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Michael Speaks - February 28, 2015 - 7 Levels of Choice

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Michael Speaks Live Chat

The Seven Levels of Choice

February 28, 2015

Channel: Troy Tolley


MEntity: Today we are asked to describe and delineate the 7 Levels of Choice.


MEntity: There are several ways that Choice can be delineated, and we have approached these in various ways. We have explored with our students the 7 Methods of Choice, and the 7 Levels of Understanding/Comprehension of Choice, but today we are speaking of the "levels of being" from which Choices are being made.


MEntity: We have said that "all is choice," and this is true, but there are caveats involved here, or contexts that help bring understanding to the nature and range of choice.


MEntity: For example, while YOU ARE ESSENCE and YOU ARE PERSONALITY and PERSONALITY IS A PART OF ESSENCE, etc. they are still PARTS that add up to the whole of who you are.


MEntity: There are parts of you making choices that other parts have little say in making.


MEntity: For example, did you choose to be born? Did you design your Personality? Did you choose your parents?


MEntity: Technically, yes.


MEntity: But practically, no.


MEntity: Your Essence did, but "you" did not.


MEntity: So, does this mean you had no choice?


MEntity: No, it does not. And yes, it does.


MEntity: The best way to understand this seemingly conflicting statement is to understand this:


MEntity: If you reach for an apple, did your arm and hand have a choice?


MEntity: Some may see this as the arm having no choice, but the ultimate truth would be that the arm and hand ARE YOU.


MEntity: If you trip and fall forward toward the edge of a staircase and, without thinking, catch yourself before actually falling, did you have a choice?


MEntity: Some may say that you did not, but it would not be true. A PART OF YOU made a choice.


MEntity: In earlier lifetimes, these parts tend to be separated, compartmentalized, without communication, so when one part makes a choice, another feels it did not.


MEntity: As the Soul Ages, the lines between the parts begins to blur, so the arm is no longer a victim of the brain, and "the devil made me do it" no longer flies, and the state of your life is no longer the fault of some force beyond you.


MEntity: Compartmentalization breaks down. Separation dissolves. And the parts are no longer divided, even as they may be still recognized as PARTS.


MEntity: Communication among the parts expands and moves in all directions, instead of in one direction, or not at all.


MEntity: For example, while the arm and hand are now recognized as yourself, too, it is also known that the hand will flinch if it touches something hot and gets burned. So while the choice to reach out takes control of the arm and hand, and it is known that the arm and hand are not separate from "you," it is also considered that the arm and hand do not want to be hurt.


MEntity: This is highly simplistic in analogy, but it is fair. It is similar to how Essence evolves in its creation of Personalities and lifetimes.


MEntity: Early Personalities may take the brunt of rough lives and "being burned," so to speak, but feedback from the Personalities teaches Essence how better to "reach out" into a lifetime so that Personality is less likely to be burned.


MEntity: Personalities and Bodies, then, are like sensory receptors for the Essence.


MEntity: Your sensory receptors help you to learn what to touch, what to reach for, what to avoid, etc. and while you will always have the choice to override that input, you will likely not do so because you have grown to understand that to hurt your hand is to hurt YOU.


MEntity: And so it is with Essence in the creation of Personalities and lifetimes. Recklessness wanes very quickly.


MEntity: And Essence exponentially evolves in its capacity for creating lives that help to navigate the dangers of scathing as much as possible.


MEntity: But, whether reckless in the creation of life, or careful and considerate, the power of choice for Essence drops drastically when the Personality is born.


MEntity: And Personality then rules the realm of choice.


MEntity: Eventually, Personality AND Essence share in that realm of choice within a lifetime, as Personality wakes up and manifests Essence, with Personality embracing the choices that were made in its creation, and Essence enjoying the entire spectrum of choices being made by Personality.


MEntity: In addition to the choices being made by Personality and Essence, as mentioned above in our scenarios, your BODY is a part of the spectrum of choice, as well.


MEntity: Your Body is making choices. Your Essence is making choices. Your Personality is making choices.


