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Michael Speaks Live

Topic: Living as Essence (Manifesting Essence)

September 27, 2014

Channel: Troy Tolley


Today we will speak to you about "living as Essence," or "manifesting Essence," which essentially translates into living from the Positive Poles of your Overleaves.


What we will share today is relative to the Essence Roles, so your particular dynamic of Overleaves is not relevant to how one's Essence Manifests, as there are consistencies to the core qualities of each Role. However, because of your own Overleaves' dynamics, you may find variations on what we share.


What we will share today will be considering these variations so that, regardless of your Overleaves, you can validate the relevance of what it means to live as your Essence.


Casting has relevance here, but we will address that separately. To start, keep in mind that all that we are saying is relevant only to your Role.


To "live as your Essence" is something a bit different from "manifesting Essence," but not enough of a difference to be concerned. The difference is that "living as Essence" is a way to refer to the aspiration and aim for your best self, your highest self, your greater perspective and your most-loving state, and "manifesting Essence" is quality of full presence of Essence in the moment so that both Personality and Essence are co-experiencing and co-creating.


This is a technical difference, but it could best be understood that living as your Essence leads to Manifesting Essence.


Living as Essence can be done on a daily basis and called upon as you please. Manifesting Essence often requires conditions to be in place so that the Essence can be fully present.


In most cases, the way one lives on a daily basis is based on Casting, and then when conditions are relevant, the Role shines.


But living as Essence is something that can work easily alongside the default function of one's Casting.


We do not mean to imply that at any point one of these must be chosen over the other, or that one of these is a higher aim than any other. We merely describe the differences in how these function.


With the aim for "living as Essence," there is implied that there is a state that is "not living as Essence." This is true to some extent, but to varying degrees. To live as Essence, the aim is fairly clear, and we will cover how to gauge that aim in a moment. But to not live as Essence is even more nuanced, as one can live perfectly well and happy without any aim for living as Essence.


It will be for you to decide if your not living as Essence is of concern to you, or not.


When one does not live as Essence, there is still quite a bit of living to do, of course, but for most fragments, the more one is not living as Essence, the more one will likely be living from obligation.


Or living from some degree of survival.


Again, this is not "bad," but if one finds that he or she is in survival mode or obligation mode, then the effort to live as Essence can lighten that load tremendously.


What we will do now is share with you what it looks like for each Personality to live as Essence based on the Role.


If one thinks of each life being a story, then what we can do to help each of you understand how you live as Essence is to put this in light of the story of your life.


We can also capitalize on the terminology that is inherent in the Sage channel. We may use a different method of teaching how to live as Essence if speaking through a different Role. For now, we will use "your life is a story" as a base.


We will begin with SERVERS:


For Servers, the question for helping to determine the degree to which the Personality is living as Essence might be found in the question: IS THIS THE STORY I WANT TO SHARE?


For Servers, the concept of sharing in the life story is vital. Servers wish deeply and sometimes desperately to share his or her story. The Servers want their stories to be shared, but there is a craving for that to be with just one person, one trusted, confident person.


This passive or active wait for the "right person" to share in the life story can keep the Server in a state of limbo for a long time.


They will share a little with some, with a few, and depending on the Overleaves, share this openly or with more guardedness, but the sense of truly sharing the story is kept out of sight until that "right person" is found.


This can lead the Servers to be over-sharers or under-sharers.


In an effort to share, Servers can share in the most mundane and tedious of ways that mimic sharing, but does not truly let sharing happen. It is just to fill the space and time between themselves and another person.


On the other hand, some Servers may barely make themselves known even in the midst of a crowd, just to avoid sharing because it is deemed pointless unless it is truly sharing.


So Servers can tend to share in ways that either speak to desperation, or they can share in ways that speak to loneliness.


So if the Server can ask, "IS THIS THE STORY I WANT TO SHARE?" the Server can be more conscious of the story being shared.


Do I really want a story of loneliness shared? Do I really want a story of desperation shared?


Keep in mind that we are using the term "share" here very specifically.


And this is where the Server can find he or she is leaving Essence out of the picture.


Because the Server can get so caught up in protecting or pushing his or her own story, that he or she forgets that there are so many other stories around him or her.


