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This was originally posted by Troy on 8/7/08.


Recently, a student asked what Michael meant in one of the original Yarbro books about "all allergies are denials." This prompted me to look through my archives to see if this has been addressed over the years, and below are some excerpts and quotes that I found:

* All allergies are denials. Any chronic ailment that is developed or birthed is a denial, for that matter.

* "Denial" is our way of describing elements that have moved through the subtler levels of opportunity for processing (intellectual, emotional), but have been denied processing to the point where it has become a physical ailment. The denial is not only in reference to the levels of processing, but in the case of a chronic ailment, a denial of the experience that is the originator of the energy that has become an ailment. This original experience is usually reduced to a simple symbol, such as represented by an animal, specific pain, or specific circumstances that ignite the ailment. Exploring the symbology of a chronic ailment can help to not only alleviate or manage the pain, but to complete the processing of an experience that may or may not be a conscious memory. This exploration can be done in the same way that a dream's symbology might be explored.

* Allergies are a chronic form of denial, whether birthed (genetic) or developed. Birthed allergies are usually indicative of denials that span across lifetimes, and developed allergies are usually indicative of denials from within the lifetime. Birthed denials are the denials of a previous personality (or personalities), which can often feel like an unfair imposition upon the current Personality, but the denial is only offered up as an option at the start of the lifetime. The Personality that will eventually "inhabit" the body is the one who chooses or rejects the option and this is done during the gene pool selection, astrological design, or during the fetal development, but no ailment is ever truly imposed.

* Animal and plant allergies can symbolize any number of denials, but these are often the result of parental imprinting that has either implanted an insidious fear of nature, or a deep-seated sense of repulsion as a result of over-emphasis on nature. By "nature" we include the range of animals or plants that one could find as allergic causes. Even among those who currently, consciously love animals or plants (nature), one might find this allergic reaction. When this dichotomy is the case, it usually indicates a deep need to honor the caretaker who instilled this fear or repulsion, while still holding one's own identity and preferences.

* Keep in mind that not all "allergies" are allergies. Often an "allergy" is simply the case of biological incompatibility, such as the human species drinking and eating the milks of other species. While the Human species is designed to accommodate an omnivorous diet for times of need and survival, this omnivorous diet is not designed as a primary diet for your species. Relying solely on an omnivorous diet will have its consequences and often these consequences range from chronic illnesses and disease, to catastrophic consumption of environment.

* Many allergies require a conscious element to be involved for the reaction to come into play. In more than half of all animal allergies, for instance, no reaction is seen until the Personality realizes that an animal is within proximity, or has been within proximity. Then the symbolism is ignited.

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