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Recurrently struck with energy in a dream. What happens?

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I'm not quite sure how long i have had this happen in a dream every so often. For some years anyhow. What happens, is that there is this super powerful energy that sort of lands on me through my head, or head and shoulders from top down. It's either more unpleasant than pleasant, or just feels kind of neutral, so it does not feel like a surge of love or healing or anything like that. The last one i've had was 2 nights ago, it was neutral and soundless. They used to always have this very loud sound, like i was inside a massive dome bell when it gets hit, except there is a slight electronic or "digital" tinge to it aswell. In some dreams i have invited the experience, in the moment wondering if something will happen if i open myself up for it, and it does. In some it just comes to me, and i sense it coming just before. Sometimes there has been a sense or situation that something spiritual is happening, but its always very much me just wondering whats going on if anything (of importance), especially when it's felt fairly unpleasant. I used to expect it to feel "good" but it never has. So even in the dream itself i'm wordering about the nature but also the validity of the experience; I don't really have any information or any "feeling", other than being exposed to, or inserted with, a powerful surge. Sometimes there is a presence of 2 or 3 other people or beings there as well, but other than that the occurence and the aftermath is very much in just grey/white space.


Anyone experiencing anything like this, or any guesses what this is?

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