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20111105 OMW: Strengths and Weaknesses


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OMW - Nov 5, 2011 - Strengths and Weaknesses


Channel: Troy Tolley


Note: This session references the transcript from a previous session, which should be read first. See Michael Speaks: Strengths.


(Please note: This session is difficult to read because it included a lot of discussion and interaction, misunderstanding, etc. I've left it “raw” for the most part. glb)


[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We can assure you we have discussed this subject in your past. However, no subject of value is can be discussed "too much," particularly when in different contexts and application.


[GeraldineB] We have found the missing Michael Speaks Transcript


[MEntity] We know.


[GeraldineB] And, all can read it -- to give us background.


Since that is the case, we will simply recap here, and then go more directly into the use of the information in this context.


We will begin:


Every Essence has built into it 9 Strengths. These Strengths are a part of the life "no matter what." Depending upon factors of the Personality, 3 of these Strengths will rise to prominence in the lifetime. They are used both consciously and subconsciously.


When these Strengths are misunderstood, ignored, resisted, or exploited, they become Weaknesses.


Often, those Weaknesses become a point of soreness within the life, with little realization that those very Weaknesses are the other side of the coin, if you will, of the Strengths.


There are several correlations one might find when exploring these Strengths, some with the Essence Roles, some with the 9 Needs, and some with the 9 Pillars, etc. These correlations are not static, but do lend one help in grasping which Strengths might come most naturally to the life.


However, it is often the case that one has already found his or her Weakness, and this is usually the most accurate and direct route to determining your Strength.


Weaknesses tend to draw great attention from the Personality, and tend to be amplified or showcased in relationships far more than Strengths, even if the Strengths are prominent in the life.


Quickly, we will delineate the 9 Strengths and how these show up:


The 9 Strengths are organized in groups of 3, so that each group is relative to Truth, Love, and Energy. As we said, all fragments will carry all Strengths, but the Personality will tend to give rise to 3 of these as priorities.


The 3 that rise to prominence tend come one from each of the facets of Truth, Love, and Energy.


In the Truth facet, we have:


The Action Strength of INNOVATION, showing up as Expression, or giving form to ideas and feelings, and when ignored, neglected, dismissed, or exploited tends to show up in a Weakness as Imposition.


The Inspiration Strength of REVELATION, showing up as Freedom, but as Provocation when a Weakness.


The Expression Strength is WISDOM, showing up as Expansion, but as Isolation when a Weakness.


The LOVE Facet of Strengths are:


CURIOSITY, as Adventurous or Destructive; RESONANCE as Exchange or Sensitivity; AUTHENTICITY as Power or Self-Righteousness.


Action, Inspiration, and Expression, respectively.


The ENERGY facet of Strengths are, as Action, Inspiration and Expression again, respectively:


INCLUSION as Communing, or Policing; CONFIDENCE as Security or Inconsideration; INTIMACY as Acceptance or Violation.


For most of you, we think that you might immediately recognize where your priority Strengths are, even if they are only relative to what you recognize as Weaknesses.


(Note: I made NO attempt to put the following comments or exchanges into any semblance of order – they are as they happened glb)


[Brian_W] I've at least limited it down to four of them as the priorities. Is there any connection to this and our position of our raw number?


What we will do now is invite your questions about these Strengths, and also invite each of you to evaluate yourselves and offer your assessment of which 3 you feel you have as priorities.


First, your questions:


[Martha] Wisdom, Resonance, and not sure on the Energy one yet

[GeraldineB] I would say that the Truth facet resonates the strongest

[Brian_W] Wisdom, Resonance, Confidence, Intimacy with Curiosity coming up every now and then

[Brian_W] or is it just one from each facet?


We would suggest you first assess which one from each facet or tier is most obvious to you as your own Strength or Weakness.


As part of your assessment, we will suggest that if there is a "tie" between two, the one that you know both the Strength side and the Weakness side to the most, might be your priority.


