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When are agreements made/changing agreements

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This was originally posted by Sophie (a King) on June 18, 2013.

This is from POF 6/17/2013.


[Sophie] You told me I have agreements with others for consideration of any work I might publish. When were these agreements arranged? If I were to transfer the focus of Mastery in my life onto something else, would my Essence be able to make new agreements regarding that new focus?


[Mentity] A core of Agreements was made before birth, and then "word of mouth," if you will, then began to draw more into curiosity and interest for what is intended, expanding that circle of Agreements.



ooh, I see

so I couldn't even go and say, well, I'll make agreements regarding fly fishing now


[Mentity] When Agreements are made on any scale, it is always with the understanding that the directions may change. Built in to the Agreements is a flexibility that can adapt. This tends to be because it is not so much about the end results, but about the process.



yeah, I figured they might adapt to, for example, mediums other than writing, like painting or making computer games.

but the core remains..

does that mean I could actually continue making more writing/considering agreements?


[Mentity] In addition to this, if one were to shift focus so drastically from writing a book to taking up fly-fishing, there would tend to be plenty interested in your process for mastering that, and/or parallels where those Agreements are already pooled, and "you" would then tend to merge toward that.


[Sophie] isn't life a funny thing. I love this. :)


[Mentity] It is quite absurdly hilarious, and profoundly beautiful.


[Sophie] those are the moments that make it fun being incarnated. thank you

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