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Eric's First Grand Cycle - Scholar Sandworm

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[MEntity] You are in your 9th Grand Cycle
YOUR ESSENCE HAS BEEN: Scholar, Sage, Priest, Scholar, Sage, Priest, Artisan, Sage, and now Scholar


[MEntity] Your First Grand Cycle appears to have been as a rather giant, worm-like creature who lived primarily in sands of a very dry, desert planet. Its entire source of nutrition came from the caverns of waters and mosses deep within the planet, which was illuminated by what would be understood as bioluminescence. The lifetimes were the equivalent of what you might experience as a century. This species did not require interaction for reproduction, as every body could reproduce on its own, planting large quantities of pods in the cavern pools where larvae were nurtured collectively. The species was primarily philosophical, but in the crudest of terms, as the speculation was limited to life beyond the surface of the sands. Beyond this, the species was so physically sensitive that most of its time was rather meditative on its sensations, moving about merely to feel, sleeping minimally, moving constantly. Though sexual intercourse and gender was not a necessity for reproduction, sexual pleasure was eagerly shared in writhing groups. This species never made contact with any other sentient species, was always planet-bound, but another species did discover the remains and generate a version of the species again on another planet, which turned into a terribly problematic scenario. Some variation of this species was depicted in vague, creative memories from the science fiction writer known now as Frank Herbert. The original species died out as the planet’s water reserves dried up, but the Design was able to complete its Grand Cycle incarnations.

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