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Michael Speaks - Jan 23, 2016 - State Of The Planet 2016

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Michael Speaks - State Of The Planet 2016

Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

2016 appears to be a "turning point" year. We have spoken to some degree about how Turning Points show up in one's life, and this is similar, but on a collective level.

A Turning Point is when patterns reach a point where the current direction is exhausted and is, virtually, a "dead end." You are then faced with the responsibility of creating or choosing a direction at some point that is pivotal to the life.

In this case, it is on a collective scale.

Of course, the notion of a "dead end" is only for help in understanding the way the Turning Point works, but there are rarely any true dead ends.

The key elements involved in the Collective Turning Point for 2016 are:

Energy Resources, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Climate and Environmental healing, Information Management, Social Intelligence, and Diet.

We share this not as an urgency to override your choices, but to point out that these things will turn in a drastically different direction than expected, with or without your participation.

This Turning Point is not a sharp turn, so to speak, but relatively speaking, it is fairly sharp.

Energy Resources as they are currently used are known to be beyond unsustainable. It is past the point of return. Implementation of alternatives is vital.

This is likely to be a year where breakthroughs are made or announced that hint at a very different means of extracting, storing, and distributing energy.

There are many alternatives accessible and viable for redirecting from dependence upon current resources.

One of the ways that this Turning Point may show up is for individuals to opt out of collective resource distribution and implementing more ways for individuals to manage this themselves.

As more opt out, those collective resource distributions will likely take the leap to more sustainable resources.

Whether one opts out or not, the use of energy from whatever sources are necessary now require more consideration for how much one is wasting.

We understand the magic of a light switch, but it is accessing a finite resource. It is not magic, nor is it unlimited.

We may see restrictions being put in place on larger scales than ever to help reduce usage.

In a Moving Centered year with such patterns in place, we would expect large and surprising outages of grids and networks over the year.

Waste Management is at a turning point, as well. We expect this year to bring larger scale implementations of organic resources used in breaking down waste.

This would be implemented in both oceanic and land.

Or other large bodies of water, as well.

The effects of climate change are in full force now. Little can be done to reverse it, but much can be done to reduce and redirect it.

The culminating patterns of waste and climate change are not "pretty," but one surprising benefit to both in terms of healing is the sudden dive into Virtual and Augmented Reality over 2016.

This year will be the first year that it becomes a reality that you can have many "things" without having those things.

When augmented and virtual reality is feasible, societies tend to produce far fewer "things" and with less production, there is less waste, less toxic byproduct, less accumulation, less obsolescence.

One device can replace a multitude of "things." One device can replace the necessity for travel, for use of fuels, etc. as your virtual realities can be shared "in the same room."

These would not replace obvious necessities of travel and objects, but it would reduce a surprisingly significant quantity of things that would normally require production, storage, delivery, maintenance, fuel, energy, etc.

Information Management is at a Turning Point.

We use this phrase to describe the reality of information overload that plagues most psyches now.

You are taking in more than you can digest.

You are processing and filtering so much that you learn to invite tunnel vision and ignore everything outside of that tunnel.

We think that 2016 will bring some revelatory ideas, software, and media tactics that can help adjust information flow to be at an individual's pace, and help reduce the "echo chamber" phenomenon that is compromising collective or social intelligence.

Social Intelligence is dropping dramatically due to information overload, useless information, echo chambering, and tunnel vision.

What we mean by "social intelligence" is the proactive effort to participate because one is a part of society, rather than recoiling from it and behaving counter to its collective progress.

The more inclusive one is in his or her position in a society, the more socially intelligent that individual is. The more resigned from, or counter to, a society the less intelligent. We will clarify "intelligence" here to mean knowing how to function, participate in, and contribute to a specific context.

Do not confuse intelligence with status quo or compliance. What we speak of here is participation, contribution, and function in the most inclusive ways possible.

Which leads us to diet. We know that some may think this is bias from Troy, but we can only invite you to consider that it is not. Diet is nearing a Turning Point. The current processes and resources used for the collective cannot continue.

If conscious redirection is not made, then the choice will likely be made for the collective in terms of explosive mass health issues.

More of immediate concern than climate change, war, energy, or intelligence is consideration of one's diet.

The Human Body is ill.

