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Hello to each of you. We are now here.


We will begin discussion and review of a topic that has been requested: Body types. We think that most of our students are familiar with the term, but it could be one of the least-understood terms in our system, and possibly the least-used in any practical way.


We understand that for some of you this may come as review, but your questions may help to delve into directions you feel are of interest.


First, we will share the structure of the Body Type system:


For simplicity and consistency, we concentrate on the 7 Main Body Types that are also familiar to you in your Solar System: Lunar (moon), Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine, Martial, Jovial (Jupiter), Solar.


Those Body Types are relative to the axes within our Overleaves System and sit on those Axes in this way:


  • Lunar (ordinal)/Saturnine (cardinal) = Inspiration;
  • Martial (ordinal)/Venusian (cardinal) = Action;
  • Mercurial (ordinal)/Jovial (cardinal) = Expression;
  • Solar = Assimilation


(Troy received a full-body massage today that has altered his chemistry to a degree that has not settled energetically, completely, so we are working through this as best we can.)


The irony is not lost on us that this was done on a day when we are to discuss this topic.


[Martha] a massage has that big an effect?
[Bobby] are we not sure that for the Action axis, Venusian is ordinal and Martial is cardinal?
[NicSweeney] just from the astro stand-point-mars energy is much more focused and concrete than venusian...
[Maureen] Venus and Mars are the Action Axis


A massage has that "big of an effect" on one who never receives one, yes.


And we are certain that Venus is Cardinal and Martial is Ordinal in this system.


However, there are debates among the channels as to whether Venus is attributed to Sages, or to Kings, and whether Jovial is attributed to Sages or Kings. We will not look to resolve that in this session, but it is worth noting and exploring if you choose to do so.


We will continue now.


Body Types are a crucial part of the process of learning how to create a lifetime and Personality, and the Body Type is the foundation for every Personality.


Choosing/Creating the Body Type lays the foundation for how the other Overleaves may or may not work in cohesion with the physical existence of that life.


Your Body Type helps determine how energy is experienced and processed within the lifetime on a very basic level; so basic that is it is as taken for granted as the bottom of your feet, for instance.


Each Body Type is electrically-charged, if you will, and that electrical charge is similar to how various countries have their own version of power supplies through wall sockets. This is a crude analogy, but helpful.


Understanding one's Primary electrical charge can help one to care for the very basics of the life in a way that keeps that source of energy healthy and flowing with as little static, short-circuiting, and shock as possible.


The more complementary the Overleaves built upon the Body Type's energy, the more likely one would would be without physical challenges, whereas one who has Overleaves that are electrically-polarized to the Body Type can sometimes have physical challenges as a part of the life.


ALL of the Overleaves are "electrically-charged," so to speak, but it is the Body Type that manages all of the energy that is the Overleaves.


These "electrical charges" are described by us in terms of POSITIVE/NEGATIVE, and ACTIVE/PASSIVE.


A Body Type or Overleaf would be one of each: either Positive or Negative AND either Active or Passive.


These terms are fairly literal in terms of how they manifest:


  • Positive Body Types tend toward optimism, higher perspectives, expansion, growth, accepting, what works, strengths, etc.
  • Negative Body Types tend toward scrutiny, detailed perspectives, contraction, halting, discriminating, what does not work, flaws, etc.
  • Active Body Types emphasize DOING and interaction with the world, while Passive Body Types emphasize BEING and introspection.


The Body Types are organized in a spectrum from the most Passive/Negative (Lunar) to the most Active/Positive (Saturnine).


Outside of that spectrum is the Assimilative Solar, which acts as Active/Positive, as well, but not as extreme as the Saturnine.


The Body Types relative to their Axes are paired as follows:


  • LUNAR = Passive/Negative with SATURNINE = Active/Positive;
  • MERCURIAL = Active/Negative with JOVIAL = Passive/Positive;
  • MARTIAL = Active/Negative with VENUSIAN = Passive/Positive


If one is familiar with the structure of our Overleaves System, then those same electrical charges can be extrapolated to the Overleaves on that Axis.  For instance, the most Active/Positive GOAL is Growth. The most Passive/Negative GOAL would be Re-evaluation.


The way these charges work with or challenge each other is through the observation of the Positive/Negative Charges.


Two Positives or two Negatives will have more challenges than a combination of Positive and Negative.


For instance, Lunar and Mercury inherently experience challenges. Or Venusian and Saturnine, both Positive, would inherently experience challenges.


In terms of Overleaves, this would be the case for Overleaves NOT on the same Axis.


For instance, if one were to have all Cardinal Inspirational Overleaves and a Cardinal Inspirational Body Type, this would make all of those charges Active/Positive, but they are on the same Axis and would not challenge each other.


However, throw in Cardinal/Action Axis Overleaf of Passive/Positive and there would be challenge.


When we say "challenge," we do not mean to say that it would be difficult. It may be more accurate to say that "friction" would be the result, which can often be difficult, but also quite pleasurable.


Every fragment has a combination of Body Types. Most have a combination of 3 Body Types. But many have 2, with one playing a dual role in the 3 Primary contexts of the body dynamics.


These three contexts are APPEARANCE, NATURE, and HEALTH.


The Body Type is then proportioned among those three Primary Contexts.


So if one has 3 Body Types, it might be Venus/Mercury/Saturnine, there would be a percentage in each, such as 60% Venus, 25% Mercury, 15% Saturnine.


The higher percentage usually indicates the APPEARANCE, the second highest indicates the NATURE, and the third indicating the HEALTH.


Appearance would be defined as how you physically appear in physical form. Each Body Type has its own unique characteristics that form in the body when Physical.


This particular Body Type Context is usually indicated in the Natal Chart for conception where the planet is closest to the mid-heaven. Of course, casting a natal chart for conception is not easy, but can be done.