[Brian_W] okay, then Wisdom, Resonance and Intimacy. I'll reserve the Confidence bit as the last vestiges of the 3rd IM

[AnnH] So far I can only figure out Wisdom


[MEntity] Brian, though one may find correlations to Casting, the three priorities would be more specifically relative to the current Personality, as the Essence (and all of its dynamics) will have all 9 equally and actively accessible.


[Martha] Energy one is hard for me, Inclusion over Intimacy I think, and not Confidence

[Martha] So Wisdom, Resonance, Inclusion

[AnnH] I think perhaps Confidence

[JanaK] Truth - Innovation, Love - Resonance, Energy - difficult one - all resonate is some way either intimacy or inclusion

[GeraldineB] I see Innovation, Revelation, and Wisdom from the Truth Tier as all applying as strengths -- I do see where they have been weaknesses in the past, though

[AnnH] Wisdom, Confidence, Authenticity?

[GeraldineB] Intimacy would be my weakest link still -- still struggling with the double CF of Arrogance


For clarity, we will ask each of you to format your answers in this way:




[Maureen] mine are: Wisdom (Truth), Resonance (Love), and Inclusion & Intimacy (Energy)

[Diane_HB] I think mine are Wisdom, Resonance, and Confidence (actually I don't resonate with any of the Energy ones, but I relate to the weakness side of Confidence more than the others).


Even if you have already responded.


Choose one from each.


Even if you do not find you resonate, ask yourself "if I did resonate, which one would it be."


[Brian_W] Truth - WISDOM, Love - RESONANCE, Energy - INTIMACY


Look at each of the keywords.


The Strength, its positive and negative (weakness) terms.


[Martha] Truth - WISDOM, Love - RESONANCE, Energy - INCLUSION


[GeraldineB] Truth - Strength - Revelation; Love Strength Authenticity; Energy Strength Inclusion

[Maureen] Truth - WISDOM, Love - RESONANCE, Energy - INTIMACY

[AnnH] Truth-WISDOM, Love-AUTHENTICITY, Energy-CONFIDENCE (but the last is hard)

[Martha] Interesting so many of us are struggling with the Energy side

[AnnH] yes, isn't it?

[Diane_HB] Truth - WISDOM; Love - RESONANCE; Energy - CONFIDENCE


[MEntity] We do not have many Moving-centered students.


[Martha] the light dawns


[MEntity] And that will tend to prejudice one away from the Moving/Energy elements.


[GeraldineB] I didn't realize that Intimacy was a Moving Centered aspect

[Maureen] I feel more drawn to the Energy elements

[GeraldineB] I've definitely done my most solid work and growth on the Truth Tier


[MEntity] Very much so, Geraldine. Intimacy is an expression of sexual energy, or a kind of unison, or moving in unison with something other than self.


[JanaK] for me, i feel all the Energy strenght and weaknesses resonate


Intimacy is a moving energy.


More specifically, an expressive moving energy.


Acceptance takes effort. Passive acceptance is mere apathy.


[AnnH] The only way I can come close to looking at the energy element is by seeing its negative.


Now that each of you have offered an assessment, we will comment.


First: if you do not find that you relate to a specific tier or facet, it may be that this area is greatly neglected or untapped, most likely because that element of your own life is neglected or untapped. For instance, if no Strength is standing out in Energy, it is most likely because you are either convinced that you have to rights in that area, no strength or power in that area, or no interests.


But you have a Strength in that area, regardless.


[Diane_HB] That would be true for me.


Or rather, to these statements:


I strongly crave for myself and others to feel included and close, but can tend to be distracted and turned off by the behaviors and choices of others, which creates obstacles to allowing that kind of harmony.




I strongly crave to feel comfortable in my skin and in my choices, but can tend toward such self-consciousness that I give more room to others and their skin than to myself.




I strongly crave to share sincere affection, private thoughts, and support with at least one other person, but can tend to feel it is too much responsibility to have this, or that others find me to be too much to handle.


There are other ways we could state those relevant descriptions, but at least one of these will stand out for each of you as being prominent in your experiences.


[Martha] ooooh crap, mine is Confidence then, lol

[JanaK] Mine is Inclusion then

[Diane_HB] Confidence fits me best too.


