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*This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.


 Skepticism is chosen to narrow perspective so as to focus and hone in on the abundance of misinformation, false claims and lies. They are necessary to clarify and expand upon information and research, because they, themselves are searchers. The Skeptic sees life is to be thoroughly Investigated, questioned and wrong claims DISPROVEN. For this reason, they are always cautious to accept something without personally checking it out and validating it themselves.


In -Suspicion, she's over-fixated on monitoring something/someone for proof, assuming inherent/intentional deceit or hidden truths are always involved, and seeking to expose or tear down any deception or misinformation.

She's already decided you're wrong/uninformed or a threat to her being right, probing you just to mock/discredit or avoiding interaction entirely, quietly or overtly. This Skeptic may even just keep these questions/doubts to herself.

Her DISSATISFACTION then becomes her BLIND SPOT; being the sense that nothing can ever truly satisfy her questions/doubt/investigation, especially because she has a hard time being wrong or seeing that lack of solid validation and empirical evidence doesn't imply deceit.


To move from Suspicion to Investigation, the Skeptic realizes her efforts to disprove are actually also to Improve. From this mindset, she must Bring Together more parts of the puzzle/picture than what she sees, such as by asking for information that can help, or avidly searching in new directions, rather than waiting on or enforcing fixed suspicions.


In +Investigation, she asks+searches for more+new info. Her effort to disprove is a means to learn+build insights- to ensure strength in the proof and flesh out meaning and depth; she’s curious, comfortable questioning assumptions, and patient in her search for answers. (Regardless of any discrepant/challenging/surprising information or behaviors.)

You and your Attitude
Blindspots of the Skeptic
Skeptics in Social Situations
July/August 2011 Energy Report
September 2011 Energy Report

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Thanks again KurtisM, great work!



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