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Heart like water

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Hey ho, hope this is the right section to put this.

Just wanted to share a little realization I had last night.

A while ago a japaneese friend told me a known proverb in eastern philosophy; "Mind like a mirror, Heart like Water"
Now, while the comprehension of the first part of that proverb still eludes me, last night I finally realized the latter part.
Heart like water basically means to let your emotions flow freely through you as I'm sure most if not everyone reading this already know.
However, there's that tiny difference between understanding something, and truly comprehending it =)

SO! Last night I had a nightmare, at one point it got so bad that in the dream I screamed out in sheer horror/terror intensely enough to wake myself up.
That's when I realized that, despite going through events in the dreamworld that would be intense enough to traumatize, it doesn't. Because in the dreamstate 'heart like water', I am completely non-attached to the emotions that flow through me. Sure the experiences feel as horrible as ever, but in the dream I do not hold on to them, once the experiences passes, so does the emotions.


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Christopher LeBlanc

Nifty insight Nicko! And regarding the first adage 'mind like a mirror' I've always understood to mean as like  in the quality of a lake so utterly still, it can perfectly reflect the entire external world all the way to the stars; when agitated, it doesn't refect or experience such clarity of insight. The mind is a prison but holds no one inside, so its nature is actually vast silence and vaster space, for the purpose of expression of consciousness here on the physical, which our egos more often than not misconstrue as our identity, identifying with our thoughts unabated. It is super interesting to think of our hearts / feelings as  flows because I've always understood the sloshy weight of emotions as being our water bodies while the ephemeral thoughts in our minds are much closer to air = gaseous body. Resonant validation rocks :-D thanks for sharing!

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