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*This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.



When Growth is chosen, there is an intention to take on new experiences that prompt understanding in many diverse ways. It is the goal of CREATING MEANING in experience, or seeing how experiences can be turned into meaningful events that contribute to your evolution.
Growth is about moving from seeking meaningful experiences to creating meaningful experiences. It is about owning your place in the creation of your life.

When in -Confusion, Growth feels overwhelmed/terrified to choose from so many open-ended choices, or she feels the choices she’s making/need to make are senseless, pointless, meaningless. It is all too overwhelming to process, to choose, and above all she doesn’t like the unintended or unwanted experiences she’s dealt.
Often then, Growth will just recoil, resist or escape from the consequences of her choices, believing she can’t be held accountable for her choices because she’s confused.

To move from -Confusion to +Evolution, Growth must +Simplify what an experience means to her. This is as simple as just focusing down to one or two options, choices or directions to act on, and choosing the one that feels the most relevant, meaningful, helpful. Or it could be about coming to an understanding about what an experience is helping her to learn, what she cares about most, what she’s aiming for etc.

In +Evolution, she allows for new meanings to form in an experience/relationship and owns the choices she makes and has the right to make. She explores, creates and nurtures what matters to her, however she can, and this helps transform her experiences into more understanding, loving, embracing or meaningful ones.

7 Stages of Growth
 Member: Bobby- Evolution recognizes friction.
Equality in Relationships- Growth
Member: Royce- Essence Report
Member: Bobby- Essence Report
Member: ClaireC- CF Report

Member: Sunsand- Fulfillment+Meaning
Member: Brian- Meaning in Communication/Expression
Motivation and Meaning
February 2014 Energy Report
March 2014 Energy Report

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Thanks for your summations, Kurtis.

This helped today. 

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