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OMW - Jan 21, 2012 - Nurturing and Finding Your Agreements


Channel: Troy Tolley


Hello to each of you. We are here. Due to some distress in Troy's body, we ask that you be aware that there may be starts and stops in the first many minutes. But we are here.


In an effort to move these workshops into a truly "workshop" format, we may be asking more questions of you, and encouraging more obvious and active participation, than usual.


We will, first, thank you for your fulfilling your Agreements to be here.


There are two sets of Agreements in place here: those between us and you, and those between Troy and you.


The Agreements with Troy must be fulfilled before Agreements with us can be fulfilled, at least in terms of working with us through this particular Channel.


That is the case with any of our Channels.


We may return to that dynamic, later.


First, we will define Agreements:


ALL Interactions or Impact of Significance and Meaning are Agreements.


In other words, nearly every relationship of significance or impact involves some sort of Agreement.


However minor or major the interaction, impact, significance, or meaning.


When we are asked about Agreements, we tend to sift through to bring to light those that are the most obvious in their impact and meaning on a conscious level, but there are many many more for every one of those that we bring to light.


If you interact with any other person, you clearly have Agreements in place, but there are also Agreements in place that are not as obvious.


Agreements come in three ways: through Essence, through Personality, through Necessity. There are other ways to describe the process of obtaining Agreements, but for this workshop, this is how we will describe them.




Those made by Necessity are those that are vital for your basic existence.


They could also be described as Social Agreements.


These are the Agreements that allow you to interact with those who provide services, support, and other basic necessities of your days.


Most of the emphasis from our Students and Channels tend to bypass the importance of these Agreements, but they are vital. Even more so than those on a "higher" level, as the necessities of your days must be fulfilled before even considering building upon them.


Essence has no control or capacity for planning those Agreements. They must be fulfilled by the very nature of being alive and in a body.


To deny oneself the fulfillment of these Agreements is to dismantle a great many of those "higher" Agreements.


And by "fulfillment" we mean that there is an awareness in place that brings gratitude for those necessities being fulfilled.


The kind grocer. The begrudging, tired check-out woman. The trash men. The drive-through attendant. The gas station attendant. The secretary or receptionist. The Customer Service representative. The smile from a stranger.


The more one ignores, dismisses, rejects, and denies the value of Agreements in the life that are fulfilling necessities, the more one tends to miss the 'higher" Agreements that are in waiting.


So our first round of encouragement for participation in the workshop is: Consider 3 Agreements of Necessity that you can describe from your past few days for which you know were fulfilled, and for which you can now generate a sense of gratitude.


We will suggest Geraldine assign an order to the responses, and we include Geraldine and Bobby in this workshop.


[GeraldineB] Start from the bottom up -- Maureen


[Maureen] 1&2) agreement with client - their support to me & vice versa


[Maureen] 3) healthcare (minor) for husband (stuff he couldn't do on his own)


Those would not fall into the category of Agreements of Necessity.


Agreements of Necessity are those that fulfill the basic necessities of your days.


[Maureen] I can't think of any - offhand then??


[EricM] it's hard, yes? we tend to take then for granted


The experiences you describe ARE Agreements, but of an higher order, and are not necessities.


That is our point.


Most of you do not give them a second-thought, and then wonder why you cannot discern those of a higher order.


[Maureen] putting a bandage on my husband's head is "of a higher order"?


Go as far back into your recent past as you have to go, but there will easily have been 3 Agreements fulfilled from positions that would normally be dismissed as basic errands, or basic services, or "insignificant." This is from where we suggest your Agreements of Necessity be acknowledged.


Maureen, to help clarify: Agreements of Necessity are those which tend to be taken for granted, and are often with people that you feel are simply props in your life to fulfill basic needs, such as a check-out girl, a waitress, a customer service representative;


[Martha] I think I have it


But they can also extend into those people in your life that you give little credit for all of the service and/or support that they give on a continuous basis that caters to your most-basic needs.


Such as those who may be providing a shelter, food, social interaction, even if you resent them or take them for granted.


