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Can we change our Michael charts?


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This question was originally posted by Peter on 11/13/08.


Can we change our Michael charts through meditation? If so, would we then have to realign our astrological charts through meditation to accommodate the change in our Michael charts?


To change one's Overleaves through meditation would be as easy as switching out your physical body for another through meditation. We will not say that it is impossible, but we will say that we have never seen it done.

Essence chooses (and eventually learns to design) the body and the Overleaves/Personality, which are interlocked in levels of DNA. In the same way that your DNA could be said to hold all of the potential combinations of your species and beyond, so does each person hold the pallet of Overleaves within, but to rearrange your DNA or your Overleaves would require far more concentration and energy than meditation can provide.

The instances where we have seen Overleaves change to any meaningful degree have been in the instances of Walk-ins, which is the switching out of one Essence for another Essence for a single body, but even then, the shift is only on the level of Axes, not beyond that. In other words, Growth can move to an emphasis on Re-evaluation, or Passion can move to Reserved, but Growth would not be replaced with Acceptance, and Passion would not be replaced with Power.

Astrological patterns describe the potential of a lifetime and can be reinterpreted, but not replaced.

For that matter, and with all of this being said, the Overleaves System is merely one way of interpreting and describing energy and patterns and terrain, and therefore can be reinterpreted and understood in different ways from different angles. This is why there are discrepancies among our channels in some cases, because there are ways to interpret an individual as he presents himself, as he wishes himself to be, and as he is. This could be understood with the comparison of trying to describe the color of someone's hair: one may call it Deep Honey, while another may call it Chestnut, but both are just variations of Brown. The hair color does not change just because it can be called a variety of things.

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