She forgets that she can ask about others' stories.


She forgets that sharing is not one-sided.


The more a Server can find pleasure in the stories of others, the more the Server finds that he or she can share in various ways, not just in one preconceived and protected way.


So for the Server to live as Essence, the Server must aim for a way to SHARE in the story, not just wait for someone to share it with, or scatter the sharing so much that it is empty.


Next, we will speak of the ARTISAN:


For the Artisan, the question would be fairly obvious: IS THIS THE STORY I MEANT TO CREATE?


Artisans cannot help but create. They are never not creating. This means that the Artisan evolves over lifetimes in the capacity for managing what is created. When creation is unchecked, it can lead to chaos. When creation is denied, it can lead to delusions.


So it can be a precarious path for the Artisan to learn how to create with intention.


When the Artisan does not live as Essence, the creation does not stop, and neither does the story. So the creation of the story that is the life can be quite extreme in terms of chaos, delusion, and if that is not enough, sometimes the Artisan will create your story for you, as well.


Though all Personalities can be "guilty" of this, the Artisan can quickly decide on your backstory before you know it.


Artisans are quick to like or dislike others based on this tactic.


Artisans are also quite likely to leave you there, as well, regardless of any changes or updates to the contrary to their story created for you.


So it is helpful for the Artisan who seeks to live as Essence to ask, "IS THIS THE STORY I MEANT TO CREATE?" The emphasis here is on "meant." Creation happens with or without intention, and the Artisan can easily fall prey to wild imaginings and conclusive outlooks that were passively prompted.


When the life is created without intention, then the Personality begins to feel like a pinball in a pinball machine. To counter this, the Artisan can begin to lie to herself like no other Role.


These lies can feel good, look good, and may feel as if they are helping, but they are false creations.


The Artisan who lives as Essence must then do the sometimes painful task of determining if the life is a true story, or if it is only based on a true story, or if it is a lie, altogether. Is this the story I meant to create?


Or am I covering up my true story?


We will speak about the WARRIOR now:


For the Warrior, the question would tend to be: IS THIS THE STORY I REALLY WANT TO DEFEND/PROTECT?


Warriors, more often than most Roles, will live a life that eventually begins to include walls around it, so to speak. Their personal story starts to be marked with shame, guilt, secrecy, and sometimes regret.


For the Warrior to live as Essence, he must look at the story of his life in a way that determines if he is simply nurturing integrity, or if he is hiding shame and guilt.


When there is a nurturing of integrity, there is a quiet calm in the Warrior that owns his or her past, experiences, and knows that the details do not define the person, but what one does with those details defines the person.


In asking, "Is this really the story I want to defend?" he is really asking, "Is it okay if I grow to like myself, and accept the choices I have made?"


The Warrior, more than most other Roles, will turn to defense of a story of another person as a way to play out his defense of his own story.


The Warrior will be quick to question the integrity of your story, if it is your own, but just as quickly defend it if it is questioned by someone else.


This is because he or she is playing out the dynamic that exists with the self that he or she must contend with on a daily basis. The Warrior constantly questions the integrity of his own story, all while preparing to defend it with great strength.


So if the Warrior who seeks to live as Essence remembers to ask, "Is this really the story I wish to defend?" the Warrior can shift his attention away from protecting or hiding his or her shame, or guilt, and aim for the integrity and depth that has come from those experiences.


For the SCHOLAR, the question would be: IS THIS THE STORY I WANTED TO KNOW? or, put another way, "AM I LEARNING FROM THIS STORY?"


The questions are not "what do I know from this story?" or "what can I learn from this story?" but more pointed at choice in the phrasing of "IS THIS THE STORY I WANTED TO KNOW" and "AM I LEARNING FROM THIS STORY."


The difference here is that the Scholar can feel obligated to learn from everything, to extract wisdom from every experience, and this can sometimes spread them so thinly in terms of quality of experience that they fall into Theory and never really KNOW much, or at least, not much in terms of what they wanted to know.


There is such a disconnect between the knowledge and the experience that the Scholar merely becomes a barrage of tales, information, empty words to fill the space, but very little in terms of depth and passionate knowing.


