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Renaissance Past Lives - Post 2 of 2


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Originally posted to eTLE by Geraldine


Read the two articles, one posted as Post 1 of 2, and the one on Maureen's blog, as these are followup questions to those "in a sense." This session is more about past lives and how they affect later Personalities. I have a very strong affinity for Aldus Manutius. This was one of those "instant" moments of recognition. I'd validated that Aldus was "me" before Michael said. My items of synchronicity were:


1) Had been in the printing business during the 70s, typesetting most specifically, and type and fonts were my passion;

2) I totally was attracted to anything electronic that typed and owned some expensive equipment;

3) For some strange reason, I'd purchased a leather-bound cenutry-old book on a PBS auction held at KQED in San Francisco in 1976. It was all of the issues for one year of "The Aldine," a fine arts magazine from long ago.

4) Fell in love with the idea of personal computers and when Aldus Pagemaker software was released, I hungered for it. 

These are powerful clues when accumulated from the past -- every one was a "clue" to Aldus Manutius and his publishing house, "The Aldine Press." He also invented italicized type.



October 27, 2014

Channel: Troy Tolley


GeraldineB:  I'm uneasy whenever I discover that any of "us" were famous personages during other incarnations. I'm especially uneasy with my three concurrents who were alive during the Renaissance: Aldus Manutius, Giovanni Cavalcanti and Clement Janequin. I would like to know more about how these three lifetimes accomplished their Life Tasks with Essence. Also, I resonated most strongly with Aldus Manutius (in fact guessed him as a possible previous incarnation) -- I would like to know more about this connection.
GeraldineB:  Also, Manutius had strong connections to Greek "everything." It was the language of his household and printing business in Venice. He was "Greek-driven." What previous lifetimes so deeply affected this fragment? And, oddly enough, while it was Manutius who resonated so strongly with my own life choices, I've never been a major fan of all things Greek, let alone the classics -- which impinged heavily on both Cavalcanti and Manutius' lifetimes.
<~MEntity:  There are long stretches of time when a fragment has no high-profile Personalities, and long stretches of time when there are no active means of recording any high profile personality if there is one. Because of the nature of Cadres 1, 2, and 3 in clearing paths for following Cadres, there do tend to be Personalities of higher profile, whether recorded, or not. It happens that records have been fairly stable for the past few thousands years in many ways that allow for referencing higher profile personalities.
<~MEntity:  There is no need to be alarmed.
GeraldineB:  Just don't want to get caught up on a runaway train of "specialness"
<~MEntity:  It is a misnomer to describe a past life as "affecting" a present life. It is more accurate that the present life "draws" on the past. So the Greek themes were drawn into that life rather than infused into it. The interests and theme of that life were because of the history of fonts, writing, methods for "printing," which drew heavily from the Greek.
<~MEntity:  At least, in his opinion and understanding at the time.
<~MEntity:  However, the previous lives of note would have been 3 lives between 800 BCE to 650 BCE, all in Greece and related to developing expressions in written form.
MEntity:  It is not uncommon for one Personality to find no resonance, and even repulsion, to those attractive and meaningful things to another Personality. While the Essence among your various Personalities are the same, the Personalities are fragments of that Essence, and their own identities. If each were only a copy of what has come before, it would be very difficult to learn and grow and explore.
MEntity:  It is not required of any personality to resonate to another personality, anymore than this would be true of those not of the same Essence.
MEntity:  As for "the specialness train," we highly doubt you would fall for this alure and false glamor. You are not one to draw from another's identity as a means to form your own.
MEntity:  This is not to say that you cannot relate to, be inspired by, and align yourself with any past life, other person of significance, or inspiring figure.
MEntity:  The resonance you share so strongly with Manutius is the value of print. It is what we will call one of your most valued life forces in this life. It is how you stay connected to the world, to the intangible elements of this life that are of such value to you. Print is not taken for granted. There is much that you could live without, but without words, without language, without communication of ideas in forms and expression, this life would seem to be fairly lifeless.
MEntity:  There is great depth of appreciation shared "between you" in that regard.
MEntity:  There may be more that you find of resonance in exploring that life, but it is this that is at the core, as far as we can see.
MEntity:  Do you have further questions about this?
Geraldine_B:  this makes sense -- plus, my own background in printing and typesetting
Geraldine_B:  not at this time -- just searching for understanding of complex ideas
Geraldine_B:  as always, you shine a light of "new" onto older topics

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