might be able to be summed up in a word or two, any vectors or agreements to be fulfilled, any karma, internally or externally, to be explored, etc. Our reports for each of you will be based on a certain momentum, but they ARE NOT PREDICTIONS, only probabilities.


As you grow in your experience with us, you will be able to gather whether you are more set in your momentum or more spontaneous and flexible, rendering any mentions pointless. Many times, we will not have a complete picture of a momentum, but will share with you anything that may be literal or symbolic in its significance.


For example, Anne, over the next three weeks, it appears you are on a Vector with an elderly Scholar who is somehow linked to something geometrically important as a presentation to you. This may bring some relief to something related to your living or work conditions, affecting others in a positive way who you care for. Your theme for the next three weeks or so will be Gratitude, as you unlock some “stuck concepts” around living or work conditions. The Gratitude is that the solution is found externally through another, instead of “all by yourself.” This month is pivotal in re-centering what you define as Family.


Marion, we would say your theme over the next three weeks or so will be Pleasant Surprise. It appears that something you have been “eyeing” or observing passively, will “turn toward you” surprisingly. A great moment of deep laughter will signify that your event has unfolded. It is startling and delightful. We believe it has to do with someone you have been “reaching out” to, but are not clear, as the element of surprise limits our perception.


Mary, over the next three weeks, it appears your lines of communication, either electronically or physically, as in “snail mail,” seem to hold a high probability for returning contact between yourself and another who has not held contact for some time. Your theme over the next three weeks or so, then, would be Reunion.


[MaryBV] Someone I know?



Yes, someone who was close, lost in time for a bit, but has some interest in gaining more insight from you.


Lisa, your theme over the next few weeks would be Grief, not in any devastating way, but simply in ways that are allowing new ideas to replace old expectations. You have truly updated your expectations and ideals to be more compatible with “reality.” Most will feel the next few weeks gradually energize and enliven them, but Lisa, you may still feel a bit more of a lag in your energy, as your agenda was a bit more personal and less directly linked to the “weather at large.”


Suzee, it appears a small group of fragments have plans to “do something nice” for you. Your theme will be Appreciation. Several people seem to be interested in stepping forth to “thank you” for something, though we are not clear if it is personal or somehow linked to work.


Each of the scenarios we commented on are above the %50 probability, which allowed us to comment with some sense of momentum, but these, again, ARE NOT PREDICTIONS. They are energies that are more than likely capable of manifesting, but any number of factors could change this.


Before we move on, are there any questions regarding your momentums. If not then, we will begin rounds of personal questions with Marion.


[Liiona24] Would you please comment on the agreement or karma or whatever connection I have with Ron Repsher 3/13/56. I feel pulled to stay in relationship with him although we are very different people and he appears to be bogged down by old issues in his life



You feel “pulled to stay in the relationship” because you are pragmatic and capable of seeing what is “best.” We believe this is a Mate Agreement we may have touched on in previous contact with you. If this was not a predetermined Mate, we do see that having potential to evolve fully. We don’t believe there is Karma here between you compelling you to stay, but more that this relationship brings out the best in your own self-karma.


Of course, you are “different people,” because you ARE. This difference is neither a justification for your staying in the relationship, if you choose not to, nor is it an explanation for why you remain. It is simply a truth in difference. The Self-Karma that is amplified for you is in determining whether it is “worth it” to you to have to solely “bridge the gap” between what you want to receive vs. what you know you must give. It seems you are never receiving fully or proportionally to what you give. It is up to you to determine honestly if you are willing to face the fact of whether your giving is a form of investment for return, or as a form of giving.


It is neither good nor bad to gauge a valid return, but this must be done openly, not silently, hoping; unless it is your choice to pursue sharing in this manner, by which it would then only be a matter of accepting that. We believe you have as much healing to pursue from another as you are willing to give to another, but the fragment known as Ron has not the skills you have to be as mature as you. You have created a kind of sanctuary for this fragment, but you are allowed to be “real” in that. Carefully clarify what you might be expecting and wanting, for at least you would be better able to gauge if your investment is where you want your energy.


We would say if this fragment does not respond in kind to your openly asking for a return, equally, that you may be taking on more than simple healing; you may be taking on a task of “mending a wing” for another to “fly away.” As we said before in your energy report, you may be in for a pleasant surprise around what you have been observing silently.


[LisaC] I just wanted to know my ‘trues’. Troy got my life task but didn’t have time for the others.



True Work, of course, is the Life Task. True Rest for you, we suggest, would be lying on your back and cloud watching, anything having to do with noticing formations shifting in nature. True Play, we suggest, might be reading to the elderly or children, delivering food to the homebound, or offering any kind of service to shelters for animals or people.


True Study would be suggested as anything grasping the dynamics of the stages in relationships.


Anything we suggest in terms of your “trues” are simply that, suggestions. We remind you that you are each innovative and intuitive enough to determine what frees your energy or inspires you.


[MaryBV] I seem to have a lot of dreams about swimming pools (all shapes and sizes), ice-skating, and about houses (particularly the house I lived in Hartford City, IN). Once I had all three elements in the same dream. Is there any significance to these topics for my dreams?



It may come as no surprise that your swimming pool dreams have to do with various explorations of your subconsciousness, particularly relating to anything sexually suppressed. We do not mean these simplistically. We mean this in terms of anything relating to contained relationships wherein the sense of Union and Beauty are being evaluated. Although, we do not dismiss the more simplistic, we merely comment that we include a broader spectrum.


The Ice Skating, we suggest, relates to the more difficult and further challenging elements of union seeking exploration.