So for the Scholar who seeks to live as Essence, it can be revitalizing to ask, "IS THIS THE STORY I WANT TO KNOW?" and "AM I LEARNING FROM THIS STORY?" To ask these questions bring active participation in the quest for knowledge, rather than simply gathering it because it is there.


For SAGES, the question would be: IS THIS THE STORY I WISH TO TELL?


This may seem obvious, but that is because all of these suggestions are likely obvious, and the truths of existence are almost always as simple as these kinds of questions.


For Sages, the concept of the life as a story is inherent. There is almost always a sense of what the life will mean to others, how it is affecting others, and if it is teaching anyone anything.


Because the Sage knows that all of life has value in terms of a great story, the Sage can often be quite indiscriminate in what happens to him or her, because it can always be made into a great story.


But when the Personality seeks to live as Essence, the story becomes much more important in terms of its cohesiveness and quality. It is no longer about whether it is entertaining or dramatic.


In fact, the Sage who seeks to live as Essence does not mind how quiet, subtle, or plain her story anymore. What begins to matter is if it is actually the story she wishes to tell. In other words, the story gets simpler and more immediately accessible, rather than embellished with dramatics and entertainment.


The Sage who seeks to live as Essence begins to become acutely aware of how her words shape others' perception of her, and that there is a theme to the story being told. Sometimes when that is realized, it is shocking. The Sage can sometimes be so caught up in the storytelling thrill, that she forgets that it is shaping the whole of the story that others see about that Sage's life.


Sages can be of the most vocal of complainers about life, injustices, aches, pains, struggles, obstacles, and all of the great points that make a great story. But they often forget that these great points are stacking up as a whole story, and that there is more to them than those complaints. So to bring consciousness and choice back into the picture, it is important for the Sage to ask if the story he or she is telling, is really the story he or she wishes to tell.


For the PRIEST, the question might be: DOES THIS STORY REALLY MATTER?


Priests, more often than other Roles, can lend heavy weight to the lightest of stories. If there is a misstep, an accident, a bad choice, a wrong turn, well, it must mean SOMETHING.


And so the Priest who seeks to live as Essence can help herself greatly by asking, "DOES THIS STORY REALLY MATTER?" In many cases, the Priest will probably state "yes!" so the question can be extended to be "DOES THIS STORY REALLY MATTER THAT MUCH?" or "....more than this or that?" Sometimes the Priest requires some clarification in perception so that depth of vision returns.


Otherwise, the depth of vision is flattened by the presumption that everything is equally meaningful.


When they are outraged, agitated, distracted, it can be helpful to ask this question so that this depth can return, and the living as Essence can soften the edges.


For the KING, the question is: IS THIS THE STORY I WANTED TO LIVE?


Or put another way, "AM I ALIVE IN THIS STORY?"


Kings, more than most other Roles, will endure the stories of their lives to such an extent that they no longer feel alive. They will continue down a trajectory for decades before hitting a wall that forces them to wake up from their stupor and BE ALIVE.


So for the Kings who seek to live as Essence, the vibrancy of living must be considered as a parameter for staying on track and in the positive poles. If the King does not feel alive, he is likely not living the story he meant to live, and is likely not living as Essence.


Kings, more than other Roles, often feel that enduring boredom and tedium are honorable and noble, so there is some sense of great pride in enduring this. And they can and will do so for years. However, there are few things as emotionally moving and inspiring than to see a King wake up.


To see and hear a King laughing and giddy with excitement is profoundly touching. We dare say that our King students may actually cringe at the association of "giddy" with King, but it happens.


DianeHB: LOL


And so the King who seeks to live as Essence must regularly ask, "AM I ALIVE IN THIS STORY?" "IS THIS THE STORY I MEANT TO LIVE?" and in asking these questions, she will be able to help herself navigate her choices, actions, and paths to higher ground.


We tried to cover each Role as best we could in the format define here, and we are running out of energy through Troy, but we can take one or two questions, if there are any.




GeraldineB: Well, hell -- you must have been overly clear today, Michael :)


We will conclude here, then.


Good day to each of you.


Goodbye, for now.


Summary Table

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