[MEntity] The one that stands out is an indication of your priority Strength in the Energy facet.


[Martha] although I think I relate to all 3


[MEntity] Of course, you will relate to all three. You are human.


[Martha] ?

[Martha] so - Truth - WISDOM, Love - RESONANCE, Energy - CONFIDENCE

[AnnH] Mine is either Confidence or Intimacy

[JanaK] and my revised one is


[Brian_W] okay, I'll keep the ones I just posted


[MEntity] What we will do now is assess your assessment, not to correct it, but to offer validation and feedback.


[Martha] funny, that the one I picked first, Inclusion, I think is probably the last one I'd pick as an issue based on those 3 statements from Michael

[GeraldineB] I'll stick with my choices -- All of those as weakness for the Energy Tier do resonate -- but I've worked hardest on building Inclusion into a strength -- Intimacy remains my biggest and least worked weakness

[Diane_HB] I'm going to revise mine to: Truth - WISDOM; Love - AUTHENTICITY; Energy – CONFIDENCE

[GeraldineB] Truth - Strength - Revelation; Love Strength Authenticity; Energy Strength Inclusion


[MEntity] Some of you may be surprised.

[AnnH] hehehe

[Diane_HB] lol

[GeraldineB] I'm always surprised, darlin'

[Maureen] lol


First, we will comment on Jana's assessment of INNOVATION, RESONANCE, and INCLUSION.


We would agree with the first two, and suggest Intimacy for Energy.


[JanaK] yes that was my original choice and even after changing it i thought it still may be


We suggest this because the responsibility for accepting the self and others has grown tremendously over this lifetime, and has become a great Strength.


We will speak to Martha's assessment now of WISDOM, RESONANCE, and CONFIDENCE.


We would agree with Wisdom and Confidence, but suggest Curiosity for LOVE.


[Martha] hmmm, adventurous v destructive?

[Martha] yes, I can see that one too

[Martha] speaking as someone with self-destruction as a primary CF


We suggest this because this your Curiosity is a Strength. It drives you. It moves you. It brought you to us, your daughter, and your writing. It is your great capacity for overstepping your comfort zone when necessary, and this can either be adventurous, or destructive.


Out of destruction, you have brought CONSTRUCTION. Nothing that has failed or disappointed has been left behind, but built upon in some way, because you know there is more than that. That is active love, or Curiosity.


Curiosity is Active Love.


Keep in mind that these are only our suggestions, and that your own assessment should take priority over ours.


We will speak to DIANE's personal assessment of WISDOM, AUTHENTICITY, and CONFIDENCE.


We would agree with Authenticity and Confidence, but would suggest INNOVATION as your Truth Strength. This is because when you give form or expression to your ideas, you can truly communicate these in ways that are heard, are effective, and received. You have struggled with the Weakness of Imposition for most of your life, squashing your communication, or formulation, expression of truth for the sake of giving priority to others' truths, and you are done with that.


[Diane_HB] Yes. I hope.


In that Weakness, you have gained Strength in bringing form and efficiency to Truth. Innovation is Active Truth. Putting into existence your truth.


Next, we will speak to ANN and her assessment of WISDOM, AUTHENTICITY, and CONFIDENCE.


We would agree with Wisdom and Confidence, but would suggest CURIOSITY for your Love Strength.


Of all of the Love Strengths, this is one of your greatest Weaknesses that is actually a Strength.


[AnnH] Yeah, I wondered about that.


You can be terribly destructive both internally and externally in your active participation regarding Love in this life, but you DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. You may convince yourself that you have, or that you will, or that you did, but you never have. It is your Strength to continue the adventure, to be Curious about what you may find or create next.


You may not have realized just how much that Strength has been a priority, because the destructive end of the experience has been most noticeable, but it is one of the reasons you are still alive.


Curiosity is Active Love. You have always kept that alive and strong, even when you were most convinced that it was dead.


Curiosity is your capacity to see past your own "bullshit," let alone the bullshit of others.


And to Love anyway.