This is not to say that Agreements of Necessity are not tied into those of a "higher" order, but we are starting with the emphasis on those areas of the life that are taken for granted, first.


To make this even clearer: IF those who are in these positions that fulfill these Agreements of Necessity do not fulfill the Agreement, your entire day can be "completely ruined."


If the check-out girl refuses to take your money, the Agreement is not fulfilled, and your day can be completely thrown off. If services that you count on are not fulfilled, your entire day can be thrown off. If a stranger scowls at you instead of smiles at you, it can throw off your day. If the trash is not picked up, it can become a serious issue.


Yet all of these can so easily be taken for granted.


So we will ask again:


In your most-recent past, can you describe 3 Agreements of Necessity that were of such a level that they would normally be taken for granted, but if they had not been fulfilled, could easily have affected your days?


[GeraldineB] I'll go out of turn to get the ball rolling — my real life necessity agreements span a longer period of time as I don't have much outside contact -- but I would include the maintenance man who shovels my walk of snow; my potential care coordinator — preliminary contact made, although this will develop into a stronger agreement; my last trip to Freddie's where I purchased groceries; and several weeks ago the Customer Service rep who handled my payment for internet and reactivated my service due to shut-off


[Martha] IRS agent who didn't make me feel like an ass, Dentist who did a great job on my implant, Pharmacy tech that helped unscramble Morgan's acne med approvals


[MEntity] These would be Agreements that fall into Agreements of Necessity.


[Maureen] The Apple customer service guy who helped me over the phone to order something (wouldn't have received the goods otherwise).


[MEntity] Now we can say we are reading valid examples. We suggest that each of you share three, at least.


[Maureen] To be honest (and fair) — I take my husband much more for granted — I am usually "hyper-aware" of these smaller agreements. I feel I do notice them – often when those around me aren't. I'm not saying I see ALL of them — but I don't miss much.


[LisaC] my parents; our shoddy newspaper deliverer; and, um, people on the internet, maybe?


[Liisa] all I can think of are my fellow students at university, that I don't know that well, whom have spontaneously talked to me or smiled at me. Also the help I received at the place where I am doing my teaching practice.


[EricM] post office lady who prepped and sent my package overseas, the credit union tellers every time I have an errand there, the sushi girl at HEB (temptress of tempura though she is) and my parents largely fit into this category as well


[Janet] There was a guy at Petco this week who helped me find some items for my dog, and one was not on the shelf to be easily located. The folks at Amazon.com — my go to place for almost anything. The friendly stranger at the carwash who commented to me about how proud my "poised" daughter should make me.


[MEntity] Based on your understanding of your elaboration, then, Maureen, list your three Agreements of Necessity again so that we see all three.


[Diane_HB] The waitresses at the Vietnamese restaurant we go to once a week; cashiers at our neighborhood coffee shop (who kept it open in the snow); our mailman.


[EricM] I guess the energy company guy who stopped by about an hour ago to ask if we'd showcase our house might fall under that too, though that'd be more of an inconvenient agreement


[AnnH] Rich the building maintenance guy who shoveled the snow, the lady at the dry cleaners who signs for and holds the packages, the check-out people at Target and Michael's.


[Maureen] The checkout guy at a reportoire theatre took a Credit card -- and was very helpful. The guy that installed our under-sink filters (very, very bright) and helpful...


[MEntity] Bobby is encouraged to participate, as well, if he is present.


[Bobby] My neighbor, whose boat I helped rake snow and branches off of when a limb from a tree in my yard collapsed due to icing. A grocery check out lady. A fast food cashier.


[EricM] The power guys who got you back from the land of cold and dark


[Bobby] oh yes, especially those!


[Janet] And Troy's internet service people.


[Bobby] all listed were storm related though, too


[Maureen] The Filter Guy — had to come back another day ( I should have been "put-out — but I didn't feel that way) — I was extremely impressed with him — and told him so


As you can see, it is quite easy to miss even the most-obvious of benefits from those who fulfill Agreements of Necessity.


As you can see from Troy's experience, the lack of fulfillment of the Agreements is quite an impact.


