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This question was originally posted by Lisa on 10/7/07.


When does an individual stop the wrong choices and center on choices better suited for himself and his family?




When those "wrong" choices no longer serve him or her.

No choice is made without the individual benefit considered first. In many cases of a "wrong" choice, it was merely a matter of not measuring the impact of that choice in terms of benefit. Often the process of choice falls to the individual default, which means falling into the realm of apparent convenience, or apparent ease, or apparent simplicity, etc. over Truth, Love, or Beauty (Energy), which are often seen as complicated investments or directions. While the choice for Truth, Love, and/or Energy can seem complicated, it is never complicated. What many mistake as complicated is actually complexity. Truth, Love, and Energy are complex in design as they weave into every element of a life in some way, but your practice of choosing in those directions is a simple, single step in that complexity.

As we have stated before, and will state again, asking these three questions will help direct one in making choices:

IS THIS TRUTH... (is this the truth... of what i want,; what i need; about my relationship; about me; about now...etc. is this inspiring)

IS THIS LOVE... (will this bring love; will this allow love; will this feel good; will this help clarify my vision, etc. am i allowing/creating room for variation of form and content)

IS THIS BEAUTIFUL... (is this pattern in harmony with me; is this direction encouraging; does this feel good; etc. does this bring me closer to me, to my life, to the world, etc.)

Keep in mind that we speak of CHOICES, not Decisions. Decisions are the little points throughout your day that lead to Choice. Choices are pivotal moments, whereas Decisions are paths. The more consciously one makes Decisions, the more conscious the moment of Choice will be.

In terms of the effect on family, only when the choices for the self take on a conscious awareness can that awareness then expand to include the benefits for family.

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  • 6 years later...

I found this through the "random topic generator" one of my favorite tools here on TLE for studying the Michael Teachings and its people.

A straight forward, clear to the point answer from Michael!


For me This is truly TLE: is this truth... is this love... is this beautiful...  I wish WE are able to not loose sight of this and keep it going, in the choices we make, and that they not only serve ourselves, but are inclusive of so much more.


Thanks for this Post, its so rich!


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