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Pyramids, Plasma, Time Loops, and Expanding Earth


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Originally posted by Mike Clev on July 10, 2013 in Fringe TLE. 



Hello my Fellow Fringe-aholics!


I had a very interesting session with Troy earlier today. I'd been wanting to ask a few Fringe questions of Michael in a non POF session, and finally my turn came around today.

I had recently re-read the following pieces in the Library:

The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid and Off-Planet Transport [Note from Janet: not sure which article this refers to; it must have a different name on this new site]
The Pyramids are from the Future?


These articles, almost lost to obscurity in the Library, tell what I think is the most amazing story I have ever heard,


The third piece in particular is a real mind-bender. It tells us that the Great Pyramid, The Easter Island statues and Stonehenge were built by or with the help of humans from the future (23rd century) who experienced terrible earthquakes and upheaval, which nearly caused the extinction of the human race, in the 22nd century. They, with the help of off-planet species, sent humans back to 2500 BCE, where the construction of large stone monuments in several power-points across the globe, infused with future technology, which help stabilize the Earth through the danger period into the 22nd century.


The twist? When the 23rd century guys travel back to 2500 BCE and make changes, the changes they make create a new branched off timeline. They don't affect the time that they came from.


In this branch, the Stabilizing Structures dampen the effects of the earthquakes, but still require the 23rd century humans to go back and try again, each time creating a new 'Time Loop', with the same chances of success or failure. 

We as a species have been stuck in this loop for lord knows how long, bound to play out every possibility and probability. (I don't mean stuck as in we do not progress, only that this loop creates a looping of the future back to the past and back again. Michael would probably describe it as an ever expanding spiral.)

Congratulations if you have read this far. I applaud your superhuman efforts. :)

So now we come to the material I received tonight from Michael and Troy. Watch out for the huge, explosive news part way through that hit me like a 10 ton weight when I read it!
------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- 
I have read previous channelled information from you about the Pyramids being built by people from our future for the purpose of stabilising the Earth, and that this created 'Time loops'. Please assume that I have absorbed that information so we don't cover previous ground too much. I would like to ask for information on the reason why Stonehenge was mentioned as connected to the Pyramids - its design appears very different.


Also, near to where I live is another stone circle, 'Avebury' and a man made conical mound of earth called 'Silbury Hill'. Are these also connected to the earth stabilising project of the Pyramid builders? What is it about the design of Stonehenge and the Pyramids that made them effective? Shape, materials, future technology or a combination of all three?


Stonehenge and "the Pyramids" are mentioned in relation to one another because they are built *into* the past as stabilizing structures. Each part of the stabilizing network was designed relative to the events, beliefs, and culture of the time period and location into which these were built. They may look very different, but at the time, this was moot in most cases. The main objective was to anchor the charged materials in key locations.

Shape was only significant in the case of the great pyramid, but the rest of the anchors could be any shape and any solid material. It was the charged material that infused these large objects that mattered. We can only describe the material as something similar to "plasma" through this channel at this time.

This is somehow connected to the eventual realization of plasma at the core of the planet, and how it is tied to the shifts of materials around it and with the surface.

Readings that bring this to light start to change the understanding of many factors relative to Earth.

For example, the planet has expanded from a much smaller state because of this, giving rise to continents and separate land masses, as opposed to one giant continent that broke apart on a static-sized planet.

Hold on a damn minute. WHAT!?

This hit me like a lightning bolt. You all know about Pangaea, right? The single continent that scientists say was the only continent millions of years ago, just an 'island' on the surface of a predominantly water planet. It always looked weird to me... that isolated round blob of earth surrounded by vast ocean. Why was all the land concentrated in one spot? Then why would it break up and (kind of) uniformly distribute itself around the globe? It always looked odd to me, but I didn't have any better ideas.

But this idea solves it all in one swift kick to the head. The planet started as mostly land, but much smaller. Pangaea covered the whole surface. The Earth expanded... picture the continent shapes taped to the outside of a blue balloon as it gets inflated. The continents separate, with the space between them getting replaced by new ocean and seafloor created at the tectonic plate edges.

See HERE for a cool youtube video showing how the continental plates fit together even better with this theory than the old theory. [Link lost]

This idea has implications. Does the planet expand smoothly, or in fits and starts? I suspect the latter. Also, as the planet expands, the continents have to adapt to the new shape of the earth beneath it- as the radius of the earth increases, its curvature at its surface gets flatter. This could explain mountain ranges that are nowhere near faults.