If conscious redirection is not implemented, another "intervention" is likely to be implemented over the next 50 years.

None of what we have shared above is ominous or "doom and gloom" or alarmist. It is simply time to consider these more seriously than ever, if you choose to do so.

Changing how one participates in the world can be inconvenient, but we dare say that finding a new species is far more devastating, even from the highest perspective of Essence.

Each of you are immortal and will continue with or without humanity or Earth, but you are Human and you are Earthlings. This matters. If there is any question as to whether this "blip" of experience in the grand scheme of Grand Cycles of Universes matters, we can say that it matters more than we can convey.

You cannot control everything, but you can contribute to the patterns that gain control.

Consider this year of Turning Point to be one where you can consider what to do differently that takes a stand for home in Humanity, for your fellow Humans, for your home on Earth, and for all creatures seen and unseen among you.

This is not a distraction from the demands of your life. It is your life.

The collective of which you are a part is not separate from you.

You are that collective. That collective is you. Your most private moments contribute to that collective, not in the obvious ways, but in ways that shape how you interact, choose, act, and take or give among others.

It is true that you will continue, regardless of how the next 50 years unfold. But part of a major turning point in the evolution of any Sentience is a move into ownership of responsibility for its own species, health of species, health of home, and care of fellow creatures.

Your own bodies reflect this evolution.

For many years, someone else takes care of you. If you are alive now, someone took care of you somehow for some extended period of time.

Then, for many more years, the body does most everything on its own even if you fight it, abuse it, or ignore it.

But at some point, the caretaking stops.

And you must now consider your choices and actions more carefully. You must actually work on your health, your fitness, your vitality. You must make choices that you find directly benefit or harm. The body no longer just adapts. It is highly responsive and reflective of what you now do to take care of it.

Or do not.

And this is true of the species as it moves into Maturity.

You no longer have millions of years of guidance and support from unlimited sources.

There comes a time when the species must move beyond taking, and move toward taking care.

Though we have plenty to say about 2016, the above gives an idea about how the year may feel and bring to attention. As we deliver Energy Reports, we will elaborate more specifically.


Yes, Nick.

NickSweeney78: Bernie Sanders truly inspires me. It doesn't seem likely that he will win the election in this parallel. But in the parallels where he does get elected, is he able to lead the US to much needed reform along the lines of which he is campaigning?

In most probabilities we see where this fragment moves into Presidency, we see chaos and civil war. What comes of this is further out in probabilities so that some are beneficial and others are not. This is based on momentum from this current point, however, and this can change depending on running mate, pre-negotiations with the House and Senate.

In probabilities where negotiations are openly discussed in terms of effective change, rather than executive change, the turbulence is much lower.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent very different Turning Points, but both are extreme reactions to the necessity for change.

The more extreme the implementation of change, the more turbulent. This is neither good nor bad, but simply a part of how the dynamic works.

NickSweeney78: oy

The fragment in question could lead the United States toward unprecedented reform, if he can find effective ways to implement these changes. The more forcefully, the more retaliation. The more patiently, the more sustainable the changes.


He and Donald Trump represent Reaction, and this is always much more difficult to manage than Action.


BookQuay: You said earlier that much can be done to reduce and redirect the effects of climate change, can you expand on what you mean by redirection in this context?

Climate change will come with or without Human effects or causes. Human activity has accelerated this, however. Where the climate is today is where it "should" have been in another 1000 years or so.

To help understand what we mean by redirection, imagine that a tsunami is imminent. It is already forming. But the communities have the power to both harness and redirect that event away from destruction and toward production.

BookQuay: That's interesting. I never thought about redirection being an option

So as the waves come, there are contraptions in place to capture the force and turn it into energy. There are people moved far from the danger.

BookQuay: If we could figure out how to do that, it would be huge!

Something similar can be the case for the momentum of climate change. Extremes of weather can be harnessed for energy. Changes in climate can be anticipated for changes in food production.

And changes in energy consumption, waste, diet, etc. can quickly reverse the speed and extremes of climate change.

BookQuay: Thanks for clarifying. That makes sense

In other words, the "tsunami" will come, but it does not need to be a force of destruction.


sflow: Hi Michael, can you please comment on what specifically is making the body sick and is this state of illness of the body the same in all regions of the world?

