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Big foot a day in the life


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[TristanM]:  I would like to delve into "a day in a life" as a bigfoot. I'm assuming their culture is a technologically advanced old soul civilization and they share a planet or planets with 3 other sentient species. Could you share some details about their day to day living and planetary conditions? One of the other sentient species is humanoid , how come they got to stick around and we were kicked out?

[MEntity]:  As you may know from being Human, the description of any "day in the life" is going to be arbitrary and limited. There are as many "days in the life" as there are individuals. We will share an example, though:

[TristanM]:  awesome

[MEntity]:  Despite a level of technology that surpasses that of Humans, the life of this species is actually quite grounded and "earthy." Most are farmers who contribute to collective farming lands that grow various herbs, fruit trees, flowers, and medicinal plants.

[MEntity]:  Familiar to you in these farms are Cannabis, Rose and fruits related to the Rose, etc.

[MEntity]:  In addition to these farms are sanctuaries for many species that are protected and allowed freedom, most notably what you would consider to be Canine and Feline.

[MEntity]:  This species referred to as "bigfoot" is philosophical, scientific, and uphold a standard of compassion that have found ways to come into common sense and law over time.

[MEntity]:  In addition to the duties of farming and sanctuary care, are the centers for higher education and sciences.  So in addition to the popularity of farming and animal care, there are teachers and scientists who make up a great tier of the population.

[MEntity]:  The other humanoid species who "stuck around" were already well into Sentience and integration, which allowed for their positions as authority and effect upon the newly-sentient Humans.

[TristanM]:  just for reference can we have the population numbers?

[MEntity]:  The planetary conditions are fairly lush, and quite familiar to what you might find in Washington State and Oregon.

[MEntity]:  There are much colder climates that are similar to Alaska.  These tend to be where schooling and scientific centers are clustered.

[MEntity]:  As for their population, we think their populations are now at approximately 10 million.

[MEntity]:  Older Soul populations diminish greatly over time because the fear of extinction and the compulsion for procreation wanes, as well as an increase in quality of life that adds longevity and care that earlier Soul Ages do not tend to have. We love this species and Sentience very much.

[TristanM]:  why's that?

[MEntity]:  This is not to say that we do not love other species, but the Human relationship with this species is quite profound and rooted in our first exposures to compassion and care.

[MEntity]:  We will conclude here for tonight. Good evening to each of you.  Goodbye, for now.


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Thanks for this topic. 👍😊👍 I presume this other place where the Sasquatch come from/reside is Sirius? Why do they come here? This is fascinating. I’d like to learn more.

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