Next, we will speak to GERALDINE's assessment of REVELATION, AUTHENTICITY, and INCLUSION.


We would agree with that assessment.


Next, we will speak to BRIAN's assessment of WISDOM, RESONANCE, and INTIMACY.


[Brian_W] Michael, after the statements to others, I'd like to revise mine to Innovation, Curiosity and Intimacy.


[MEntity] We would agree with Resonance and Intimacy, but would suggest INNOVATION for the Truth Strength.


[Brian_W] I am curious why Resonance instead of Curiosity, given what was said to Ann


We agree with Resonance over Curiosity because you are far less destructive than you are sensitive. In your case, regarding Love, it is a journey of exploring your strength of Inspirational Love, or Resonance; the capacity to truly empathize.


Resonance is such a strength for you that it hurts. You feel "too much." Often to the point of shutting down your feelings into as much numbness as possible, but you continue to feel, and hurt.


It is your Strength, even as it shows us as Sensitivity


You have yet to harness it as a Strength, but the depths to which you have gone into it as a Weakness will most likely flip into a Strength that surprises you at some point.


In terms of Innovation over Wisdom, again, it is a matter of submersion in the Weakness of Imposition, or the exploration of boundaries in terms of giving form to your truths.


Your own truths either push other's truths out of the way, or other's truths push yours out of the way, and the experience of Imposition is profound, but this is all an exploration that will give rise to a great Strength of Expression, or Innovation, putting your truths into action.


You do not have to agree with us, mind you. We merely share our perspective here.


[Brian_W] Oh no, I do

[Brian_W] Any suggestions on how to harness it? (This applies for not just me, but everyone here on how to flip our weaknesses into strengths)


In our assessment offered, we wish to point out that your Strengths from each facet or tier are an Action Strength, Inspiration Strength, and an Expression Strength.


This is not accidental or random.


[Martha] I wondered


Each Personality will tend to balance himself or herself out by using one Strength from each facet, each utilizing a different Axis or Centering.


So one could translate one's Strength Dynamic as something like Expressive Truth (Wisdom), Active Love (Curiosity), and Inspirational Action (Confidence).


Some may focus on the exploration of Active Truth, Inspirational Love, and Expressive Action in terms of Strength Dynamic, etc.


Understanding one's Strength Dynamic can help to forgive and understand the Weakness side of the Strength, because it is a PART of the Strength, and as all Polarities go, the Weakness end is merely the exclusion of the Strength.


But the Strength will always be inclusive of its Weakness.


To speak to Maureen's assessment of WISDOM, RESONANCE, and INTIMACY, we would only suggest INCLUSION for the Energy Strength. This has come from a constant state of policing and being policed, in terms of how you appear, how others appear, and how your actions represent an integrity of patterns that are aimed toward Beauty.


Inclusion is Active Energy, or pure beauty; or put another way, absolute Integrity.


Sometimes this Strength has been of such priority that it was only left to Policing, but in recent years there has come to be a kindness, or a Communion, developed within that allows for and actively includes flexibility as a PART of the integrity and beauty of patterns.


Communion is the wholeness that comes from the sharing of intentions so that directions, choices, and paths can be shared, rather than forced, fought, or merely policed.


Again, this is our assessment and should not override your own.


We will now invite each of you to ask questions about any of what has been discussed so far.


[AnnH] I have always felt on some level very privileged. But your discussion of Curiosity made me weep. I'd like to know how this has kept me alive. I know it emotionally. Can you expound on this?

[AnnH] Ok. I was TOLD how good I had it. ? But death always did seem to be an option. Except I wanted to know how the story came out.


You clearly understand your Curiosity. You know that regardless of what you are TOLD, you are the TELLING, and you have more to say. Sages, in general, have a hard time quitting a lifetime because they understand that drama, tragedy, struggle, and even the most heinous of experiences are part of the story, as you say.


However, one of the most painful of lifetimes for any Sage is one where the story is "boring."


Sages will tend to take the constancy of crisis over stability and security any day, but the brave Sage will try, at least once, for that lifetime that simply "works."


