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Energy Report: APRIL 2016

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ROLE: Server (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) 
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) 
ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) 
CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) 

APRIL brings with it a shift of emphasis from the Goal to the Mode of the year. Caution Mode is now in emphasis. All descriptors are in effect, but the emphasis of exploration is now on the Mode.

Caution Mode brings with it the Positive Pole of DELIBERATION, or DELIBERATE, and the Negative Pole of PHOBIA. As a year unfolds it is often the case that the emphasis begins from the Negative Pole and then resolves in the Positive Pole toward the end of the emphasis, if “all goes well.” The Goal of Discrimination was processed over January through March and did not manage to move into the Positive Pole of Refinement, but found many fragments further entrenching themselves in Rejection, the Negative Pole. This does not bode well for the possibility of moving Caution from Phobia to Deliberation, but because there is always the power of choice, it cannot be predicted what the next few months may bring. We can only look at patterns and probabilities. The Positive Poles are always within reach. One must simply make the choice.

It could be said that Discrimination is the process of learning how to say NO through saying YES and Acceptance is the process of learning how to say YES through saying NO.

For those in Acceptance, this tends to be far more apparent. The inclination to say Yes to everything and everyone is, eventually, found to be meaningless, empty, and exhausting if there is no sense of power and meaning in saying No. Saying Yes out of fear, obligation, routine, or “just to be nice or liked” is not a true Yes. That is the Negative Pole: Ingratiation. To truly mean Yes, one must know when to say No. For those in Acceptance, this is a hard lesson and can be painful to take those steps in establishing clear boundaries and parameters of acceptance. Ironically, the more comfortably one can say No, the more unconditionally one can say Yes, and be in the Positive Pole: Agape.

For those in Discrimination, the tendency to say No is far more justified and encouraged by modern society. To say No is considered to be an act of confidence, strength, and power. However, just like saying Yes to everything is empty of meaning, so is saying No to everything. Saying No to “everything” is not Refinement, it is Rejection. Rejection is sloppy. It is lazy. It is resigning from the equation of navigation. It is often thought that it is simply easier to say No, but it takes its toll. Eventually, Discrimination must learn how to say Yes so that No is a process of choice, not a process of protection.

What tends to happen for both Acceptance and Discrimination is that this “hard lesson” of learning to say Yes or No is avoided by “doubling down” on saying what has always come to be familiar. So Acceptance will “double down” and become deeply entrenched in saying Yes to something, losing themselves in that Yes, and investing deeply in whatever has become the focus of that Yes so that the No can be avoided.  Discrimination will “double down” and become deeply entrenched in some statement of No as a way to avoid saying Yes.

And that is where the Goal of Discrimination has found itself among the masses at this point. Most have simply “doubled down” on what they seek to say NO to, rather than take the more inconvenient and inclusive route of saying YES to anything.  The irony is in that those who become entrenched in NO tend to think or feel this is a way toward some preferred YES. It is often considered some kind of path toward Refinement. But it is deep investment in Rejection. This becomes clearer as any suggestion of any form of Yes, any variation away from that NO, is met with hostility, defense, excuses, etc. and the defining No stands. Rejection is always a path toward Refinement, but the more invested one is in Rejection, the longer that path will tend to be.

So as Rejection is the general atmosphere of collective consciousness as Caution comes into emphasis, Phobia is likely to be fairly “amped up” in effect.

CAUTION MODE is a means of reaching the Goal through the Refinement of Thought. The Positive Pole is Deliberate and the Negative Pole is Phobia. Deliberate, or Deliberation, is conscious intention, or long and careful consideration, whereas Phobia is extreme and irrational fear. Caution in its Negative Pole is when thoughts lose all sensibility, all rational capacity, all insight and clarity and lashes about wildly in reaction to input. That input is often in the form of something symbolic that triggers the Phobia.

As April moves forward, we expect to see many who have entrenched themselves in Rejection find themselves “triggered” into Phobia and lashing out with irrational and extreme methods to ensure Rejection is upheld.

For our students, we can say that that if you have found yourself in any position that more preoccupied with saying NO over saying Yes, then you may find yourself far more likely to be triggered than others.

For those students who are not invested in Rejection, but are doing their best to aim contribute to Refinement, the wave of Phobia from others may bring about some challenging scenarios, either symbolically or literally.

In either case above, the key here for the next three months is in your being able to consciously override any triggers that set you off, that provoke you, that compel you. As soon as you feel any form of triggering, your only option for transforming that dynamic is in removing yourself from that dynamic. You can return to it, later, but if you are triggered, you may feed yours or someone else’s Phobia and further fuel the wave of Rejection on the planet at this time.

All of the above is said with the idea that our students may seek to aim for and contribute to the Positive Poles of the year, but it is not said to discourage you from the Negative Poles. The choice for Positive or Negative Poles is your own.

DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate):

April 16 - 19  -- ENERGY SHIFT - POWER STRUGGLE -  this looks to be a window where a shift in power occurs that may be fairly high profile and sets a momentum for the remainder of the year. On a more personal level, this may also be a period where one must reposition or recalibrate oneself to determine where one’s center of power is and how to move forward with that.

April 22 - 29 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This looks to be a fairly major Nexus that may reflect the shift in power around the Energy Shift described, and seems to be a closing down of several parallels that have been in potential.


TRIGGER OR CHOICE - A “trigger” here is anything that causes a reaction that is disproportionate to the cause. In the most practical example, a gun has a simple mechanism, that if pulled, causes the explosive reaction that propels a bullet. That is the trigger of a gun. That simple cause has massive consequences.

You have a trigger, as well. Many have many triggers.

If you find yourself triggered, you have removed your option for further choice. In a gun, this trigger is quick in its reveal of cause and effect, but it is not always so obvious in your own life. Your trigger may be slow to build, but the consequences will always be explosive and out of proportion to the cause. Though the consequences are explosive and disproportionate to the cause, the build to that explosion can be slow and often fueled by “reasoning,” which is the Negative Pole of the Intellect. Reasoning is manipulation of thought, information, and ideas to enable excuses, behaviors, and justifications. Insight is the Positive Pole because it is open to being wrong, to learning, and to inclusion, whereas Reasoning tends to be defensive and explanatory.

As April unfolds, watch closely for when, how, and if you are being triggered, and pay particular attention to if you have used reasoning to shore up your defenses. Being triggered tends to have a lot of energy behind it and if it does not show up in the more obvious explosive lashing out, it can often be mistaken for “passion” when the build is slow. A disproportionate explosion that removes choice is the end result, no matter what.

If you wish not to be triggered, you must walk away or remove yourself from the equation until you have your power of conscious choice back in focus. If you do not wish to shoot a gun, you do not hold it in your hand. This is true of your “triggers,” as well. You either “put down the gun” or you “holster it.” Making the choice to override a trigger is the choice that expands upon your further options of choice. Allowing yourself to be triggered exponentially removes the range of choice. Sometimes you can only catch yourself after the trigger is pulled, so to speak, but catching yourself is key.

DO YOU KNOW, OR DO YOU “NO” - Saying NO is vital to the learning process of choice, and sometimes saying No means taking a stand that is dangerous, difficult, and/or terrifying, but saying No should always be related to a Yes. If your only effort is to say No, you have lost your way. You have become sloppy and lazy. You have resigned from the equation of choice. You may find it invigorating and exciting and falsely empowering to only say No, but it is important to know what Yes that this No is intended to support. It is important to understand that sometimes the most effective way to say No to something is to actually say Yes to its alternative.

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