MEntity: And, so, with this in mind, here are the 7 Levels of Choice:


MEntity: ANATOMIC CHOICE - This is the most rudimentary level of choice, and is reactionary, purely made on the basis of stimuli.


MEntity: You bump into a wall, you flinch. Something flies at your eye, you blink and cringe.


MEntity: This food tastes good, you eat it. This food tastes bad, you avoid it.


MEntity: Now, it is "you" making these choices, but they are rooted deeply in the basic survival navigation of the body.


MEntity: Anatomic Choice is pure dependence upon programming. It is still based in choice because there are options, such as which direcction to go based on moving toward a fork on the road, but the direction of choice tends to be directly related to survival.


MEntity: The next Level of Choice is ATOMIC CHOICE - This is the level of choice being made consciously and proactively, but still based in the body. For example, it is not merely that you are bumping into a wall that you choose a different direction, but now you choose which direction. It is not merely that you are hungry so you choose to eat, but that you choose WHAT to eat.


MEntity: ANATOMIC chooses to eat when hungry. ATOMIC choose what to eat.


MEntity: These are based in the Body, the densest, most Physical Levels of you.


MEntity: The next Level of Choice is FEAR.


MEntity: This Level of Choice is ruled by False Personality.


MEntity: False Personality makes choices based in fear. Similar to how the Body makes choices Anatomically in reaction to stimuli, so does the Personality make choices in reaction to stimuli.


MEntity: Anatomic choices are based on reaction to physical sensation. Fear choices are made based on reactions to emotional sensation.


MEntity: False Personality is fueled by Emotional sensation, regardless of Centering.


MEntity: It may be more clarifying to use the phrase False Personality for this Level rather than Fear, because "fear" can be on any level, but either will work.


MEntity: Instinctive/Anatomic Fear is very different from False Personality Fear, though. Anatomic Fear is immediate and relevant to threat or pain. False Personality Fear is anticipatory and embellished.


MEntity: Most Personalities on the planet make choices from this FEAR/False Personality Level of Choice.


MEntity: The next Level of Choice is LOVE, or True Personality. This is the Level in which you make choices that are inclusive and consider both Essence and the Body.


MEntity: This Level of Choice does not exclude the pleasures or needs of the Body, nor does it exclude the bliss and vision of Essence. It does not make spirit a priority over body, nor body a priority over spirit. Choices are made that do not put the self as priority over others, nor do others take priority over the self. All choices are considered in terms of how they affect all involved.


MEntity: About 25% of our students make choices based from this Level.


MEntity: About 10% of the population does.


MEntity: This is rapidly changing.


Maureen: That's good news. :)


[edited to include missing information]

MENTITY: The next Level of Choice is CREATIVE. This is the Level of Choice that creates your life out of curiosity, experimentation, exploration, risk, interests, patterns, etc. These are choices made by both Essence and Personality, but initiated by Essence and fulfilled and altered by Personality. When your life is planned by Essence, this is the second thing considered. Ideas, imagination, fantasies, ideals, input from previous lives, input from other Essences, all go into considering the Creative Choices that will shape the overall context of the life. As Personality, you have no immediate choice in the Creative Choices that will generate the context of the life, but Personality will always have the choice in whether to use that to its advantage, to struggle against it, to alter it, to expand upon it, etc.


MEntity: The next Level of Choice is KARMIC.


MEntity: This is the Level of Choice that creates your life and Personality based out of necessity for balance.


MEntity: These are choices made both by Essence and Personality, but initiated by Essence and fulfilled by Personality.


MEntity: When your life is planned by Essence, this is the first thing considered.


MEntity: All of your Ribbons are considered, as well as missing experiences, imbalances in design, patterns of Personalities, etc.


MEntity: As Personality, you have no choice in the matter of the life being created based on these choices, but Personality will always have the choice in whether and how to fulfill the choices made by Essence on this Level.


