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Renaissance Past Lives - Post 1 of 2

Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

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Originally posted to eTLE by Geraldine


This is a series of questions and answers that Martha W gathered together into a single post on n.TLE. It concerns information about one of our Configurations (everyone belongs to more than one, even if all are not active). Maureen G., Martha W., Bobby A., and I have all asked questions which expanded on the topic(s). The entire Configuration includes Troy, Oscar, and the "Teachings" as additional members of the Septet (aka Septant). 


MARTHA: I'm adding this to the top, as we've filled it in since the comment I posted with it. Six of us here on TLE are part of a Septant Configuration (with the Teachings as the seventh member). Maureen got the original info on it, here, and here's how our Configuration was...configured...during the Renaissance:


MICHAEL: In this Septant, "The Teachings" is the Love Position; Troy is the Knowledge; Maureen is the Power; Oscar is the Observer; Martha is the Eccentric; Bobby is the Compassion; and Geraldine is the Integrator.


So, in this Renaissance version we have:

Troy/Knowledge: Marcilio Ficino

Maureen/Power: Diotifeci Ficino, Marcilio's father and personal physician to Cosimo

Oscar/Observer: off studying quietly by himself

Martha/Eccentric: Cosimo de' Medici and Francesco Petrarch

Bobby/Compassion: Desiderius Erasmus

Geraldine/Integrator: Aldus Manutius and Giovanni Cavalcanti (and another concurrent in France -- Clement Janequin)


I was following up tonight on a past lifetime that I didn’t have a lot of information about. As part of my Soul Mosaic project, I had asked Michael to see if there were any Old soul lifetimes I had not heard about, and this “art patron” was one of them.


Apparently I was Cosimo de’ Medici, who was the patron of Marsilio Ficino (Troy! as a Priest who studied astrology!), and our TLE Configuration was active. I’m sure we’ll be asking Michael more about all this. Usual whackadoodle caveats apply, but it sure is interesting. I also found this page on Ficino, and it said this about the patronage:


Ficino's precocious talent was recognized by Cosimo de Medici, the leading citizen of Florence, who selected Ficino as a boy to lead the Florentine Platonic Academy. Cosimo encouraged Ficino to study Greek and then to provide the first Latin translations of On the Divine Wisdom and the Creation of the World, part of the Corpus Hermeticum attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, and then the first Latin translation of the whole of Plato's works. Cosimo's son Piero and grandson Lorenzo continued to encourage and support Ficino.


Also, my past lifetime just before Cosimo was as an Italian humanist philosopher who influenced a Dutch philosopher (Bobby). 


Here's what we got tonight:

MARTHA: I want to continue my question from last time about the lifetime you described as “A late 1400's and early 1500's patron of arts in France, contributing to what has come to be known as a "renaissance" period in art, culture, and science,” within the same parameters (I know Troy doesn’t want to take on “Project” questions in this format, so I’m not asking for that extreme level of detail. I’d like to get whatever we can at a level appropriate to this format, such as an overview of key events and if anyone I know was involved.)  Last time, you concluded my time saying, “We will continue our exploration with you regarding your second lifetime reference, which is a part of the fairly well-known Medici family.” The only Medici I found in France around that time was Catherine, Queen of France, but the dates for her are a bit off from the time frame. The Medici family was of course based in Florence.


MICHAEL: Our time frames conveyed to you can sometimes be "flexible" in how we see them versus how they fall into your linear history. We can be fairly accurate, but sometimes our broader references can require some honing.


MARTHA: sure


MICHAEL: In fact, everything we convey to you will always have the high possibility of needing clarification and refinement.


MICHAEL: This is particularly true in a project such as this.


MICHAEL: The lifetime in question here may be more likely to have been primarily active in the late 1400's, regarding patronage.


MARTHA: I saw several in wikipedia in the 1400s, but in Florence


MICHAEL: That would be correct. The patronage referred to was in a multitude of directions, extending into France, but should have been referred to as based in Italy.


MICHAEL: This fragment would seem to be known as Cosimo of the Medici family.


MARTHA: whoa


MICHAEL: This personality, and our channel now known as Troy, worked on yet another project regarding expanding on the works initiated by others. Your time working out exchanges turned into benefit for many others, contributing to a movement of sorts.


MICHAEL: We know that Troy, then, was known as Ficino.


MARTHA: Marsilio Ficino?


MICHAEL: These projects have been a favorite for the two of you in various formats, as you may have come to see hints of in your project.


MICHAEL: That would be correct.




MICHAEL: Both of "you" were troublemakers, as can often be the case when your Essences move into projects together within a lifetime.




MARTHA: but well-funded troublemakers for once, it seems


MICHAEL: By "troublemakers," we simply mean that there were great forces of opposition in place against some of your better ideals. This is not unfamiliar to either of you.


MICHAEL: We are struggling to focus through Troy, as this is his first "hearing" of this lifetime, as he tends not to explore his past.


MARTHA: I know *eye roll*


* @GeraldineB frowny faces Troy . . .settle down, kiddo


MARTHA: we're lucky if he even reads the transcripts


MICHAEL: It is excitement. He "remembers" now.