If the Agreements had been fulfilled, it would have been easily overlooked as someone simply "doing their job."


When those who are in positions upon which you rely are not "doing their jobs," it can be quite profound in impact.


So these Agreements of Necessity are the lubrication that allows your life to work within the paradigm you exist so as to then fulfill the higher Agreements.


[Bobby] We get the point... now Michael, please turn Troy's internet service back on!


We do not have control over such things, but we can assure you that we have not dropped our connection to the channel, regardless of how he might have to find a way to bring it to you.


But each of you have Agreements on a higher order to fluctuate with Troy's life as a means for working with him and with us, as each of you "know' he is working through the 6th Level of his Soul Age. We will return to this in a moment.


Before we move into those higher Agreements, we will ask each of you if you sense a "shift" within as you consider just how much of your day exists as a result of those Agreements being quietly fulfilled?


[LisaC] yeah, somewhat


[Bobby] Yes.


[Martha] I think is something I'm aware of already, but could do with more conscious attention


[Diane_HB] Yes, I feel more love for those service workers I take for granted.


[Liisa] yes, a different perspective


[EricM] somewhat. I try to acknowledge them at the moment, but the shift is thinking about it more often


[MEntity] These Agreements of Necessity are in place precisely so that you do not "have" to think about them.


[GeraldineB] I may not do the old fashioned "give a Christmas gift" to all of these people; however, I'm well aware of how much I need them and go out of my way to express pleasant gratitude at the time of contact


[AnnH] Yes. Now I know why I often tell myself I should be kinder and more attentive. It's been a subconscious awareness perhaps?


[Janet] Having been one of those service people I have been fairly aware of them but I never realized there were Agreements surrounding those interactions.


[MEntity] But as the Soul grows older, so does the gradual sensitivity toward all that goes into a lifetime, even when the lifetime is not exactly as one would wish for it to be.


[EricM] Agreed with Janet


[MEntity] It becomes more and more difficult to ignore or underplay the benefit that even the most-remote stranger brings to your life by simply "doing his or her job," or sharing a smile with you, or being patient that one moment longer, or giving you the space and freedom and basic necessities that allow you to exist on your own terms.


[EricM] so what about those interactions that tend to interrupt the day, like sales calls, jehovah's witnesses or the energy guy from an hour ago?


If any of our students were to take even a few moments at the end of his or her week to assess what went into that week's existence on the most-basic of levels, it would be overwhelming in scope as to just how many Agreements had to have been fulfilled.


We share this insight with you regarding the Agreements of Necessity so that, when you are feeling lonely, confused, lost, frustrated, exasperated, depressed, etc., you can take a moment to truly grasp just how much of the universe, your life, and the spectrum of participants in it, are actually "on your side."


For the most part, except in extreme scenarios of Karma, every fragment is a part of a network of Agreements of Necessity that span across the entire Design.


These Agreements of Necessity are what help to build relationships beyond your Cadre, and beyond your Energy Ring.


They are often fulfilled by those far beyond your Cadre.


This is the way of Sentience for beginning the networking that will continue to grow through the Astral and Causal Planes.


We point this out so that you can know that these Agreements of Necessity are far more than simply returning your home to power, or fixing your plumbing, or being patient and helpful from a service position: they are contributions to our return to Tao, together.


To us, this has been one of our "favorite" observations to comprehend, as the dynamic involved here is beyond most individual concepts of what is beautiful about humanity.


For those in this workshop, and for those paying attention, this appears to be in the works to be showcased over 2012.


The simplicity of your connections among you has gone far too long without recognition and awareness, and as the Mature Soul paradigm stabilizes further in the year ahead, this thread of resonance among you is one that may be pronounced.


As you go about your days, taking any moment to find the gratitude for these basic Agreements of Necessity can literally transform your life over time to allow for a greater infrastructure of your existence so that the more complex Agreements can be fulfilled.


Gaining the capacity to recognize these Agreements of Necessity will help you to gain the awareness and sensitivity for finding, attracting, and nurturing your more complex Agreements.




