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*This is a summarized description created from the many sessions that can be found+read in the source material below. I tend to update these summaries often, so feel free to check in as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.

An Intellectually Centered, Moving Part habitually processes life, things, people, events in terms of how they’re expressed, formed, logical, make sense and bring insight to them. They think through it.
They will then act on those thoughts; either in agitated, frustrated and repetitive ways- or in productive and graceful ways. In short, they will then direct their energy out of themselves to act in the environment. The Moving Part turns thoughts into impulses, hunches, intuition, activity.


The TRAP of this Center/Part combo is that when emotions and inspiration are pushed to the side- actions can simply become frustrated reactions, and they feel like life is out of control- a series of putting out fires or endlessly juggling a bunch of spinning plates.
The key to balance is in Emotional Meditation; Cathartic Expression, Actively listening to Music they resonate with, Taking in Beautiful Sceneries, having a night of tears+intensity at the movies etc.

Health of the Intellectual Center
Centers and Memory
Center of Gravity
Intellectual+Emotional Wounding/Healing
April 2016 Energy Report- Reasoning vs Insight
Emotional Center Meditation
More on Meditation

Member: AlG- Intellectually Centered- Moving+Emotional Parts
How Emotion/Inspiration breaks Traps

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