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Neale Donald Walsch

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This was originally posted by Oscar on August 10, 2011


Asked in POF 2011­08­08:


[Oscar] I would like to know what Essence or Entity Neale Donald Walsch is channeling, if any, and what you think of the accuracy of his teaching.



We would say that this fragment's teaching is inspired, and to that extent, channeled, but for the most part, it is his teaching, or the teaching of his Manifested Essence. Because he is Manifesting Essence, his resources for inspiration can include his own Essence, Entity and Cadre. His Teaching is one that corresponds to the shift in Soul Ages between Young to Mature so that the anchors put in place by the Young are lifted for the Mature, in terms of familiar spirituality and terminology.


This is a clear example of a 7th Level Mature Soul teaching a teaching.


[Oscar] so the "God" in his books is his Manifested Essence then

[Oscar] with which he has his 'conversations'


[MEntity] The God of anyone is.

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This is weird.  I was just thinking the same thing about Walsch earlier today - that his conversations were held with his Essence. I love these validations.

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Lad the hon [memorial profile]

Many very inspired things in his books. And inspiring -- in the best sense, not in the tear-eyed sentimental way but in a clear, lucid way.

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Maxim [memorial profile]

That is a great encapsulation of NDW's work.  I read a couple of the books.  Also a fan of Bashar and can see as pointed out to me by Ed Hammerstrom that he too is offering more of a mature soul perspective though that hardly makes it invalid for us oldies.

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