[MaryBV] It feels more like reality to me – like I am taping in on a parallel.



Your sense is valid. There is a version of you that uses this element as a means for distraction from the deep distrust in relationships.


The Houses seem to represent similar symbology, but from a far more aware and intellectual level as you relate to yourself, rather than another.


[Suzee] Would you please comment on my future agreements that have yet to be fulfilled by my connection with Robt. Newman (Bobby) and his connection to the Navy and NASA, and if we have a long term mate agreement.


[M_Entity] This is three questions. Do you have one or two that are priorities?


[Suzee] The first part is most important.



Future Agreements with this fragment are numerous, but they do include Matedness, Pivotal Agreements in both directions, two Introduction Agreements, one Healing Agreement, and Profound Revelation Agreements. Listing Agreements is difficult only in that there are so many and can fluctuate. You each share Restitution Karma in both directions.


These should keep both of you busy for some time, even with any other Agreements not mentioned here or that are made “along the way.” Pivotal Agreements simply mean you make an impact in each other’s lives in ways that alter the courses; Introductions are based on acting as conduits for bringing fragments into each other’s space you have other Agreements with; Profound Revelations are based on revealing concepts or beliefs or information that shocks the personality into another height of understanding the life.


[Suzee] I feel as though the Navy and NASA is part of it somehow.


[M_Entity] We believe NASA is linked and relates to relocation of some sort, but we are not clear since it is karmically related.


[Anne49] Can you tell me why I find myself so drawn to Eleanor of Aquitaine?


[M_Entity] It is rare that a King Essence is able to gather nearly all King Essences extant at the time for a common goal, but this fragment was able to do so. It appears you were involved somehow within that time span. This fragment was chosen as a Muse for many Kings and still stands in most Support Circles in this fashion.


[Anne49] I feel, quite aware of this fragment.


[M_Entity] That would make sense.


[Liiona24] Another dream question, I have a recurring one. In the latest version I was headed south on a beach with two unknown people. The waves suddenly become very large and I seek to avoid them. The third one picked me up and carried me in a semi circle south. I caught a pillar in a beach house to avoid going out to sea. There was a ceramic object on a shelf I held onto also. Lately I am carried by the waves instead of overwhelmed. What are these dreams about for me, especially the waves?



This is simply your way of symbolically gauging how you are standing in terms of your sense of intimacy. It is really the only thing that “sweeps you off your feet.” You are maturing in your management of feelings, investments, and self in relation to intimacy. The other figures, of course, appear to be aspects of you; the two sub-personalities that were borne from your reactions to two overwhelming incidences centered around intimacy. “The frightened teen” and the “disappointed mother” could be terms for these sub-personalities you are helping to find peace.


Shaping your dreams, if you can, would give you far more freedom if you learned to simply “go out to sea.” Let it take you away into the unknown. Your grip on the pillar is not phallic, but does imply a sense that you are still seeking validation and security from male approval.


[LisaC] My stomach problems are caused by my fear, I think. I’d like some suggestions on how to reduce this fear, or at least get a handle on it.



Your stomach problems have surpassed the origins in fear and must now be dealt with physically. Of course, stressful reactions amplify the problem, but there are physical elements that do require tending. There appears to be a problem with the lining of your stomach and/or the enzyme or acid production. This channel is not well versed in the geography of the body or medical terminology, but we can suggest that “alternative treatments” should be adequate, though we would also suggest test for ulcers.


This is serious enough to require intervention. We note here that any level of processing fear or issues is valid, even if that is manifested physically.


It is highly common.


[MaryBV] This may seem like a silly question, but I am having trouble with my cat Chinook. His coat looks icky and he only will eat tuna. What is wrong and can I help him?



This cat appears to have had the original devic energies choose to leave. Rather than the body passing, it is on “autopilot” with much of your own energy sustaining it. The group of Essences originally care taking for this mammal have diversified and are seeking a litter of kittens. New devic energies may find Chinook of interest, but this may take over 7 months to secure port.


Devic energies do not get attached to humans, especially in Felines, but rather observe and assimilate. These energies were done. Normally, an illness will befall the animal and the Chief Feature of the Human caretaker will affect the animal’s demise. It appears, because of your own internal, eccentric nature, there simply may be interest in Chinook being a “walk-in,” so to speak, for another set of energies from the Hive.


If this does not occur, there will most likely be a passing after that 7 months. The signs of this passing, in this case, would be if serious eye infections manifest. We would say it would be safe to assume this particular cat is choosing to exit. If the eye infections manifest. Regardless of how traumatically manifested, there is intelligence to the animals that choose their own exits, as well, on some level.


[Suzee] I was supposed to meet my task companion sometime this year, but she had an accident. What are the current probabilities of my meeting her?



Two windows seem to be available: September and March of next year. March is more solid, but September is highly possible because there is no interest in delaying contact.


Good night, then, to all of you.

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On 5/28/2016 at 11:34 AM, Janet said:

[Anne49] Can you tell me why I find myself so drawn to Eleanor of Aquitaine?


[M_Entity] It is rare that a King Essence is able to gather nearly all King Essences extant at the time for a common goal, but this fragment was able to do so. It appears you were involved somehow within that time span. This fragment was chosen as a Muse for many Kings and still stands in most Support Circles in this fashion.

HOLY SHIT someone already asked about Eleanor of Aquitaine?!?! I am in love with Eleanor of Aquitaine and eventually I plan on asking more about her. Perhaps once POFs reappear on the services calendar. Katharine Hepburn will always be my headcanon Eleanor.



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