NATURE is defined by that Body Type that has influence over the general character and behavior of the body when used in space and time.


It is a kind of psychological stance, as it is how the brain processes the energies and experiences of that come through the body.


This particular Body Type Context is not always physically-obvious, but most obvious in the default behavior of the body.


HEALTH is defined as literal, in that this is the Body Type Context that indicates what major Gland is emphasized for that lifetime, and that gland can either be a strength or a weakness, depending on several factors.


If one has only 2 Body Types, then one of those "rules" two Contexts.


So a Solar/Mercury Body Type might have Solar ruling both Appearance and Health, while Mercury rules the Nature.


[Brian_W] Couldn't it also be having Solar ruling Appearance, and Mercury ruling Health and Nature?



Yes. We gave one example.


Understanding one's Body Type and their Contexts can help one to see how the body works with the GOAL, the ATTITUDE, and MODE.


The APPEARANCE Context resonates with the GOAL; the NATURE Context resonates with the ATTITUDE; and the HEALTH Context resonates with the MODE.


Using the "Electrical Charges" for comparing the Overleaf with the Body Type can lend one insight into what personal challenges one might have with himself or herself.


[Bobby] which planet craves chocolate? :-)


For instance, if one has a Primary Appearance ruled by Venus, and a Goal of Acceptance, then that might bring one into a long-term challenge of accepting the Body's appearance, in general.


This would be because both Venus and Acceptance are "positive" charges.


In fact, this is one of the more challenging of all combinations in terms of body image because both are also Passive.


In response to Bobby: no particular planet craves anything in particular, though different Health Contexts and their ruling Planetary Body Type do have diets that are more beneficial to that body.


[AnnH] What are the glands associated with the Health Body types?


MEntity: We realize we are running late in time, and we have hours upon hours of data that we can share about this topic, but we will open the floor now for questions one may have about this subject, regarding what we have shared, or the subject, in general.


[Maureen] What would be the influence or effect of having 2% Neptune?


In response to ANN: We find that Lunar is relevant to the Pancreas; Saturn is relevant to the Anterior Pituitary; Mercury is relevant to the Thyroid; Jupiter is relevant to the Posterior Pituitary; Mars is relevant to the Adrenals; Venus is relevant to the Parathyroid; and Solar to the Thymus.


In response to MAUREEN: There are 5 additional planets that come into play when creating a body: Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, what some have come to call Sedna, and the elusive binary of your Sun that is mythically described as Nibiru.


[Brian_W] how do Sedna and the thus far undiscovered Nibiru come into play?


When one has any of these in the body type, they are usually in a small percentage, and tend to either be a part of all of the Primary Contexts, or in a 4th Context of Transcendence.


These influences are highly specialized and unique and rare, but not always in a way that one might consider appealing or "special."


[Maureen] How does the 2% Neptune play out?


MEntity: When one has any influence from Neptune, it would be an influence that might show up as one who has the capacity for heightened fantasy, dreaming, day-dreaming, magical thinking that actually manifests, and even clear intuition, telepathy, or other psychic capacities.


[Maureen] Would Healing ability come into play as well?


[Bobby] so Priesty energy in other words :-)


[Martha] Can you elaborate on "friction"? For ex, I have Solar for Health with Passion mode, both active/Positive but not same axis, so there would be friction. Am I following this right?


That would depend on how that individual decided to funnel his or her particular energies in that lifetime. It does not inherently bring healing capabilities, but it does help bring one's mind into a place that would allow for it.


We will respond to those who have raised their hands, first: NIC would be next.


[NicSweeney] What would the effects of URANUS be?
[NicSweeney] Michael has said that the outer planet influence can be related to more "extraordinary" lives. Extraordinary in what way?
[NicSweeney] sorry about that-the 2nd question is more important to me...


Those with any effects from Uranus would usually have some form of physical anomaly, and when extreme can show up as deformations, dwarfism, and events that cause deformities/amputations. Beyond the physical, this influence might show up as having a kind of funhouse, circus-like, kaleidoscope-like perspective of life in a way that allows for multifaceted interpretations.


Those with any Uranus influence might be drawn to hallucinogens, or even hallucinate naturally, or drawn to such things as "journeying" in Shamanism using herbal boosts.


The life, in the end, would have seemed as if the experience was almost psychedelic. Some extreme examples of this might be Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin.


In more appealing manifestations, it has shown up as generating breakthroughs that shift paradigms for either the individual, or the individual and his or her network, or even countries.


Examples of this might be John Lennon or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka OSHO.


In response to the latter question: It is true that these outer planets are chosen as influences in more "extraordinary" lifetimes, and this extraordinariness may be relative to only the fragment and its sequence of incarnations, or show up as extraordinary in larger contexts that are obvious to others.

In response to MARTHA: You would be correct in that there would be friction in this combination, reminding you that "friction" may or may not be experienced as difficult or pleasant.


What it would mean to us is that if your Passion is not fulfilled, then the Thymus may find that it is either compromised or overcompensates.


[Martha] hmm, I have autoimmune issues, lol


In other words, in your case, your Immune System is directly proportional in strength/balance to how you tend to direct your Passion.


Or taking this further, proportional to how you tend to bring Passion into your relationships.


In response to BRIAN: Sedna tends to be reserved for those who choose to be Transcendental Souls, and Nibiru tends to be a part of the body type for those who host the Infinite Soul.


We say "tends to be reserved" because there is no rule in place about this, but we have yet to see an individual fragment choose those influences without being Transcendental Souls, or hosting the Infinite Soul.


We think we have responded to all of the questions posed, and will close this discussion for now with the comment that this is only a fraction of the information available for consideration on this subject. We are here for further discussion about this in another exchange when asked of us.


Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.

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