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Schrodinger's Cat


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Originally posted to eTLE by KurtisM

I'm talking specifically about parallels here, so let's get this show on the road~
Happy Christmas btw. ;)

So I understand Divergences and Convergences. And how self always has choice. That's just how our universe works.

But it still has always boggled me.

I understand that our choices lead us to certain outcomes. But how are those outcomes led to us?

Let's say you're moving to San Francisco from New York.

What determines the parallels you're going to enter when you arrive in San Francisco?
At that moment, there are a million San Francisco parallels you could be moving into, what with all the choices from different people and all.
So how do you arrive in the one that say, you meet an old friend in? Or one in which there's a convenient hot dog vendor you buy at?
Why not the parallel in which your old friend wasn't in SF at that time? Or took a different route?
Or one in which the hot dog vendor guy was sick that day?
These are just hypothetical scenarios, of course, so let me give another example:
If you go to a family member's house why would you find yourself in the parallel where they've gotten into a rut and feel shitty, rather than one where they're in a super good mood?

My theory is that it depends on how you feel+think in the moment, and on the environment around you.
I imagine that on those levels where you're making a choice you don't know the factors in place, your essence steps in to have you "enter" those parallels that might help fulfill agreements, for instance.

Or when you have these kind of unknown-outcome choices, are they all possibilities for when you might arrive at San Francisco? So that you explore all the possible San Franciscos you can settle into?

When you vote for someone in an election, you have choice. So does everyone else. So why would you find yourself in one in which Obama won, for instance over others?
I've heard M say that all the possible candidates were picked.

So does that mean you find yourself in all realities different candidates won in? Or just in ones specific to your wishes of fulfillment through how you feel+think?
Schrodinger's Cat, heh.

This post was edited by KurtisM at December 14, 2015 11:11 PM EST

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