[AnnH] I really am interested in other people's drama.


That "muscle" had to be worked harder than ever as a means to stay interested, but not because there is nothing interesting, and certainly not because your life is actually boring, but because there comes a time where subtlety, nuance, and ambiance are of interest to appreciate, much in the same way that one goes from binge drinking any kind of skunk beer to appreciating the notes of a wine.


Not every lifetime must be over the top, filled with drama, or be performed. Sometimes Essence (and Personality) simply want to live. To be alive. To grow carefully, slowly, with appreciation and gratitude, with time for comprehension. Ironically, this stresses the Sage out to no end.


And then the invention of dramas begin.


[AnnH] Because I keep asking myself "What am I not doing?" (Impatience)


And the resentment of others' dramas.


Ann, what you are "not doing" is letting yourself have this life. That is all. It is yours. It does not have to be justified or proven or showcased or even significant on any terms other than your choosing how to learn, and learning how to choose.


And use your Curiosity.


[AnnH] ouch. true.


If you choose to do so. There are many adventures on the path of Curiosity, and they do not have to remain only in your ideas, future, past, or in other lives.


The interesting thing about the telling of your story in this life is that it is not something that is unveiled and revealed to you, but LIVED by you. Your choices, actions, and interpretations are the handwriting that tells the story of You.


So to speak.


[AnnH] Perhaps my life narrator needs a break.


And we wish to clarify again that your life is not boring. No life is boring. Boredom is simply the rejection of participation.


Curiosity is Active, and it follows its heart.


It is Active Love.


[Brian_W] I am unsure as to whether you had intended to cover this today, but could you offer suggestions as to how each of us might take our weaknesses and flip them into strengths? For example, you had mentioned to me the potential for harnessing Resonance and Innovation into positives instead of causing issues (hurting and imposing)


Every Weakness can be brought into a state of Strength by using ASSIMILATION, or aiming for Neutrality.


By this we mean that you take a break, step away, digest your experiences, slow down, etc. Anything that breaks the pattern up so that you may return with some clarity and more capacity for choice.


Most Weaknesses become a habitual momentum, and all it takes to break that is an influx of consciousness.


The steps might be described as AWAKEN, PAUSE, CHOOSE. By this we mean that the very fact of your awareness of your Weakness indicates an Awakening, if you will. That is the first step. The second then is to Pause, take your break, assess, breathe, etc.; and then make your Choice from there. The simple return to Conscious Choice does wonders for all aspects of the Personality, relationships, and life.


[JanaK] I was rather surprised that you have said Intimacy is such a great strength for me. I feel like that is an area I really struggle with. I can see that the *responsibility* for accepting myself and others has grown, but not sure if the actual level of acceptance did, and any practical suggestion on how to progress in that area?


[MEntity] We pointed out Intimacy as we see this as a great Weakness, which indicates to us that it is your greatest Strength, even if it is not utilized or harnessed just yet.


[JanaK] i see


Intimacy is an Expressive, or Intellectual Energy/Action, or bringing into action your thoughts, which is key to Intimacy.


Putting your Expression into Energy, or put another way, having your expression make a difference, is something that has continued to grow in Strength, rising out of the concern for offenses, rejection, or violation, and into Acceptance, not only of your expression, but of the fact that it is the choice of others as to how that expression is used or rejected.


In your case, the first stages into Intimacy as a Strength is the Acceptance of how your communication is brought into the world, and allowing what will come of it, without worry about protecting it, or yourself from the impact of it.


If this does not resonate with you, we may be incorrect in our assessment.


[JanaK] it does


[MEntity] And you are free to say so.


[JanaK] thank you


[MEntity] We will conclude here today with a reminder to each of you that what you often find as your most distracting Weaknesses are hints and clues to your greatest Strengths, and this is important as a part of the process of loving yourself, and others. You are not one end of a spectrum. You are the entire spectrum.


Strengths and Weaknesses overview by Ingun:


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.47.15.png

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  • 1 year later...

I really love this kind of session that helps me understand myself better.

From what I see in my life it would be like this.

