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This question was originally posted by Suzanne on 10/7/07.


This below from the Energy Report really talked to me. As there probably are many others feeling the same, would you please expand on how better to 'look at oneself' for more valid experience to 'being seen, heard, and understood'? I have been taking my own breaks for my Self, while feel there is more good work yet to this.

Key thoughts in the weeks ahead might be:

EMPATHIZING; SLOWING DOWN; CREATING PATHS, not plowing them; CREATING MOMENTS OF SOLITUDE, not being solid in the moment; LOOKING AT ONESELF FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING SEEN, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD, instead of fighting to be seen, heard, and understood by others.




By "looking at oneself for the experience of being seen, heard, and understood," we refer back to our statement that "what one most wishes from the world are the very things craved from the self."

In other words, any area of your life that may be linked to the concepts of "if only..." are areas that require your nurture, not the halting of that nurture until it is found elsewhere. When one has blocked the ability to truly see oneself, how can one expect to be seen? How will you ever know if someone sees you, when you don't know what you see as you. In most cases, when one has rejected seeing oneself, then all others who do see you are rejected, as well, even if they see you most clearly. The same for being understood, or being heard.

Observe yourself to gain self-awareness. Listen to yourself as a means to be heard. Find a way to like who you are now as a means of being understood. Self-rejection is a form of repulsion between you and others. Self-acceptance, which includes knowing oneself, hearing oneself, and seeing oneself, is magnetism between you and others.

You will have had to have learned what each of those things mean to you before you can ask them of anyone else, and then the opportunities abound.



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