Regardless of any individual Chief Feature, Arrogance is the Chief Feature of Human.

This means that the most debilitating forces in humanity are that of defensiveness, shame, oppression, and insecurity.

Or the extremes of behaviors to mask these.

sflow: I see, I was thinking diet was a huge issue too

There are only 7 ways to die, and Arrogance is Poisoning.  

sflow: ha I understand now

Because Arrogance is so closely linked to Self-deprecation, it means that Illness is the other side.

So Humanity could be said to be contending with both Poisoning and Illness as its greatest threat.

This can come from any number of directions, such as mindless diet, blind exploitation, willful ignorance, disregard, etc.

All of which may ignore consequences on the self, others, and environment in ways that build up immersion in poisons and illness.

sflow: yes I am seeing clearer now Thanks Michael


Juni: What specific foods are most swiftly beneficial to add to one’s diet and/or drop in order to heal, whether one is a)an omnivore or b)vegetarian/vegan?

We have discussed this from various angles, and we invite students to collect those conversations to add to your discussion, but our quick response here would be that two differences can "change everything:" choosing foods as locally grown as possible, and reducing consumption of animal products.

These two differences can be most immediately beneficial and noticeable in effect than most choices with the intent for effective healing and reversal of harm.

Due to range of population on Earth, the first choice for local produce is not always easy or feasible, but it is included here if that choice is possible.

Juni: Clarification: this go for things like spices too, and if something isn't available in your area is it better to just forgo it altogether? A lot of Indian food is vegan, but the spices needed to make them aren't local

Though much can be improved regarding how spices are transported, they do not contribute to the issue of energy consumption like other foods. We would not included spices as a consideration unless they are known to come from exploitative means.

Juni: Thank you, that's been bothering me


JanaK: Is becoming vegan (and helping others to do so) the most effective contribution to reducing and redirecting climate change? How is flying (and cutting it out) in comparison? How is switching to electric cars in comparison?

JanaK: (if this is too much then please just reduce to the first question)

Of the three choices, the first is most immediate, effective, and easiest. We say "easiest" in that it is much easier to change how one thinks, chooses, and eats than it is to change how one transports oneself in any practical way across an ocean.

And while millions will choose to fly, it is rarely a daily choice, let alone a choice that is made more than 3 times in a day.

The combustible means for flying is also at a turning point, and new methods for propulsion will be necessary for flight to be viable.

Electric cars are helpful to a greater extent than not, but the current models are still quite dependent upon similar quantities of resources, but with far less environmental impact.

All of the above are helpful to consider if the choice can be made toward that which is less harmful, but if one were to list these in terms of priority, it would be in the order you listed.


PaulyBoy: My original question on diet has been answered, more of less. Instead, can you elaborate more on energy consumption, and personal usage/storage? Is this like slapping some solar panels on a backpack to use to power your laptop? Please expand? What steps might we take in this direction? I'm using a computer right now tied into the grid, so that is using a finite resource (I love my computer and my games, but I feel a bit guilty). Ideas and such? Directions? New power sources/storage/etc.? Exciting! And Thanks so much!

Your example is valid. This is where a great deal of "wearable tech" will likely move in practical ways over the year.

Clothing that captures and transfers kinetic energy as power.

Solar and wind capturing on small scales.

In-home exercise options that act as power sources.

Though these are not new, they are improving, and the mindset is in place for a full overhaul in how one chooses sources of energy.

PaulyBoy: 0_0 Exciting ^_^

There is no need for guilt for uses of resources as you are familiar.

However, as the options become more and more available, it would be beneficial to consider them, if you choose to do so.

PaulyBoy: Ooo! I look forward to them! I try to go for more power efficiency, but I know that a souped-up-PC is still souped-up as far as power draw. Thank you!


Bobby: Regarding the Moving Centered year and the more likely power outages/grid failures, what would most likely be the culprit of those things happening?

The greatest threats are weather, "cyber" attacks, overloading, or "EMP".

In that order (at the moment).

Bobby: EMP, now that's a nice one. Did you mean via solar or man-made?


Bobby: lol

Though we covered "serious" concerns in this discussion with our students, we only do so as a contribution to the process of evolving and expanded consciousness. It is not to scare you or worry you. It is no different from being told that it may rain or storm and that if you plan to leave the house, consider this possibility and make your choices accordingly.

