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Entity Design Counts


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  • TLE12

Hi @Janet. Thank you for posting the Entity fragment & role counts in the library under the different entities. I had a question for you below.


Do you know why, for example in the E2 design below, It will say 392 Sages and then 49 Sages and 56 Sages?  Why not just say 447 Sages? Same with Artisans and Priests.


Entity 2:

1275 Fragments/176 Cycled off (at present date, 815 incarnated)

392 Sages/343 Artisans/7 Servers/49 Scholars/15 Warriors/21 Priests/98 Artisans/98 Kings/49 Sages/49 Artisans/98 Priests/56 Sages

(6 Wild Card Priests)

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58 minutes ago, DanielaS said:

Do you know why, for example in the E2 design below, It will say 392 Sages and then 49 Sages and 56 Sages?  Why not just say 447 Sages? Same with Artisans and Priests.


i think this has to do with how they are grouped or stuctured in the entity, some indication of cadences/sides/blocks/rows.

if i recall correctly i think the first 1/3 is truth side, second is love, third is energy.

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  • TeamTLE

Yes, I agree with Erick. I think Michael listed them in the order they occur in the Entity, from first block to last. This was not stated explicitly in the article, but I think it's likely.


If you look at the Entities with Wild Cards, you can clearly see that the roles designated as Wild Cards follow blocks where the number of fragments are not a multiple of 7. For C1E2: note that the Priests follow a block with 15 Warriors -- that means one Warrior stands alone in a cadence and there must be 6 Priests from the following block to manage the 6 empty Warrior positions.


One thing I learned by doing this: even though different Entities have different numbers of fragments, I had assumed that all Entities would have the same number of positions on each side. That is clearly not the case: if you look at C1E7 Michael even told DavidB explicitly that it had more fragments on the 3rd side than the first 2 sides. 


I'm glad you started this topic Daniela, because I broke down the information into separate topics hoping that members with more information about their own Entities might come forward with supporting or contradictory information. My own C2E6 has some contradictory information to be cleared up. And I wish we could get statements about the structures of all the remaining Entities in C2 and C3 for comparisons.


I have the impression we'd get a breakthrough in understanding Entity structures if we pursue this just a little bit. And it opens other validation topics as well: for instance, I know there are people channeled as C2E6 members that are not Artisan, Priest, Scholar or Warrior, and we've asked Michael at least three times to confirm that these are the only roles in that Entity. 

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