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*This is a summarized description created from the many sessions that can be found+read in the source material below. I tend to update these summaries often, so feel free to check in as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.

A Moving Centered, Emotional Part habitually processes life, things, people, events in terms of how their body feels, moves in the world around, and processes energy in reaction/response to those.

They will then feel through+intuit those actions/sensations, feeling provoked or inspired by feelings, inspirations, longings, knowings, or attachments. However, the Emotional Part is mute and internal- they would have a difficult time expressing their actions and speaking about their feelings+experiences; instead, they would just live them out.


The TRAP of this Center/Part combo is that as the senses provoke familiar feelings of the past, the body feels and reacts to these intensely. This is exhausting, as the emotions remain mute, unexpressed and can be difficult to process, understand and express in controlled, honest and insightful ways.
The key to balance is in Intellectual Meditation; anything from Cross-word puzzles and Brain teasers, to Transcendental or Focused Meditations, to a night of Hilarity+Comedy.

Health of the Moving Center
Centers and Memory
Center of Gravity
Intellectual+Emotional Wounding/Healing
Intellectual Center Meditation
More on Meditation

The Moving+Higher Moving Centers
September 2009 Energy Report- Laughter is Vital for Movement
Member: Wendy- Intellect requires Learning and Telling the Truth

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