MEntity: This Karmic Level includes consideration for the design of Essence, as well. Essence did not actively choose its design in terms of Frequency, or Energy Ratio, and these are static. They are parts of the design of Essence that Essence must "live with." That design affects the patterns that generate across a Grand Cycle.


MEntity: The Karmic Level of Choice is the highest level of choice we know of that has unique elements that prompt all variatons of uniqueness across the universe.


MEntity: Beyond this level of choice, there is the highest of all levels of choice: EXISTENCE/EXISTENTIAL.


MEntity: This is a Level of Choice that even Essence does not remember making.


MEntity: We have come to understand that your individual spark of consciousness was not just randomly generated, but was born of some process of choice that prompted your existence, but we are still learning about how this works.


MEntity: We can simplify the burst into existence by saying that Tao fragmented itself, and that Tao made this choice, but that would not explain the vastly profound uniqueness of each spark and its immediate awareness as itself.


MEntity: The closest we have come to understanding this fragmentation process is that the fragmentation never, actually, happened.


MEntity: Every cell in your body is uniquely its own cell, yet your body would not exist as it does without those cells, and your cells would not exist without the body. Every Personality in your Essence is uniquely its own Personality, yet your Essence would not exist as it does without those Personalities, and your Personalities would not exist at all. Every Essence is a part of Tao, yet


MEntity: Tao would not exist as it does without every Essence, and Tao may not exist at all without Essences.


MEntity: In other words, we know that the pattern is consistent in terms of creator and created, but we are starting to see that this loops back on itself in a way that is paradoxical.


MEntity: As Essences reunited after a Grand Cycle, Tao is born again, so to speak.


MEntity: While we are fragmented, it does not exist except as "stretched" across all fragments.


MEntity: Therefore, "our" EXISTENCE as fragments is, indeed, a choice not made BY Tao, but AS Tao.


ClaireC: Is Tao a web of fragments?


MEntity: That is closer to the truth than anything we have yet to understand.


MEntity: We never left home.


MEntity: We merely stretched it across time and space.


MEntity: Before we open to questions, we will state that the power of choice is highest from the lowest level to the highest.


MEntity: In other words, your Body will always override Personality. Personality will always override Essence. Essence will always override Tao.


MEntity: For example, when you die, you cannot undo dying. Your Body decides this.


MEntity: Personality can nuture, care for, feed, protect, and love the Body so that the Body can make the best decisions possible, but if the Body is sick, dying, or dead, Personality can only navigate through this.


MEntity: This is true between Essence and Personality, as well.


MEntity: Personality makes the choices in a lifetime, not Essence. Essence can create the life, set the stage, be of guidance and accessible, but if Personality choose to override or reject Essence, then Essence must simply navigate through this.


MEntity: This is true between Essence and Tao, as well.


MEntity: Essence can explore in its vast creativity and dive into Sentience, but Tao can never UN-EXIST us.


MEntity: Tao cannot direct or retract us.


MEntity: True Personality is the meeting ground of Body, Personality, and Essence. While extant, this is the greatest range of choice and consideration any individual can have.


BrianW: Could you go into how one might recognize when they are in False Personality vs True Personality and make choices that allow one to move towards True Personality?


BrianW: What might be some examples of False Personality vs True Personality choices?


MEntity: False Personality/Fear Choices are made only in terms of exclusion/lack of consideration, self-preservation, defense, emotional reaction, and limited perspective. True Personality/Love Choices are made from inclusion/consideration, self-awareness, embrace, inspirational action, and higher perspective.


MEntity: An example of differences might be:


MEntity: If one were to lose his job, False Personality will make choices based on feeling rejected, embarrassed, panicked, defensive, and with no trust in anything beyond what is being experienced, and stay there, or at least think he is stuck there. True Personality, however, would allow for all of the same reactions, but would make choices based in nurturing, calming, gathering strength and information, learning from the experience, and knowing that while there may be immediate concerns, there is a bigger picture to consider beyond where he is.


MEntity: This is a simplistic, but quite familiar scenario to exemplify False vs True Personality.


BrianW: Yes, very familiar, thank you


MEntity: Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now


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