As with everything in our teaching, we encourage heightened awareness of the power of choice.

If you have a choice, you can make a difference.

And you do have a choice.

Good evening to each of you.

Goodbye, for now.


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  • 1 year later...

All the more relevant now.

I feel like these changes are finally happening and I'm looking forward to contributing to them.

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Thanks @DanielaS for bumping this before the next State of the Planet. We can see what Turning Point we took and where we are. it will be interesting to hear what Michael has to say about their view from now. I'm increasingly hearing Opera as the sound track of this Higher Emotional Warrior year we have entered. It seems to be the only music that expands my Higher Emotional Center, which needs expanding in order to navigate with Compassion. It's Work!

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4 hours ago, Uma said:

Thanks @DanielaS for bumping this before the next State of the Planet. We can see what Turning Point we took and where we are. it will be interesting to hear what Michael has to say about their view from now. I'm increasingly hearing Opera as the sound track of this Higher Emotional Warrior year we have entered. It seems to be the only music that expands my Higher Emotional Center, which needs expanding in order to navigate with Compassion. It's Work!

Yes, I'm excited too Uma!


Ok but i actually thought you said "I'm hearing Oprah as the soundtrack of 2018." XD

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9 hours ago, KurtisM said:

Yes, I'm excited too Uma!


Ok but i actually thought you said "I'm hearing Oprah as the soundtrack of 2018." XD


LOL Kurtis, me too xD 

Maybe we are on to something... 

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Rather Opera than Oprah, I'd say.

I think America would do well with getting sooooooome balance between worship of celebrities, and appreciation of competence, education and experience in some fields... *ducks 'n runs*

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9 minutes ago, PPLD said:

Rather Opera than Oprah, I'd say.

I think America would do well with getting sooooooome balance between worship of celebrities, and appreciation of competence, education and experience in some fields... *ducks 'n runs*


No need to duck and run, I'd say that's pretty level headed. I think being president would be miserable for Oprah. She already shines and has a great deal of influence in her current position. Since she's friends with Barack Obama, I'm sure he'd be able to tell her whether she'd like the job or not.

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5 minutes ago, PPLD said:

Rather Opera than Oprah, I'd say.

I think America would do well with getting sooooooome balance between worship of celebrities, and appreciation of competence, education and experience in some fields... *ducks 'n runs*

I agree with you, @PPLD - much as I have great respect for Oprah, and how she's come up from humble beginnings, and is an inspiration and role model, and I even subscribe to her magazine, etc. etc. etc. - President is not an entry-level job! I want someone who has years of experience in politics to be our President. The qualities needed to succeed in entertainment and those needed to succeed in politics are worlds apart. Give me Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Amy Klobuchar any day.


If Oprah wants to do good in politics, she can be a donor, or an advisor, or run for a smaller office first. But one president with 0 experience in the job is enough! (Even though I don't think Oprah is anything like Tangerine Man; his awfulness is unpresidented!)

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I totally agree with you. 


I also think that two things you mention here @Crystal are very specific to  US:


37 minutes ago, Crystal said:

 (...) respect for Oprah, and how she's come up from humble beginnings, and is an inspiration and role model, (...)


The qualities needed to succeed in entertainment and those needed to succeed in politics are worlds apart.


I think that for the man in the street, it is not equally easy as it is for you to make this differentiation - respect and even admiration when it's soundly applicable, but only because of that there's no need of putting those people in a position of being competent in-absurdum.


And there are so many political "Oprahs", science "Oprahs", but the acknowledgement of them is not there, the promotion of them is not there. 


I think that these things speak so loudly in the American culture (at least when you are an outside observer) in part, because of the Young Soulness.


ACCOMPLISHMENT is in the focus and also the term of measurement. The AREA OF ACCOMPLISHMENT ends up on a low priority level.


I also think that INSPIRATION is absolutely enthralling for the pockets of Baby Souls, that are still of considerable influence in the American society. 


Being a population (correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall reading it) with a big representation of Warriors (accomplishment, the self-made-man mentality) and Artisans (creativity, expression, chaos/cosmos) + the Young Soul paradigm - being level-headed, focused, systematic is not exactly capturing the public attention and need for a thrill. It's like an addiction. I hope it will not govern the next election process...


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