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February 2016


ROLE: Server (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)

FEBRUARY carries forward the high sensitivity that accompanies the Server qualities of the year. This sensitivity is either the undoing of your days or the strength that you use for addressing areas in your life crying out for greater nurturing. This is part of how the Server energies works. When there is resistance to the nature to nurture and care for the self and/or others then there grows a recoiling, a weariness, exhaustion, resentment, and then the sensitivity that was there to help you care becomes a burden (to self and others). When there is an embrace of the nature to nurture and care for the self and/or others then there grows an openness, enthusiasm, energy and kindness, and then the sensitivity that was there to help you care becomes a strength (to self and others).

If you find that your year has started out with recoil and resentment, you may be rejecting being responsible for the nurture that is necessary in your life in some way, some area, some relationship.

If you find that your year has started out with openness and enthusiasm, you are either already nurturing your life in ways that require little extra attention, or you understand that there are areas that require more of you, more of your nurturing, and more of your care.

For many of our students the above may be difficult to sort out if your year has started from within the processes of Grief, but even then the above is helpful because Grief is a separate process from the insight that nurture is needed in your life. In fact, if Grief has been a part of your year, it is even more important to take a moment and note that nurture cannot be compromised when one is grieving. One of the behaviors that extends the process of grief far beyond its natural cycles is the rejection of nurturing and the recoiling from responsibility of caring.

Servers know this dance all too well. The dance between the desire to care and the recoiling from the responsibilities that come with caring. Of all Roles, the Server can be of the most effective and caring of souls and of the most apathetic and shut down of souls.

In a year where Server is the underpinning of the energy for the year, you may find a wide array of behaviors that range between caring “too much” and caring too little. When there is “too much” care it is usually no longer a matter of caring, but a matter of controlling. One cannot truly care too much, but one can care to an extent that the care distorts into wishing to control that which is the focus of care. But one can care too little. One can disengage, refuse, and reject because the caring is too hard, too inconvenient, too much work, too much energy, too much of something. And then the solution seems practical to simply shut down, enlist apathy or begrudging bitterness until someone else does the work that you could help do.

Caring too little, and caring “too much” are the two most effective ways to inadvertently nurture the experience of loneliness.

Loneliness is the conscious or subconscious refusal to care appropriately. You have decided that your state of caring is what matters more than the state of caring that is needed. So you care too much or too little and then you are lonely. Humans are of the loneliest creatures of reason in any known Sentient species because of the love/hate relationship with Server energy. Loneliness dissolves as one learns better how to manage the caring side of the self.

We will discuss this quality over the year to help our students understand this in useful ways because it will be a factor for the entire year.

In addition to the Server qualities of the year, there will also be the emphasis on the Moving Center. This is not a popular Center among our students, so many of our students may find the emphasis brings with it anxiety, agitation, heightened sexual activity or plummeting energy as you reject the Moving Center altogether.

This is a year when your Bodies need to be included. In many years the body can be “carried along with you,” but in a Moving Centered year, you ARE your body. Your body will reflect more quickly and effectively exactly where you are with your processes. If you are upset, so will your body be. If you are shutting down, so will your body. If you are angry, your body will react as an extension of this. Your tempers may be high. Your sadnesses may be deep. Your bliss may be amazing. In short, your “feelings” are going to be “all over the place.”

Most fragments think of “feelings” as emotions, but they are not. Feelings are by-products of emotion, but they are what you DO with emotional energy. What most people “do” with emotional energy is redirect it into the body and then this is what becomes “feelings.” So you love, and instead of that being a state of informative emotion, it becomes a feeling. You hate, and instead of this being a state of informative emotion, it becomes a feeling. You are angry, and instead of this being an informative emotion, it becomes a feeling. In other words, because emotion is so misunderstood and distrusted because of its amorphous qualities, Humans have learned to immediately give form to emotion in the processes of the body. And this is “feelings.” And this is why “feelings” then are never the truth and cannot be trusted in the same way that intuition can be trusted, even as “feelings” and “intuition” are often mistaken for one another.

We will discuss this further with our students over the year, as well. For now, it can be helpful to start with your directing your “feelings” into something grounding, meaningful, and productive. If you are upset, go for a walk. If you are sad, hug a pillow. If you are angry, dance. DO something and allow those feelings to move through you so that your Moving Center can stay clear, clean, and balanced for more effective responses to events and relationships.

February brings with it a deeper dive into Discrimination as the Goal for the year. For February, we will simply say that you will either get better at the above or dig deeper into resistance. Because Discrimination is a Goal that emphasizes the practice, art, and skill of Choice, we will only say that it is up to you. It is your choice. Your choice is always important, and it remains important in this case where you may find yourself recoiling further or embracing the care and kindness in the world around and with you.

DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate):

February 06 - 09 -- ENERGY SHIFT - COMPLETIONS/BEGINNINGS - a shift of energy here seems to be all about a sense of endings and a launch into beginnings. This can be experienced a relief, enthusiasm, and refreshing perspective and energy, or it can be experienced as dread, sadness, and overwhelm. The difference in experience is relative to your method of caring. If it is “too much” it may be that you wish to control more than you realize. If it is not caring enough, it may be because you do not want the responsibility of caring. It may be time to learn better how to care, and this is another chance.

February 08 - 17 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This is one of the more major parallel shifts of the year, lasting approximately 10 days or more. This parallel shift involves planetary shifts toward more humanitarian and peaceful paths or toward more turbulent and disruptive paths, or toward more “of the same.” These patterns are already well underway and in momentum. There is nothing more for you to do and various “you’s” will likely explore all directions, but as you pass through this Nexus, you may feel the effects of letting go of directions that “this you” has no interest in, and a renewed focus on the direction of conscious intention.


LONELINESS IS AN INVITATION TO CARE DIFFERENTLY - If you experience loneliness, it is not a punishment or permanent state, but a part of you longing to care differently. Loneliness can mean that you would rather control outcomes than to care, or to avoid responsibility rather than care. It may be time for you to surrender and open yourself to possibilities outside of your limited expectations, and/or to stand up, brush yourself off, take a deep breath, and reach out again. And again. And again. Until you retrain your energy and your world to reach back with kindness.

YOUR BODIES ARE YOU - It is true that your Physical Body does not carry with you when you die, but until then, it is a part of you. In fact, while Physical, it is fair to say that it IS you. It was never separate from you. It was never hosting you. You were never carrying it. You ARE it. Your Essence loves you and all variations of you. One of the most important experiences you learn as a Personality is how to then love the body that is you, and all of its variations. And by “variations” we mean its states of health, its missteps, its beauty, its ugliness, its distortions, its fluctuations of weight, strengths, and weaknesses, and its aging. Your body is not dying, it is doing. It is doing what it does. Just as you do what you do. Everything you do contributes to your evolution and expansion, and everything that your body is does the same for you. It is a beautiful and symbiotic relationship that stretches across dimensions. Your Astral Body is not shamed or rejected for its processes of Emotion, and your Causal Body is not shamed for its processes of Intellect, and so it goes that your Physical Body requires no shame or rejection for its processes of Action. One of the most important things you can ever do in a lifetime is to evolve your affection and care for your body because it is not a burden. It is your entire arena of this life.

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