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This was originally posted by Sophie (a King) on June 18, 2013.


This is from POF 6/17/2013.


[Sophie] Why do Kings tend to make so many agreements? Is it because there are limited options for Mastery on the physical plane, so we try to make the most of every »chance« we can get?


[Mentity] Kings make many Agreements because they are an exalted Role who works in a Cardinal way. When there are projects, plans, and tasks being generated by any exalted Role, many "sign up" for checking out the results of that. It is not exclusive to Kings that there are large quantities of Agreements, but it does tend to be true of each Cardinal Role.


[Sophie] that's an interesting twist


[Mentity] The Ordinal Roles tend to work more intimately in terms of projects, tasks, and plans, so the Agreements tend to be more specific, in general. All Roles can have Mass Agreements and/or Individual Agreements, of course.



yeah, that makes sense.


I always get suspicious when anything is supposed to be "reserved" for just one role :)


[Mentity] There is some validity to your questioning about the mass Agreements being related to "getting the most of every chance" for Mastery.


[Sophie] aha


[Mentity] But that same line could be used for, say, a Sage, as in "getting the most of every chance" for Dissemination.


[Sophie] I think I understand how it goes.

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