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Evidence of Cold Fusion on 9/11


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Originally posted to eTLE by DianeHB


Ok, yes, I know this smacks of conspiracy theory. That's what I thought at first, and if you know me you know that I don't get into this stuff. But Tex was turned onto this scientist's work, and we started watching this video at 10pm and couldn't stop. It was a fascinating mystery about the weird physical phenomena surrounding 9/11, with no air of conspiracy -- she presents the evidence and a potential process (cold fusion) which matches all the evidence, but other than that, there is no theory on who did it or what caused the process in the first place. I have seen photos of cars half burned, but I didn't know there was all this other weirdness going on. It explained why the twin towers looked like a demolition job (one that's too perfect) and why Building 7 fell for no apparent reason. 


I plan on asking Michael the next chance I get, but would welcome anybody else's opinion on this presentation.





Dr. Judy Wood's website is here: http://www.drjudywood.com/.


From a POF on 10/15/2014:


DianeHB: Hi Michael, Tex and I watched a video presentation by a scientist named Dr. Judy Wood, who theorized that the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was caused by a process commonly known as "cold fusion", or "low-energy nuclear reaction", which would explain some of the unusual physical evidence that doesn't make sense in Newtonian physics, such as:

- the buildings apparently turning into dust as they fell -- both on video and evidenced by lack of debris to account for the size of the buildings

- fires that burned metals in cars but not the paper debris around the cars

- relatively little destruction from fallen debris at the bottom of the towers and the surrounding areas

- steel beams that were bent 180 degrees with no cracks

- steel beams twisted on a vertical axis

- metals with different melting points fused together


DianeHB: Q1: There are many more, but I just listed a few here to give you the gist of it. I'm curious whether you see her cold fusion theory about the destruction of the Twin Towers as accurate.


DianeHB: Q2: If it's possible to say, who developed and used this weapon?


DianeHB: Q3: Do you see us potentially developing this technology into a source of free/low-cost energy? (Just in the past week there's been an article out about the successful testing of a device called E-Cat that may have been using the same process as "cold fusion" or LENR.)


MEntity: In response to the first question: we have always known that an advanced grade of ignition was employed, but we do not have the terminology through this channel to describe it. Your suggestion may well be on track.


MEntity: In response to question two: though we know this "feeds into" the conspiracy fears, we do see that these developments are a product of a "black" element of government and military.


MEntity: In response to question three: it is a viable solution that has potential if the effort and support is made. It could be implemented as early as 10 years, if there are no disruptions.


DianeHB: What was the intention for the destruction of the Twin Towers? An excuse to create war? What did Osama bin Laden have to do with it?


DianeHB: And did President Bush or VP Cheney bear any responsibility, or was it out of their hands?


MEntity: Once a solution such as this is moved out of fantasy and into possibility, some of the more refined minds can focus on its implementation. Some minds are strong in extracting from possibility, while other minds are strong in implementing what has been shown to be possible.


MEntity: Much of the cause and conclusion for the events of "9/11" are still being sorted out, so we have only fragments of information. This informs us that there were most certainly manipulative forces at work in constructing this event. From what we can see, certain structures where sensitive data is stored may be "rigged" for destruction if ever under attack. These have always been an experimental


MEntity: implementation because there has never been a way to fully test in a real-life scenario. Two of building's defenses were triggered by the attacks, while a third appears to have been manually implemented.


DianeHB: Are you saying the cold fusion "weapon" was a self-destruct mechanism?


MEntity: We do not see the fragment known as "Osama" as being involved in any practical way, though politically and after-the-fact, there was some pride in being credited, which was then used to advance his platform.


MEntity: We are not saying it is cold fusion, as we are not clear as to how to describe was actually implemented, but yes, it would appear to have already been in place.


MEntity: The fragment known as Cheney appears to have been quite aware of potential events before they were implemented.


MEntity: Yes, there is much to explore here, even with the fragmented information.


MEntity: Troy was directly affected by this, so there are some emotional hurdles to work around, but they are not problematic.


MikeC shared this article during the session about the 9/11 planes targeting the floors with computer rooms in both towers: http://hugequestions.com/Eric/TFC/Bollyn-Fuji-WTC.html.


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