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Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

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Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

Originally posted on November 13, 2014


All essences who are participating in this Grand Cycle on Earth comprise a "Design." The fundamental "family" that we are most involved with during the incarnational evolution of Essence is the Energy Ring.


There are 12 Cadres in an Energy Ring and 12 Energy Rings in a Sphere. Michael is in a different E.R., but is in our Sphere. Michael's teaching agreement with primarily with the first 3 Cadres of our Energy Ring. is in our Sphere. Michael's teaching agreement with primarily with the first 3 Cadres of our Energy Ring.


Sentient Structure:

1 Entity = 1000+ Essences (or sparks)

1 Cadre = 7 Entities

1 Ring = 12 Cadres

12 Rings = 1 Sphere

12 Spheres = 1 Arrangement

12 Arrangements = 1 Composition

12 Compositions = 1 Harmony

(up to) 7 Harmonies = 1 Design

1 Design = 1 Entire Sentient Species

1 Harmony = approx. 16,257,024,000 (at least that's the number I came up with when I calculated the numbers with rounding.)


-- Our Design has all 7 Harmonies.


For the most part all of us will have the vast majority of our closest associations within our Energy Ring . . . and most will be within the first three Cadres. In large part this is due to the somewhat unusual nature of the beginning of our ensoulment into the Earth Primates six million years ago. According to Michael, there will be some of us who will be the last to cycle off, too . . .beginning to end. Michael will remain on the Causal as our specific teacher until the last one cycles off.

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I just multiplied all the numbers above and got 12.2 billion in our entire design. Does anyone know how Geraldine got 16 billion for a harmony? Because if that’s true then that would mean we have 113.8 billion in our entire design. That would be pretty cool if that’s the case! 

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@Aaron   It has to be 12.2 billion, with the above starting out with a 1000 fragments per Entity. But maybe Geraldine took into consideration that most of the first 3 Cadres and their Entities of Energy Ring 2 that we know of so far, have more than a 1000 fragments each, or she asked Michael directly and got the 16 billion.

I would not know in which session that could have been, but maybe someone else knows, and can point us to that session.

Cool observation, thanks,

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Connie Stansell-Foy

@Aaron, @petra
I used the 1029 for a "perfect" entity:
7*12*12*12*12*12*7*1029 = 12,546,358,272 fragments in the entire Earth-human Design. More or less, because the 1029 is only right for a "perfect" entity and may not be legitimately an average.

When you multiply by that many factors, apparently 29 is a significant number. And spreadsheets make multiplication so easy that there's no need to round down.

If the average number of fragments in an entity is significantly more than the 1029 number, the total number of fragments in our Design could well be closer to the 16 billion number that Geraldine came up with. The average would have to be quite a lot higher, though; the same calculation using the 1275 in my own entity as the average comes up with 15,545,779,200 - still short of Geraldine's figure.

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@Aaron  I found it:


This material was obtained by Geraldine on July 1, 2013.


How many Harmonies does our Design have? Within the Design, how many Spheres have cycled off or nearly so? ... I've calculated that a Harmony is about 1.64 billion.


Our Design is a full 7 Harmonies of over 12 billion Fragments. The cycling off process is not as orderly as the arrival process, so there are no complete Spheres cycled off, in terms of sequential or mathematical organization, but in terms of quantifying the number of cycled off, this would be approximately 6,000,000,000.


Nearly all fragments who can incarnate have been incarnating.


A Harmony, by the way, is approximately 1.8 billion fragments.


7 times 1.8 billion = 12.6 billion

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