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*This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.


One in Observation relates to others through seeing+observing all of his relationship or experience, and then choosing how to further relate through the other Modes.
Observation grows intimacy through truly seeing and being seen, not being locked into, or locking others into, any preferred/expected versions of you or them, and it’s important for Observation Mode to feel he’s gaining clarity from his experiences/pursuits.

When in -Surveillance, he feels distant, removed and disconnected, feeling as though he’s going through the motions or watching it all go by as if from behind a glass wall or two-way mirror- rendering him invisible, or removed from himself, his relationship or the world-at-large.
He no longer feels a part of the life he lives, simply watching it, others and himself with a sense of isolation, lack, high scrutiny or yearning apathy. Watching things pass can, of course, create strong sentiments about missed opportunities, lack of nurturing, feelings of ineffectiveness and not being a part.

Observation can use any other Mode to Remain in Surveillance or Bring Clarity-

Reserve would help to step back emotionally to see the bigger picture, ranging from protecting his emotions, to building up the relationship/experience's meaning incrementally. // Passion would allow him to dive in to what or who inspires him/is inspired by him, ranging from identifying with/as something/someone- to learning about+becoming more of himself through the relationship/experience.

Caution would help to refine thoughts+expression, ranging from aversion+over-analysis, to choosing a deliberate way/context of expressing himself. // Power would help him to be present/seen, heard/acknowledged and take back some control, ranging from oppression to authority.

Perseverance would help to never give up+keep trying, ranging from bumping up against obstacles, to navigating with/through/around those obstacles. // Aggression would help to see his part in the dynamic, ranging from feeling spread across multiple directions of focus that demand his attention, to seeing he initiates action by where he focuses his observation.

When in +Clarity the “fog lifts” and he truly feels like an involved participant in life rather than a spectator of it; able to clearly see who he and others are and where he’s going.
It could be said Clarity observes+relates up-close- truly experiencing life and all its flavors.

Observation is attracted to how much he resonates you- how well you look past his surface+personas and make known you see+accept him in his entirety.
He’s most wounded then, when someone he thought saw him in his entirety no longer is, or someone he craves+longs to see him is unable/unwilling to; to heal, it helps him not to push others to see him, but to look past the surface he sees as defining another, and see their innocence+limitations more clearly instead.

Healing Relationships- Observation~ Truly Seeing vs Seeing only the Surface
Modes and Goals- Observation~ Connection & Resonance
Medium of Attraction- Observation~ Watching, Perceiving, Experiencing, Participating
How Observation evolves Intimacy
Surveillance Tidbit: Disconnection

Member: Maureen- Observation(Slide to Reserve/Passion/Power)

Member: Ingun- Observation(Slide to Passion in Depth)
Member: GeraldineB- E&P Profile(Slide to Passion)
Member: ClaireC- CF Report(Slide to Passion)
Member: AlG- Essence Report(Slide to Passion)
Member: NickF- Essence Report(Slide to Passion/Aggression)
Member: BrianW- Observation Mode's Wounding

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Christina Lily Pedersen

I hadn't heard Observation expressed like this before, and I have had some trouble recognising myself as having this mode with some of the other descriptions out there - but this really helped a lot and made a lot more sense to me than anything else! Thank you.


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I just got my chart, and this description of the mode fits me as well.


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I recognise the surveillance especially in observing myself with critical eyes and seing myself through the eyes of others with all my flaws revealed. I am more in clarity these days, enjoying nature, my family and even myself. 


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