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*This is a summarized description created from the many sessions that can be found+read in the source material below. I tend to update these summaries often, so feel free to check in as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.

An Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part habitually processes life, things, people, events in terms of how those move+inspire them, and bypass their prejudices and logic to reach a place of direct perception. In short they process how they feel about what’s right, wrong, dangerous, safe, trusted or not.
They will then think about and analyze those feelings; trying to conclude ideas, reasons, or insights from them, and communicating this. In short, they reason them out, or gain insight on what to choose.

The TRAP of this Center/Part combo is that the emotions continue to listen to the symbols of life, while the intellect attempts to organize all the feelings and sentiments that result. There is no tangible outlet, so this cycle leads to agitation, restlessness, distraction, escape etc. The emotions become familiar then, and attached to the past, to wishes, to longings that the intellect desperately wants to resolve.
The key to balance is in Moving Meditation; doing something with the body- exercise, yoga, tai-chi, stretching, attending to its health, dancing, taking a walk, or just taking a chance: taking a risk.

Health of the Emotional Center
Centers and Memory
Center of Gravity
Intellectual+Emotional Wounding/Healing
Moving Center Meditation
More on Meditation

The 7 Emotions
Member: PPLD- Pat's Essence+Blindspots
How Insight+Productivity create Perception
Member: Maureen- Trapped in Emotions & Music
How Moving breaks Traps

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Thanks for putting this together KurtisM, very interesting and so great to have all the source material to dig through. 


All the best.


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