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This question was originally posted by Sandy on 6/18/08.


At the recent Mid-Atlantic gathering, some of us were discussing the way some of the original Michael terms have been "updated" slave to server for one example. This morning I had a few minutes available to read and I opened MFM at random to read a page or two. The page I happened to open to was the diagram for the centers.

It reads
Higher Intellectual Intellectual
+integration - telepathy +thought - reason
Higher Emotional Emotional
+empath -intuition +sensibility - sentimentality
Moving Sexual
+enduring - energetic +amoral - erotic
+atomic - anatomic

It seems to me that the currently used Physical in place of Sexual has totally changed the meaning and I don't even know the poles but I doubt they are similar.

Although I understand that Michael does not wish us to be too rigid or hung up on words, it seems that words nonetheless have meanings. I would like to know Michael's take on changing terms in general and the major changes in centering in particular. I have even heard talk of an 8th center purporting to have come from Michael. Could they confirm or deny this?


FROM MICHAEL (through Troy):


I would like to know Michael's take on changing terms in general and the major changes in centering in particular.


We do not mind if you become "rigid" or "hung up on words," but we do point out that there is no valid point in enforcing one term over another as a correct term for all of our students. There will be many words that work, and each word may work for some and not work for others. That is the peril and pro of the nuances of language and personal truths.

It is valid that words do "have meaning" and that there are drastic differences among the intended definitions of words, regardless of colloquial or personal interpretations. Through some of our channels we are able to convey the words that we choose, while through other channels, the choice is overridden by the preference of the channel, and even further altered by the preferences of our students. Though some students and channels will impose their own words and meaning onto our teaching, many of the changes are valid in terms of this teaching being an evolving teaching and not a static teaching.

The changes in terminology over time could be said to be from one or more of the following factors: 1) a "higher" move in terms due to evolution in understanding and application; 2) a lateral move in terms due to accommodation of current language or more precision; and 3) a random move in terms to reflect lack of understanding and application. We will explore a few examples below.

Some of the changes over time have come from a growing awareness and consciousness among students and channels, with a term progressing to a "higher" point in the pattern to reflect this. An example of this would be in the case of the Goal of Rejection moving "higher" into its own Positive Pole of Discrimination. With Discrimination as the higher emphasis, Rejection then becomes a Negative Pole, and Discrimination has its own Positive Pole, which could be described as Sophistication. In future versions of our teaching, you might find this Goal to have changed into a Goal of Sophistication, with a Negative Pole of Discrimination and a Positive Pole of Complexity or Enlightenment.

Some of the changes are lateral moves based on accommodations of the language of the times or more precision in definition, such as with the Mode of Repression into Reserved. Both terms are valid, but "Reserved" is not only more accessible and empowering within the use of language at this time, but is also more precise, in that Inspiration is not just repressed, but specifically reserved for certain people, scenarios, and intentions. It could be said, then, that "Reserved" is a move that encompasses "Repression" and further describes how that repression works, but that "Repression" excludes "Reservation" and does not describe how that repression lifts in specific instances to a controlled flow.

Another example of this lateral move is in "Server" from "Slave." The difference between "Slave" and "Server" is negligible enough, but one is more precise and empowering and encompassing than the other, though both are valid. "Slave" describes an Essence that is entirely dominated by an influence, person, or cause, which is often the case for this soul, and therefore an accurate term, but "Server" is slightly broader in its inclusion and awareness of Choice. The Essence Role of an individual and how that manifests is a choice, not a condemnation of design. Many Older Servers over time have proven that the "Slave" is not always interested in offering any kind of service, bondage, or submission to an influence; the Older soul of a "Server" or "Slave" is inclined toward their presence being offered as a gift; therefore, Server is more accessible and intimate for those who are Older "Slaves" because they are reminded of the choice to Serve (or not to serve) beyond the sense of obligation, programming, or influence. Many younger Essences are accurately described as "Slaves" because the younger the "Slave" the more likely they will manifest in a way that displays their programming or obligation, while the Older "Slaves" have refined their use of Choice and now offer to serve when they know they can serve, and don't offer when they cannot.

Some of the changes are reflective of the areas of the teaching that are least-understood and utilized. In all cases of naming energies, it is limited to the experience and understanding of the channel or student, and some energies are more inclined to be incomprehensible than others. When it comes to the Action Axes, we have very few students or channels living from those Centers, so it comes of no surprise to us that our students and channels have juggled several terms to "try them on for size," so to speak. This happened to be the case when we first began speaking through our channels and continues to be the case in regard to these particular Centers. They are the "hot potatoes" of the Centers. They are Action. It makes sense to us that they have continued to "move," if you will. However, when we look at these Centers in relation to the rest, we see the simplest terminology (Higher Moving/Lower Moving) to be the most effective and in keeping with a practical foundation, but one may use whatever works.

One factor that can help in the substantiation of a term as it relates to our intent is to see how it fits into a pattern that we have shared as an obvious foundation for our teaching. For the most part, we have a highly-organized map to share with you and when a term, phrase, or element distracts from that pattern, or interrupts it, then this term, phrase, or element may not be in line with what we intended to describe. This will not mean that the term, phrase, or element is not useful or meaningful to the individual or group, but that it may not be sourced from our intent, if that matters to you to consider.

Considering the "pattern vs distraction" can help in cases such as this. For example, the pattern for describing the Centers is simple: 4 Axes, 3 of which are organized as having "higher" and "lower" components and a 4th as a "neutral," or "assimilative" point.

We realize that some may find distaste for the concept of "higher" and "lower," but we remind you that this is an Old Soul Teaching. The issues related to the words "higher" and "lower" are usually not issues for the Older Soul. Older Souls have lost the interest and necessity for organizing and comparing within superficial hierarchies and status. The words "higher" and "lower" are describing exactly how the energies operate for the Physical presence and Personality relative to Essence. If you choose to use words that are less-charged by younger soul interpretations, then that will be your choice. Some have suggested "Cardinal" and "Ordinal," and these are acceptable to us.


I have even heard talk of an 8th center purporting to have come from Michael. Could they confirm or deny this?

Though our term of "Center" is fairly synonymous with "Chakra," they are not the same. "Center" is used to refer to a "Center of Gravity" and when one is physical, there are 7 of these from which a Personality may be inclined to use out of habit. We have no 8th Center of Gravity in our teaching. However, there is an 8th Chakra because there are hundreds of Chakras throughout the Physical and Non-Physical Bodies, and while this 8th Chakra will be a part of the system of energies flowing through the bodies, it will not be a Center from which the Personality could habitually respond to life.

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  • TeamTLE

Very happy to read this and understand the changes in terminology. Thanks @Janet. One of the changes that I particularly like is the change from the Scholar Goal of Stagnation to Flow. It makes a big difference to my understanding of that Goal and the people who have that Overleaf. In fact, Stagnation and Flow seem like opposites.

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