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*This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.


The Warrior Role in Essence shines when there are opportunities to rally for a cause, invoke courage as a platform for change, and bring energy to a direction. This is a Role with 1 Input- oriented to Conquering whatever task/experience/difficulty is faced.
The Warrior highly values Loyalty, Compassion and Commitment, encouraging these in themselves and others- but they are just as keen at rushing over to serve needs for protection.
Despite being called Warriors, they are often the quietest and most peaceful of the roles- that is, until there is a cause to be taken up, such as in the support of an underdog.

When Warriors manifest -Coercion, they push a divide between those/that they’re loyally protecting from those/that deemed a threat, through force, bullying, scare tactics, conquering, manipulative strategies, or even punishment, shaming or withholding.
This Coercion can even be directed at a loved one by protecting them from themselves, or towards the Warrior themselves, to protect them from others. Coercion forces direction upon another, and it often isn’t met with passivity.
As Coercion is all about Protection, this Warrior can begin to question the integrity of others actions, but always quickly defend others just the same when they’re threatened, as a reflection of their own self-protection/hiding of shame/guilt/regret over the integrity of their past choices.

When Warriors manifest +Persuasion, they encourage the self and others to CHOOSE to do what’s best for them, with active intelligence and freedom of movement.
This Warrior no longer sees punishment as the only method of Correcting actions, but sees correction can be brought through the awareness of choice and consequence- the ability to “shift gears”, “change lanes”, move/see in opposite directions as a means of realigning beliefs, organizations, parts of self etc. and nurture integrity(own their past and the choices made).
In short, the details don’t define them, or anyone- what one does with those details does.

Conscious Connection to Warrior Essence
1 Input
Living as Warrior Essence
Core Warrior Values
Wants+Needs of Warrior- Commitment and Humility
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7 Facets of Warrior Role
Old Warriors
Loving and Being Loved- Warrior- Win Over
Warrior- Cohesion vs Protection

Member: Bobby- Sage-cast Warrior
2007 Overleaves

Warriors and Warfare- What IS a Warrior?

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