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recognition of entity members of your essence twin's entity


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Cong said:

Is it possible that the other channel (Karen) was using a different numbering system? I heard that there are two cadres (11 and 12) from Michael's own energy ring still having souls incarnating. And some channel treat those two cadres as cadre 1 and cadre 2. So the Cadre 3 in their system is referring to the same cadre 1 we are talking about here.  


The channel who is using a different Cadre numbering system is Shepherd Hoodwin.

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On 16.9.2016 at 8:22 PM, Evelin said:

However, I totally know what you mean by having a special feel for C1E4. I have that, too. Always did.
I vaguely recall channelling about this almost-cycled-off entity being a sort of muse for the rest of Cadre 1, so I don't find it surprising. Also I recall something about more of them being born in the Sirius system than from other C1 entities, so perhaps they act as a sort of reminder of our roots, our home? They have this other-wordly quality, and it feels like the veil is thinner for them, somehow. Like they have better astral vision or something :) Hard to describe.

I have absolutely the same feeling! From the beginning when I joined the community, I thought that it´s my entity, but I´m C1E7 and my ET C1E2. So it´s different influence. You told it exactly, Evelin. 

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On 8/23/2016 at 10:19 PM, Leela Corman said:

*NOTE: The singer in question is known for her red hair, huge voice, and striking individuality.


Is there a "Machine" involved in her life? Cause that rings a specific bell for me.  PM if you don't wanna answer here; but I don't need an answer if you'd rather not 🙂

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