Truth- WISDOM. However I think it shows more in isolation. This isolation has already been extreme in a few moments of my life.

Love- I think it would be RESONANCE. I see both Exchange and Sensitivity in me

Now in energy I'm having a bit more difficulty. It does not seem so obvious to me.

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52 minutes ago, Luciana Flora said:

I really love this kind of session that helps me understand myself better.

From what I see in my life it would be like this.

Truth- WISDOM. However I think it shows more in isolation. This isolation has already been extreme in a few moments of my life.

Love- I think it would be RESONANCE. I see both Exchange and Sensitivity in me

Now in energy I'm having a bit more difficulty. It does not seem so obvious to me.

I dunno if this was mentioned in the above topic, but the Ms said that strengths often work together in very specific ways.

So not only will each of us have a strength from each tier, but one of them will be to act, the next to inspire and the last to express.

Going off these "rules", then there are 6 Strength dynamics.


Innovation, Resonance and Intimacy.

Innovation, Authenticity and Confidence.

Revelation, Curiosity and Intimacy.

Revelation, Authenticity and Inclusion.

Wisdom, Curiosity and Confidence.

Wisdom, Resonance and Inclusion.


You would most likely draw from the last dynamic above. With Wisdom expressing truth, Resonance inspiring love and Inclusion actively creating energy.

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5 hours ago, KurtisM said:

I dunno if this was mentioned in the above topic, but the Ms said that strengths often work together in very specific ways.

So not only will each of us have a strength from each tier, but one of them will be to act, the next to inspire and the last to express.

Going off these "rules", then there are 6 Strength dynamics.


Innovation, Resonance and Intimacy.

Innovation, Authenticity and Confidence.

Revelation, Curiosity and Intimacy.

Revelation, Authenticity and Inclusion.

Wisdom, Curiosity and Confidence.

Wisdom, Resonance and Inclusion.


You would most likely draw from the last dynamic above. With Wisdom expressing truth, Resonance inspiring love and Inclusion actively creating energy.

I read over the session to see if I could see anything else. And I still have a bit of difficulty with energy facety. Maybe it's because it's related to moving centers and even I sit in an action role I'm not moving center or moving part. As it is said in the topic this can make a little difficult.

The truth facet is easier for me to see through weakness. All alone has always been an issue for me.

In the love facet I can clearly see how much I value the exchange. And sensitivity is also something I see in me. When I started looking for groups that had the same interests as me, my goal was to find an environment where there was an exchange of experiences. However I realize that people are not always open to tell their experiences. I think I am because this exchange is something I seek.

It seems like nothing fits into energy. I consider myself good in intimacy, but I also do not think I violate anyone.

I'm curious about knowledge. But I think neither adventurous nor destructive.


What about inclusion. It was rare that I felt included. And many times I think I fail in my communication.


I do not think I'm agood in expressing myself but I do not think I impose anything .. So nothing seems to fit in .. That's one more thing I would have to see with Michael

Edited by Luciana Flora
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  • 2 months later...

Yassss queen!


Authenticity being the only one of the 3 that feels at home, the other two alien as fuck.

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  • TeamTLE

Thanks to Royce's comment, I discovered that a Michael Speaks session was embedded within this OMW, and it had never been posted as a Michael Speaks. I have now added the transcript to the 2010 Michael Speaks transcripts and provided the link at the top of this session. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I admire some people here who talk so confidently where they fit when Michael gives some list of features. I can not have that confidence.

I came back to this topic because I feel that I need to find out what my strengths are. I have always seen my weaknesses more easily than my strength. So my choice was more seeing the weaknesses.

I still think that in truth it would be wisdom. although he sees much more isolation than wisdom.

And that in love be resonance. Because the exchange is something important to me. And I think I'm sensitive.

But I can not be sure of anything. So I'm going to approach this with Michael.

Many times I would like someone who knew me more deeply to know Michael teachings. So it would be possible to know the opinion of someone who knows me.

But I'll see Michael persperctive. I think if I know my strength maybe then it will be easier for me to express myself in a way  more positive

Edited by Luciana Flora
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