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*This is a summarized description created from the many sessions that can be found+read in the source material below. I tend to update these summaries often, so feel free to check in as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.

A Moving Centered, Intellectual Part habitually processes life, things, people, events in terms of how their body feels, moves in the world around, and processes energy in reaction/response to those.
They will then think about and analyze those actions/sensations; trying to conclude ideas, reasons or insights from them, and communicating this. In short, they reason them out, or gain insight on what to choose.


The TRAP of this Center/Part combo is that reactions beget plans, reasons and strategies from the intellect that seek a straight-forward path and easy explanations, but it lacks heart. Emotional sensitivity can show up in thin-skinned ways, and double-standards that are quite confusing- all while there’s a lack of understanding of the feelings, aspirations and perspectives of others and the self.
The key to balance is in Emotional Meditation; Cathartic Expression, Actively listening to Music they resonate with, Taking in Beautiful Sceneries, having a night of tears+intensity at the movies etc.

Health of the Moving Center

Centers and Memory
Center of Gravity
Intellectual+Emotional Wounding/Healing
Emotional Center Meditation
More on Meditation

The Moving+Higher Moving Centers
September 2009 Energy Report- Laughter is Vital for Movement
Trump & Hitler- "Heartless"

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