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Michael Speaks - August 27, 2016 - Soul Ages and Responsibility

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Thanks to Maureen, missing lines of transcript have been recovered and added. Several lines were missing just before and into the Infant Soul section. The whole session is worth a re-read anyhow.

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On 8/28/2016 at 4:03 PM, Bobby said:

When the Old Soul cares in a way that is healthy, there is Recognition, validation, acknowledgement, etc. 


You know why you care, you know what you care about, and you know why it is important to care. You do not fault yourself for caring, but Recognize its value, its importance, its necessity. 


It is also a path to Recognition of Essence in the self and others. 


You cannot Recognize the existence, the Essence, the value, the meaning, the reality of another or the self without Caring. 


When you feel you care too much or do not wish to be responsible for Caring, you can fall into Apathy, or the shutting down or narrowing of what you care about. 


But you must, eventually, own the Responsibility that comes with Caring. It is not easy, and it is not always pleasant, but it matters and it informs you of the choices you can make that contribute to the well-being of all other Responsibilities. 


As an Old Soul you may have Caring as the priority Responsibility, but you are now so Aware that you know you are also Responsible for sustaining your Curiosity, and embracing your Self-Reliance, Confidence, Expression, and your Loving. 


I can validate this, all of it. The ongoing dance between caring and apathy is ... ongoing. 

It is hard sometimes to see others care easily, and I remain apathetic about the same thing. I hate that. It is also hard to see others remain apathetic about things I care about, and yet, they remain apathetic. Continuing to own my responsibility for caring for what I recognise as another sentient being is worthwhile but not necessarily consensually recognised as worthy. That is the crux of this situation. 


On another note, I can understand why Servers speed through Planet Earth School, they own their caring sooner than most of us other roles. 


I wonder if there is another place where the diversity of life extant is as high as Planet Earth's, and if they have the same lesson going on which is 
"To learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn"

how they are going with that. Caring and protecting diversity of any sentience seems to be a late soul age goal...

Surely planet earth is not the only game involving the prime focus of "Choices", and involving so many diverse species. How are the others working it out? Are we the most violent game in the universe? 

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@AnnaD. Michael said somewhere before that we've exited a 20th Century Platform of DEBT, to enter a 21st Century Platform of CHOICE.


And I mean we have a lot of choices right now. Far more than most other generations and ages have had.

We have the Choice to nurture common ground between people, cultures and nations that have long been distanced from each other and/or in constant conflict.

We have the choice to empathize, give a shit and stop war and violence.

We have the Choice to tackle rising concerns of Global Warming and the sectors of Animal Agriculture, Fossil Fuels and Pollution that are prime causes of it.

We have the choice how to use information & technology- whether in the name of control & power, or contribution & well-being.

We have the choice to fuel Capitalism and Consumerism until our final breaths, or to do something different.

We're even going to be presented choices with what to do with the upcoming Neo-Automation Revolution (ie. 3D Printers), Virtual Reality, Genetic Engineering as well as Extraterrestrial Contact and their influences on us.


Lots of choices- one after another & even mulltiple at once.

Many think their only choice is to resign & be bombarded with others choices- or to react and squash others choices if we don't like them.

We as a species, have not for a long ass time, chosen CONSCIOUSLY. Nor have we chosen COMPASSIONATELY.



I would imagine that the Platform for the 22nd Century will be INTELLIGENCE.

This would naturally build off of whatever resolution is reached in this century regarding the choices we were presented and made.

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@KurtisM you make a lot of sense, I hope that the positive impact and the awareness that can be brought to bear on our choices is reward in itself .... I keep on thinking that experiences are just neutral information, but the playing field is not level at all, and the information might be contaminated by delusion, lack of evidence, poor support and conditional love. Alright I will be over here alternating between despair apathy revenge (why give up now? lol) and enthusiasm/motivation/inspiration...

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