MICHAEL: Continuing....


MICHAEL: You may also see a pattern in your emerging philosophies together.


MICHAEL: Many of our students were deeply moved by Humanist philosophies.


MICHAEL: Many of our older students helped shape these.


MARTHA: Yes, you said I was in the lifetime just before this Medici one, with Bobby


MARTHA: also in Florence


MARTHA: or Italy, rather


MARTHA: And to confirm, are you talking about the Cosimo that founded the Medici dynasty? died 1464


MICHAEL: It would appear so.


MARTHA: I'm sure there is a lot more to hear about this lifetime


MARTHA: thank you


MARTHA: Quickly- was our Configuration active?


MICHAEL: Though not directly involved in the lifetime described, the fragment now known as "Bobby" was also involved, yes, expanding on the concepts of Humanism.


MICHAEL: The Configuration was active


MARTHA: cool!


MICHAEL: His contributions were toward relief from religious dogma within the Church.


MARTHA: Bobby's?


MICHAEL: This would have been in an area known as Rotterdam of The Netherlands.




MARTHA: I'm sure we will talk more about it!


MICHAEL: As past lives are explored with us, new details and threads can be uncovered that were previously unmentioned, missed, or seemingly non-linearly interjected, but this is because past lives are not static, and we uncover what we can, based on many factors.


MICHAEL: Exploring the lifetime we have just described can lead to some fairly informative insights into your current life, as your next 5 years for your Configuration, appear to be strongly resonating with this past time period of lives.


MARTHA: Next time we'll continue with this then, thanks!


MICHAEL: This is the most we can get at the moment, without short-circuiting Troy. We say that only half-humorously.


MARTHA: We don't want to do that!!



Updated with a follow up question on 1/14/2013:


MARTHA: I’d like to follow up on my last exchange with you regarding the lifetime as Cosimo Medici.  You said “Exploring the lifetime we have just described can lead to some fairly informative insights into your current life, as your next 5 years for your Configuration, appear to be strongly resonating with this past time period of lives.” Can you elaborate at this time? I’m interested in hearing about the people that were involved in that lifetime, and the resonance to this one. I certainly see the relevance with patronage and appreciation of Troy’s work.


MICHAEL: Fragments involved at the time would appear to have been each member of the Septant, with the Essence who is now "Maureen" having been a practical man of medicine and father to the fragment who is now "Troy;" and the fragment who is "Bobby" having been involved at a distance through efforts to relieve the church of dogma in Rotterdam; and "Geraldine," then known as something similar to


MICHAEL: "Calvincan," having been a rather ephemeral muse and intimate love of the fragment known as "Troy," while "Oscar" appears to have been peripheral student along the way, turning his learning into meaning for more personal reasons.


MICHAEL: Pulling up details about a lifetime of such resonance through the channel with whom it resonates can take a bit more focus and effort than the usual accessing of Akashic Records.


MICHAEL: We may have to clarify or correct anything that comes through to you, so we remind you that validation would need an extended period of time, with nothing shared here as being conclusive.




MICHAEL: The resonance is simply relative to everyone involved benefiting from a teaching/philosophy, and aiming to preserve it for sharing and distribution, particular so that it can be found again in later lives.


MARTHA: we found that Ficino was a probably-gay vegetarian :)


MARTHA: and that he and Cosimo were intent on the concept of the immortality of the soul


MICHAEL: Much of what the Configuration sought to accomplish was done so, in part, as a kind of "first step" through the Concurrent of the Sage-Cast Sage who is now known as "Geraldine," through fierce passionate committment to emphasizing and securing these philosophies to print.


MARTHA: "Calvincan", or another personality that was his concurrent?


MICHAEL: Another personality.


MICHAEL: Yes, there are quite detailed similarities echoing between these lives. If each of you were to look at your positions within the active Configuration currently, you may find there is uncanny resonance to any documentation that might still be around for those previous lives.


MARTHA: (apart from me not being the richest person alive this time)


MICHAEL: What you do with that awareness is up to you, and little can be done with it beyond your power of recognition, your use of the resonance for inspiration and enthusiasm, and some amount of peace with the grander picture of efforts across lives in harmony.


MARTHA: I think we all got a kick out of it


MICHAEL: If nothing else.


MARTHA: Geraldine was resonating to someone named Aldus, could that be the concurrent


MICHAEL: Yes, that is correct.


MARTHA: Aldus Manutius







Updated with a follow up question on 1/16/2013:

MARTHA: To continue with everyone’s recent interest in the Humanists, can you tell me more about “my” lifetime as the mid-1400s Italian Humanist philosopher that you said influenced Bobby’s Erasmus lifetime? Obviously one of the overlapping concurrents was Cosimo de’ Medici (1389-1464). It’s interesting to me to see that Essence progressed from what I assume is the other concurrent – the French farmer who longed to join the Renaissance in the 1300s – to being a philosopher, and then to being the person that seems to have funded a big chunk of the Renaissance! This also brings up a question Geraldine had about her concurrents, Aldus Manutius (1449-1519) and Giovanni Cavalcanti (1444-1509). Her concurrents and mine would seem to be not only overlapping in terms of the timeframe, but also in the same area and the same sphere of interests. I know that’s not impossible, but not common.