The next level of Agreements, then, would be those made by the Personality.


These are the Agreements that are not planned, but become important and meaningful for the Personality, based upon the choices being made within the life.


They tend to be spontaneous, based upon a limited scope of information.


That scope of information would be the capacity to perceive the future, to be present, and to interpret the past.


Depending upon the Personality's capacity for processing the future, present, and past, the Agreements of Personality, or Spontaneous Agreements, are made.


Or not made.


Personality Agreements are those that tend to be based upon concepts of the Personality that are either beneficial or destructive to the Personality, but always significant and meaningful.


For instance, one may feel wounded by his past relationships, and rather than doing the work of healing that before taking on a new attempt at a relationship, he may find the next attractive, available person to be acceptable for Matedness.


He will then have generated a Mate Agreement with this acceptable and attractive fragment, and bring with him the weight of the work of the previous relationship's wounding.


This is perfectly acceptable by Essence, of course, as it brings to the life the creativity and adventure and learning that cannot possibly be gauged as necessary before the life begins.


For the most part, Spontaneous Agreements, or Agreements of the Personality, are those that seek to fix something in the Personality.


They are often rooted in a necessity for healing, repair, fixing, and also, often, as a means of escape.


If the Agreements are generated from a place of need for repair, healing, fixing, etc., then these Agreements can be quite helpful for the Personalities involved, especially if it is eventually recognized that the Agreements were made from that place of need.


If the Agreements are generated from a place of need for escape, these tend to eventually "blow up," or fall by the wayside in anti-climatic or dramatic ways.


Nearly all Agreements of the Personality are indirectly, or directly, to serve the processing of Karma, both externally or self-Karma.


Only Personality can choose to fulfill Agreements that burn Ribbons, or help to bring balance to one's Self-Karma.


Essence cannot impose the burning of Ribbons, or the scenarios necessary to help bring resolve to one's Self-Karma.


For most older souls, the more one is in conflict with someone, the more likely that is speaking to an Agreement of such a nature.


If one is caught up in an on-going conflict with someone, regardless of how one might think circumstances have pushed one into having to deal with that person, there is clearly an Agreement being fulfilled.


The irony here is in the fact that some of the most-intense, long-term conflicts are with those fragments who care enough to endure such a process so that one or both of you can evolve beyond your limitations.


For help in discerning if you are in an Agreement of Personality, it is often marked by compulsion.


You continue to make choices to remain involved, even when you think you do not wish to do so, or even when you know you "should not," or even as you know you do not have to do so.


This would include those of a beneficial and pleasant nature, too, of course.


One does not have to "put up with" Troy's constant obstacles, but many choose to do so because there is mutual benefit and pleasure gained in the end, and everyone involved is left with a rise beyond previous limitations.


These Agreements, such as those with Troy, are constantly in assessment, renewal, and establishment, even among those who have become his friend over the years.


And this is another symptom of Agreements of Personality: they are questioned on a fairly regular basis.


"Do I really want to be with this person?" "Do I really have to react like this?" "Why do I put up with this?" "Why do I love this person so much, when he/she continues to frustrate me?"


"Why does this person's behavior not bother me at all, when I think it should?" "I really don't know why, but I stick around because I know I'm gaining something in the end." . . . and so on.


For our next round of workshop interaction, we ask each of you to consider at least one Agreement of Personality that is a part of your life that you know you continue to choose to support, nurture, endure, even as you do not have to do so, whether it is pleasurable or challenging.


You may respond in any order.


[Janet] Can the agreement be with yourself as well as with another person?


[EricM] My agreement with my parents seems to fit that bill


[Maureen] with my mother


[Martha] Troy (or is that too easy?)


[LisaC] my long distance friends


[AnnH] Dave


[MEntity] Janet, not in this context. Self-Karma will always be "about yourself," but it often requires the help of another fragment to do the prompting and provocation that helps you to work through your Self-Karma.


[Diane_HB] My father, probably.


[Maureen] your sister Martha?


[Martha] oh yeah


[EricM] Martha, what about your sister?


