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This question was originally posted by Jon on 11/11/07.


Could you describe the process of manifesting, especially including any "landmarks" (experiences which show you that you are on the right track). I am more interested in the overall process (how it works) than I am in any particular technique. For example, are things actually created by your intentions, or are things already in existence pulled to you?


Are there some things which cannot be manifested? For example, I have found that I can usually manifest an experience pretty easily, but I cannot specify the exact people involved (unless they are trying for the same experience of course).


I have also found that I am able to quickly manifest smaller things which I am ready for in that moment, as opposed to a grand fantasy. For example, I have been unsuccessful in manifesting a long term relationship for myself because I am unable to receive it (fear of becoming trapped). However, I have been able to quickly and easily manifest unavailable girls to help me practice my relationship skills (and wear down the block). The easiest by far, are things like office supplies (e.g. "I need a pen"), where I see the results in under a minute.


We will first define Manifestation as "the process by which an individual brings into personal existence (creates or attracts) that which is desired (wanted or needed)."


The process of Manifesting could be described as passing through 7 Phases, ALL of which call upon three criteria at every step of the way:


ENERGY (Harmony): Always remaining intimate with and connected to that which you Desire and trusting the patterns that come from the process
TRUTH: Always telling the truth about where you are in the process toward getting what you Desire
LOVE: Always finding the perspective that allows room for all parts of your process, the faltering and the successes


  1. Re-Evaluation Phase: This is the initial phase of clarifying exactly what it is that you wish to manifest. This is marked by a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm.
  2. Discrimination Phase: This is the secondary phase of coming up against, and navigating the obstacles between you and that which you desire. This is marked by apparent set-backs, disappointments, delays, etc.
  3. Submission Phase: This is the tertiary phase that can only come into effect if the secondary phase has been successfully maneuvered, which means having been able to allow the obstacles to be seen as a way to clarify direction, not as a deterrent. This phase is marked by a renewed commitment and trust in the process.
  4. Acceptance Phase: This is the fourth phase that now brings to light the questions of whether this is truly what you want/need (desire). This is marked by issues related to your potential for giving up against the threat of not getting what you want/need, or allowing the clarity, while broadening your acceptance of the form your desire might take.
  5. Growth Phase: This is the 5th phase that creates meaning from the process, however long, short, difficult, or easy the process has been. It is marked by a sense of regeneration, rejuvenation, and redirection as you continue toward your evolving picture of what you desire.
  6. Dominance Phase: This is the phase where you finally own what it is that you have desired. This is marked by tangible evidence that you have what you wanted or needed.
  7. Flow Phase: This is a neutral phase that can be inserted at any point in the process as a means for rest from the efforts and focus, or as means to relax into the having of what was wanted/needed. It is marked by a sense of presence, but detachment from the process.


In response to your questions beyond the symptoms and process of Manifesting:


You asked "....are things actually created by your intentions, or are things already in existence pulled to you?"


We respond that it is both. If it is already in existence, it can be attracted to you, and if it is not, it can be created by your intentions. "Created" does not necessarily mean that it was materialized from "thin air," but that in your process of manifesting, the people and things needing to be alignment will do so as a means to get to you what you desire.


You asked "Are there some things which cannot be manifested?"


We respond to this by saying no, there is nothing you cannot manifest, however, this must be understood that there are degrees of manifestation capabilities. In other words, something that is already in existence and within reach is "easy" to manifest, while absolute original creations (and by this we include those things that you may have belief issues against) are more complex to manifest. We also point out that more original the concept, the more proportional the time and energy required of its manifestation, in most cases.

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I find these 7 steps of commitment to be one of the most pivitol aspects of this teaching for me. I make an effort to live them ferociously.

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Just came across this nice Q&A and thought I should bump it. 

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