This is what you told me already about that philosopher: “Though there were concurrents that overlapped, we will focus on the lifetime that appears to have been born in the mid 15th Century CE as a humanist philosopher in Italy, whose works did, in part, inspire the fragment you now know as "Bobby" in his own writings from The Netherlands later.”


MARTHA: and Hello!


MICHAEL: Starting at the beginning of your post:


MICHAEL: The lifetime in question appears to have been inaccurately delivered as "mid-1400's" and would need correction to "mid-14th Century CE." The lifetime in question would be recognized on record as that of "Francesco Petrarch."


MICHAEL: We wish to clarify that our access to names is because our channel has glanced through some of the information that has been shared in growing response to these lifetimes in question, which allows us to access those more readily through cross-referencing, than if we were to only have the Akashic Record.


MARTHA: Oh good!


MICHAEL: And Hello back to you.


MICHAEL: Time frames, geographical locations, and names will always tend to be details that may shift and change over time for necessity of correction and increase in accuracy.


MICHAEL: Or, rather, fluctuations in accuracy.


MARTHA: I understand


MICHAEL: As for concurrents within the same region and same interests, this can happen, and none would be the wiser, so to speak.


MICHAEL: Crossing paths is quite rare, but meeting is even rarer. One of the benefits and safety buffers of those concurrent lives at the time were the inclination for such introspection and philosophizing. Even when crossing paths, one may not notice the other. As far we can see, no concurrent of those times actually met, even as their presence may have had influence upon each other's circles.


GERALDINE: Cavelcanti and Manutius were both part of the Hellenist Academy -- how could they not meet?


MICHAEL: Your ideas of what this "academy" entailed may be misleading. It was more a network of ideas that were shared, rather than any emphasis on a symbolic, central location.


MICHAEL: It was not used in the same way that one might think of an "academy" now.


MARTHA: not like a school?


MARTHA: Were there any other Michael students or people I know involved with Petrarch?


MICHAEL: No. More like a loose network that aimed for gatherings when possible.


GERALDINE: alas [timemark]


MICHAEL: Consider how our students work together now. The act of sharing of our teachings could be referred to as "The Michael Teachings Academy." We remind you that many involved in this period of time were already students of our teaching, and you see how organized this teaching is even now among our students.


MICHAEL: Some students were far more involved in keeping up with gatherings than other students.


MICHAEL: Some would gain from the sharing of insight and discussion, later, through sub-groups and friendships among members.


MICHAEL: It was not a strict structure and schedule for attendance among members.

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I was looking around at this, and found a man called Leon Battista Alberti born in the early 15th century. He was a highly influential Italian humanist author, architect, poet, priest, linguist, philosopher and cryptographer, and friends with Cosimo de' Medici's(Martha's) son- Giovanni di Cosimo de' Medici.

I sort of found him by random- because some pictures of his face seemed a bit intense and familiar, but also that his few quotes on Google Images seemed very true to me about art and beauty. He also was heavily focused on structure- like an Artisan might be.
I'm not sure if he's specifically a past life of mine- he seems more like an Artisan-cast Scholar with some Priest influences, and manifesting more Young-Aged- but I do resonate with him a bit so maybe I just had a life at the time inspired by him? Or it could just be nothing, and I just resonate with him purely as me.

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On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 7:57 PM, ckaricai said:

The lifetime in question would be recognized on record as that of "Francesco Petrarch."

@Martha i was channeled as being Giovanni Bocaccio who was good friends with Petrarch. 


Here is a synopsis of their friendship.

The first acquaintance of these two great men dates from the year 1350, when Boccaccio, then just returned to Florence, did all in his power to make the great poet's short stay in that city agreeable. When in the following year the Florentines were anxious to draw men of great reputation to their newly-founded university, it was again Boccaccio who insisted on the claims of Petrarch to the most distinguished position. He himself accepted the mission of inviting his friend to Florence, and of announcing to Petrarch at the same time that the forfeited estates of his family had been restored to him. In this manner an intimate friendship grew up between them to be parted only by death. Common interests and common literary pursuits were the natural basis of their friendship, and both occupy prominent positions in the early history of that great intellectual revival known as the Renaissance.

 In 1374 the news of the loss of his dearest friend Petrarch reached Boccaccio, and from this blow he may be said to have never recovered. Almost his dying efforts were devoted to the memory of his friend; urgently he entreated Petrarch's son-in-law to arrange the publication of the deceased poet's Latin epic Africa, a work of which the author had been far more proud than of his immortal sonnets to Laura.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the '80s movie version of Heloise and Abelard which you recommended to me, and I'd like to return the favor.

Have you seen Medici: Masters of Florence? It is a series on Netflix, and 'you' are the main character of season 1 (as Cosimo). Even better, you are played by Richard Madden. I just found the series, I'm two episodes in, it's kind of silly, but I love it anyway. Silliness did not stop me from enjoying Stealing Heaven.

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I think that’s the one that Troy and I tried to watch a while back. I didn’t make it through the first ep and I don’t think he did either. 😂😂😂

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