[Martha] of course


[Janet] I'd say Troy fits. And perhaps my continuing involvement with dancing.


[Martha] Morgan's dad, Kelly


[GeraldineB] I'm pretty pragmatic about most of my relationships — i.e., "what's in it for me?" — so, I tend to withdraw from relationships that are fairly complete frustrations. So, I'd definitely start my list with Troy.


[MEntity] We know that Troy is on this list for most of you.


[Maureen] my esthetician


[Maureen] who is my friend as well..


[GeraldineB] I'd say my neighbor friend, Barbara, is one where I carefully tread fulfilling our mutual needs of necessity, and avoiding too much contact.


[AnnH] My friend Joann, whom I love but can be frustrated by. My brother-in-law.


Your Agreements of Personality are rooted in a deep desire for wholeness.


They are often prompted from the search for that wholeness.


And we describe that search for wholeness as one that is inherent upon being a fragment, particularly while in the Physical Plane; it is not intended to describe a dysfunction. It is a function.


If you continue to "do your best" in a relationship of conflict, you are fulfilling the function of desire for wholeness.


Keep in mind that we are not including abusive relationships in the scope of "relationships of conflict."


[Bobby] Susan.... definitely ?


However, technically, they do fall into that category.


What we meant by our clarification is that "doing your best," even if in a relationship of abuse, may include the distancing from that person.


To help in simplifying your assessment of those Agreements of Personality, we will say that, like it, or not, these Agreements tend to be Teachings.


The process toward Wholeness is a process of learning, and learning can only truly be done through experience, and these Agreements tend to bring the experiences necessary for the learning.


That process toward Wholeness may come from a desire for healing and repair, but that process is still a teaching.


To simplify even further, Agreements of Personality are those that tend to be chosen, either passively or actively.


These can be broken, ignored, and rejected, but "for some reason," you continue to choose to fulfill them.


Acknowledging that these Agreements are CHOSEN is an even further step in the direction toward alignment with Essence, and the Agreements of Essence.


Acknowledging that you CHOOSE to continue in the Agreement, as best you can, whatever that may mean for you, is an invitation for manifestation of Essence.


And that is because when one takes responsibility for the choices in the life, and extracts from experiences the important and meaningful elements of those Agreements that are a result of choices, one is moving toward a wholeness that allows for Essence to manifest.


These are the most obvious examples of the Agreements of Personality, but there are other examples that fall into the same category, such as those Agreements made with us to explore channeling, even as there was no original Agreement with Essence.


Those Agreements seek to explore the same process and results: a process of healing, learning, and a return to a sense of wholeness.


These are no less important or valid or solid than our Agreements with those before their births, but the dynamic, nature, and process of fulfillment would be quite different.


It would be a process of choice, rather than a process of unfolding.


For those involved with Agreements with us to Channel, as they have been made by Personality, must continue to make the choice on a regular basis to fulfill the Agreement, and may often question the choice to do so.


[Maureen] What about when one acknowledges that one has "had enough" — and sees no more "productivity" in the relationship anymore - it's genuinely "run its course" — even when/though the other person doesn't acknowledge it?? It that a breaking of an agreement?


Maureen, sometimes that is part of the Agreement.


However, a relationship that is fulfilling an Agreement, or Agreements, is never over before it is over, if you will.


If that relationship is still in the life in any meaningful, significant, or impacting way, it is probably still in the realm of Agreements.


When an Agreement is abdicated, rejected, or fulfilled, the relationship ends, or transforms.


Otherwise, SOMETHING is being fulfilled or served.


Sometimes the Agreement can be serving a sense of justification for the choice to say "no."


And the continued practice is saying so.


So we will simplify the Agreements of Personality as being those marked by your active or passive choice to fulfill.


The more one can recognize the process of Choice involved in these, and grasp that which is being learned by those choices, whether through painful or pleasurable ways, the more one opens a path to Essence.




And that leads us to the Agreements of Essence.


The Agreements of Essence are made long before you are born, and before "you" have any say in the matter.