There is even a wikipedia page on the subject: Expanding Earth

As for 'Plasma'. We can't take the term too literally, as it seems it is the closest word they can get to the real thing. But a Plasma is "one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and gas). Heating a gas may ionize its molecules or atoms (reducing or increasing the number of electrons in them), thus turning it into a plasma, which contains charged particles: positive ions and negative electrons or ions." 

The core of the Earth is thought to be Iron by current scientific thinking, very hot and under intense pressure. I wonder if Michael was trying to get across the notion of a plasma made of Iron atoms?

The idea of a Plasma core also make me think of something fluid and volatile, not solid and predictable.

Let us resume.....
We do not know how to convey through this channel the "science" of how these anchors would work in relation to the core, but that is what many of the "power spots" reference.


None of this is really new in terms of valid consideration at the moment in sciences, and we caution against reading into this as something more mystical or fantastical than it is. The concept of the plasmic core is a matter of understanding the spectrum of, and definitions of, plasma, but the shift in paradigm around that shift in acceptance of how the core works is pivotal.


The locations in question near to you do not appear to be a part of that network.


Ah, very interesting!


The locations as part of the network would always tend to have calculations that reflect the great pyramid in some way. These calculations may not be considered or known or discovered, yet, but they are there.

The building of these does include advanced technologies, yes.

Because a timeline cannot be erased or undone, the return to a past can only create a new one, or relive the same. When a pivotal change is made in the past, it does not save or rescue the future of its own timeline, but generates a new one with different probabilities and potential. This was considered, so the structures were built in a way that could one day be read in a way that might help reveal their origins or nature.

We do not know if this will ever be considered valid or seriously in the timelines that are stabilized.

We know that "time travel" and massive structures charged with a plasmic substance as part of a stabilizing force for the planet might be difficult concepts to comprehend, even if it can be considered as most interesting, so we can only suggest that these be explored, not blindly accepted or rejected.

Of course, if one were to blindly accept or reject the notions, the choice would be personal and valid, though serving only one's personal truth, while locking out Global truths.

We will conclude here with you today, Michael.

------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Very interesting!

Michael refers to calculations built into the Pyramid's geometry. 


Many webpages can be found on the subject:
Pyramid Geometry 1
Pyramid Geometry 2
Pyramid Geometry 3
I feel like I could type more, but it's late and I must go to bed soon.
Thanks for reading!

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Here's your missed link Ckaricai: 



Thanks to Michael, I've gotten into understanding how the Universe has evolved through each Soul Age.

And now I further understand that every body evolves through Soul Ages.


Our Personal Human Bodies roughly 40 to 84 years of existence are its Soul Ages, but we experience them in Sentience as Internal Monads.

Infant is our Body's Development within the Womb. Baby is our Body's Development as Children.

Young is our Body's Development as Adolescents. Mature is our Body's Development as Adults. Old is our Body's Development as Elders. 

Transcendental is our Body's Comprehension of Death. Infinite is its Decomposition into the Earth.

I guess that would put my body somewhere around Young 6.



In the Universe's Evolution, it was likely around Baby 7 & Young 1 of the Universe's Grand Cycle that the first Planets were born, just after the first Supernovae which enriched the Interstellar Medium with Heavy Elements.

We tend to think of Planets as being abiotic dead matter that hosts biotic life. But I have realized that just doesn't hold true.

I know that Planets are actually Living Organisms just like us Humans. If you've heard of Panspermia, it's a theory that proposes Asteroids, Meteors, Comets etc. are like cosmic sperm that impregnate Planets which are Cosmic Eggs with new life.

This would likely happen in each Planet's "Late Heavy Bombardment" stage. That cosmic fertilization might be what initially allows a planet to expand, possibly because the meteors hit the planet so hard they kickstart Nuclear Fusion which prompts expansion and the development of an electromagnetic field.


The Expansion probably isn't constant, but comes through waves of contraction and inflation just like breathing. When the Planet contracts it might go through a cooling period which causes Ice Ages- and when it expands it might go through heating periods and an expansion of Biodiversity.

When a Planet reaches Level 5 of any Soul Age that might be where it inflates tremendously.

And then Level 6 might be an intense contraction due to a threat of death it must face.


Also when the planet contracts it might cause any liquid on its surface to sweep over its land- while when it expands that liquid slips off and exposes more land.

I'm not sure how this might affect Gas Giants though. Or what the Soul Ages of planets without organic life look like- probably instead of an explosion of Biodiversity, they just experience a diversification of climates, zones, rock and gas formations etc.

I love seeing Planets as evolving rather than static.

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