The older the soul, the more the Essence can anticipate the value that Essence's Agreements might have for that Personality, and this can help the Personality to eventually align with Essence.


The older the soul, the more creativity is involved so that the Personality is actually run as a kind of beta program before the birth, with dialog involved in a way that can allow for alteration, if necessary, before the birth.


In nearly all cases, all experiences and influences in a lifetime before the age of 7 are those made entirely by Essence.


Once that activation is complete, the Agreements, choices, and plans of Essence are no longer running the lifetime.


Only those of Personality.


So the greater the capacity for consciousness in the Personality, the greater the capacity for aligning with the choices and Agreements of Essence.


As older souls have had so many lifetimes, the tendency toward early awareness and consciousness is higher.


This skew between the maturity of consciousness, even as the body has yet to mature, is a matter that can be discussed in another exchange.


Agreements of Essence are those that still fall within our description of Agreements, but simply HAPPEN.


They are managed by Sequences and Vectors, which are a kind of gravitational force that pulls all factors into place for fulfillment of the Agreements.


The choices of Personality either move one toward those Sequences and Vectors, or away from them.


Or, put another way, the awareness of one's Agreements of Personality, and Agreements of Necessity, can either move one toward Agreements of Essence, or away from them.


Those Agreements made by Essence require no effort, except for that effort necessary to allow for the unfolding.


For instance, the Sage known now as Troy made Agreements with all of you before birth to eventually be a vehicle for our teaching in some way, yet choices had to be made by each of you along the way that allowed for that to be fulfilled.


Necessities had to be fulfilled, and then the Choices to continue in directions that led you to the same virtual space, and now the Essence Agreements unfold.


There is only effort necessary on the levels of Personality Agreements.


Another example is the difference between those with whom we share Agreements before birth as our channels, versus those with whom we made Agreements as Personalities:


For those made before birth, the process simply "happened," even as the Personality may have been distracted by its own growth and interests. As long as there was an allowance of fulfillment of the Agreement, it simply happened.


For those made after birth, the process does not simply "happen." The Personality must continue to make the choice to pursue it and to do the work that fulfills the Agreement in a way that is useful for the Personality.


For most who fulfill the Agreement of Personality, the Personality is quite a present part of the process, and can tend to dominate over our teaching, even as we legitimately work with that channel.


In most cases, these Agreements are for the sake of the individual and this works well. For those who choose to then take it publicly, it becomes a matter of continuing to fulfill the healing of the Personality that sought the Agreement in the first place.


And the continuation of that work with us can tend to take many starts, stops, and effort, as it is one that requires the Personality to continue to choose it, and that is not always easy.


It does not take away from the legitimacy of our work with the channel, but it is a consideration that would be helpful to understand when validating channeling.


For each of you, there are Agreements of Essence that are obvious from when you were children and "had no choice," but as you moved into adulthood, the Agreements of Essence would tend to be those things that simply "happened" without your conscious intent, but that became meaningful, significant in some way.


These are often marked by the staggering path of synchronicities that would have had to have been in place for you to find, attract, and nurture that Agreement.


When one fulfills an Agreement of Essence, the path to it is not always pretty, because Essence does not mind how an Agreement is found or attracted, if it can be fulfilled.


We will ask each of you now to consider at least one Agreement that you know was of Essence, because it simply happened, and may even have had some impressive pattern that had to be in place for it to have happened.


[Maureen] meeting my husband


[Martha] are these always planned before birth, or does this include those "miraculous" guide sponsored events?


[GeraldineB] For me, my multiple Abandonment External Monads that transitioned multiple generations, included a highly synchronous marriage, etc — Even meeting my birth mother quite unintentionally after I was grown. This entire process has always had the clear marks of something well beyond my own choice(s).


[Bobby] We (Michael Entity and I) have already discussed this and it was my "awakening" this lifetime ?


[MEntity] Guides tend to help fulfill those Agreements of Personality, but those of Essence tend to require nothing more than the allowance by Personality through its choices.


[AnnH] The college I ended up attending as well as teaching at.


[Martha] yeah, the ones I'm seeing as Essence just seemed to come up through friends and "normal" stuff


[MEntity] Guides are entirely for the sake of Personality. Essence is a part of that system of support, but Guides for Essence are on a different scale than Guides for Personality.


[Diane_HB] Meeting Tex, and moving to the US from Taiwan was probably an Essence agreement.


[Janet] I have had several occasions in my life where I visited a new place and "knew" I would live there eventually. All of those came true, and not all by conscious decision to move to a location ahead of time.


[Martha] living in the same dorm as a future best friend - twice


[Martha] etc


[Martha] meeting boyfriends through friends


[Janet] And I suspect meeting my husband also was Essence Agreement. It felt predestined even at the time.


[EricM] my mom setting me up with my viola instructor in elementary school


[Martha] maybe even Morgan's father being her father - that certainly had a short window


[Martha] where it was possible


[AnnH] I had that with one man I was involved with. I remember noticing his name even before I met him.


[MEntity] All of these are valid examples of Agreements of Essence. This is Good Work.


[Liisa] There's someone I used to know that had an impact on me, and whom I still think about a lot. No relationship came out of that however, so I'm wondering if there was an abdication of an agreement there


[Janet] My path to the Michael teachings, which I believe began in my teens.


[Martha] yes, me too in my 20s


[MEntity] All of you who are here had Essence Agreements with us and with Troy that are being fulfilled.


[EricM] yeah, stumbling into TLE was pretty serendipitous


[Martha] and each other too I bet


[MEntity] Keep in mind that even as Essence Agreements are fulfilled, the Agreements of Personality are in constant force and can support or deny the Essence Agreements.


[AnnH] yes, me, too, when I was 30 (1987?), abandoning it,


And so now we will bring all of this together into a whole awareness of Agreements.


There are no tiers of Agreements that are better or more important to fulfill than any others.


If you choose to abdicate all Essence and Personality Agreements, and ignore the fulfillment of Agreements of Necessity, your life is still rich with experience, value, and learning.


Because YOU exist.


That can never be undone.


You may never have the density of an incarnation again, but you continue with your mind, feelings, and richness of "life" long after death.


Your philosophies, interpretations, lessons, teachings, meaning, and experiences continue to grow beyond this life.


However, the freer one becomes within a lifetime through the acknowledgement and gratitude for fulfillment of Agreements of Necessity, and through the choices that are fulfilling the Agreements of Personality, allowing for the unfolding of Agreements of Essence, the more profound the extension of life for the Personality beyond incarnation.


This is one of the reasons religions have discouraged suicide as a solution for a lifetime's issues, as it speaks to the fact that Personality does not gain relief by doing so.


This "sin" may be cloaked in the terminology of the Baby Soul, but the point is valid: you do not end.


To grasp the magnitude of "you" as you exist beyond the current life is to occasionally allow for the unfolding of Essence Agreements, and to be aware of these.


This is the closest to "proof" of your existence on a higher level than most any other tangible means of proof: when you watch your life unfold in a way that shows that "something" is at work beyond your capacity to control it.


As we said: Essence does not mind how an Agreement comes into position for fulfillment, so this can happen through complete resignation or surrender in the lifetime, or through conscious co-creation of the life.


This is because Essence is not Physical.


It knows that pain is temporary, and that suffering is growthful.


It does not mind that path.


It does not prefer it, but it does not mind it.


But when a Personality has resigned the life over to Essence, it tends to work with what it can, and that means working through the paths and patterns of fear.


And so it is that the Older Soul, who has grown decidedly weary of suffering and pain, begins to choose to co-create the life through active choices.


It will take whatever path is available, but has carefully and lovingly worked to create "you" as extension of itself, and greatly prefers a co-creative process, if you would choose to do so.


So for you to Find, Attract, and Nurture your Agreements is as simple as: gratitude for the Agreements of Necessity being fulfilled; active recognition of those choices that are fulfilling Agreements of Personality; and allowing the awe for those Agreements of Essence that have been fulfilled.


If you are interested in bringing in any specific kind of Agreement, such as a Mate, support for the publication or acceptance of your art, a healing circle of support, guidance for clarity and quality of channeling, or any other matter of interest, it need only be brought to the attention of Essence, however that would be comfortable for you to do, and then go about your gratitude and active choices, which would eventually find, attract, and nurture those Agreements requested for fulfillment.


It is not a magical prayer, or a "send it out to the universe" kind of irresponsibility; it is an active process that would find, attract, and nurture your Agreements.


The greater your appreciation, the greater your active process of choices, the greater your opening to those requested or planned Agreements of Essence.


For those who mean "send it out to the universe" as a means for diffusing the charge around a request, it is a fair description, but for those who use the phrase to describe placing an order from a cosmic vending machine, it would be a useless and immediately undermining phrase.


YOU must be a part of any fulfillment of Agreement, be it one of Necessity, Personality, or Essence.


YOU are the key.


We will suggest for each of you to continue in the days ahead to actively recognize any moments of gratitude for the Agreements of Necessity, and to be kind to your processes of choice involving those Agreements of Personality that are intended to help you heal or grow, and playfully find the awe for those Agreements of Essence you know have come to fulfillment.


We will conclude here for today, but our Agreements with you continue if you would allow.

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Luciana Flora
On 30/05/2016 at 0:35 AM, Kasia said:

MEntity] If one is caught up in an on-going conflict with someone, regardless of how one might think circumstances have pushed one into having to deal with that person, there is clearly an Agreement being fulfilled.


[MEntity] The irony here is in the fact that some of the most-intense, long-term conflicts are with those fragments who care enough to endure such a process so that one or both of you can evolve beyond your limitations.


[MEntity] For help in discerning if you are in an Agreement of Personality, it is often marked by compulsion.


[MEntity] You continue to make choices to remain involved, even when you think you do not wish to do so, or even when you know you "should not," or even as you know you do not have to do so.

I believe that my main issue with relationships is that I have a lot of trouble seeing conflict as a good thing. I even think that sometimes it can lead to growth but it seems to me that most of the time leads to the end of the relationship.


But the two relationships that I found most significant were full of conflict. And it was a conflict so intense that it made me wonder if it was really worth it.

And the conflicts grew in such a way that I thought we would never talk to each other again.


However to my surprise Daniela (No one here is Brazilian) came to me again. And to my surprise we could talk. And we understand one another better. And although I was a bit caurelosa I found it pleasant to talk to her again. So I think it's worth trying again. But I really do not wish there were so much conflict.


Now I'm sure there must be a lot of agreements between me and Daniela.

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On 5/29/2016 at 11:35 PM, Kasia said:

when one takes responsibility for the choices in the life, and extracts from experiences the important and meaningful elements of those Agreements that are a result of choices, one is moving toward a wholeness that allows for Essence to manifest.


On 5/29/2016 at 11:35 PM, Kasia said:

[MEntity] The more one can recognize the process of Choice involved in these, and grasp that which is being learned by those choices, whether through painful or pleasurable ways, the more one opens a path to Essence.

such great pointers.

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I think the agreements of necessity are easy to overlook and take for granted. I am starting to add these experiences into my journal as I recognize and remember these exchanges with others across my days. I think it is beneficial to show more gratitude for these agreements as well.

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On 5/29/2016 at 8:35 PM, Kasia said:

For the most part, except in extreme scenarios of Karma, every fragment is a part of a network of Agreements of Necessity that span across the entire Design.


These Agreements of Necessity are what help to build relationships beyond your Cadre, and beyond your Energy Ring.


They are often fulfilled by those far beyond your Cadre.


This is the way of Sentience for beginning the networking that will continue to grow through the Astral and Causal Planes.


We point this out so that you can know that these Agreements of Necessity are far more than simply returning your home to power, or fixing your plumbing, or being patient and helpful from a service position: they are contributions to our return to Tao, together.



Just thinking on the significance of agreements, even small ones as contributions  to our return to Tao, is quite staggering. Reading this session is another reason why I’m thankful to have access to this community and website. 

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