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Maureen’s 5th Grand Cycle


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Maureen’s 5th Grand Cycle

From a POF on December 14, 2011

Maureen:  Michael – Your answer to one of Bobby’s questions on Monday re: a future self spun a lot of discussion around a Star Trek Episode called “The Inner Light”. To many of us it is a favourite. Bobby connected his future “flute playing” to this episode and I have had this episode on my mind many times over the years and in particular quite insistently over the last few weeks.

#1) I felt – through this shared resonance or “poignancy” – that this episode relates in some way to a Grand Cycle of a Species that is no longer “with us” that my Essence has shared with Bobby’s Essence (hence the shared “connection”) and may in fact have been shared with others as well.

If so please describe this Species as viewed through this shared Grand Cycle and its connection to this Episode? If not – please answer why this particular episode was so evocative to so many of us.

MEntity:  To Maureen - In response to your first question: Your intuition appears to be valid, in that the episode may evoke some Essence memory of a previous Grand Cycle, but it is also relevant to all of you in terms of "the future."

MEntity:  This "future" is painfully craved by many of our students who endure the slower timeline toward it, which has deep rewards of evolution in itself.

MEntity:  With Bobby's Essence being "featured" in such a daily way in that community, there is a natural resonance to that peaceful, parallel "future" existence.

MEntity:  On your own, you "know" that existence, with or without our information, so the episode is provocative of Essence Recognition.

MEntity:  In terms of previous Grand Cycles, you may be drawing parallels to a species that could be said to be "time-based," and its bodies being sound. The species evolved parallel, and symbiotically, to another species that was capable of generating sound.

MEntity:  As the species evolved, so did the quality of sound, from chaotic din to orchestral harmonies. The "bodies" of the species were categorized by the instruments used to generate the sounds.

MEntity:  Many of our students enjoyed the "wind" and the "strings" body types.

MEntity:  Beyond that, it was also just a good episode that was well-acted and written. It could be as simple as that.

Maureen:  What Grand Cycle # was this for me and for Bobby? …for our record-keeping.

Martha:  sounds fun, getting to "be" instruments

Maureen:  I have "witnessed" a healer "tuning" a body like an instrument -- interesting!

MEntity:  We think this may have been #5. We would suggest asking again at another time for verification.


Addendum June 4, 2019:  

Clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation: S5E25: The Inner Light

The launch of the probe and Picard's realization that he was the one it'll find:

Batai:  Don't you remember?...  You saw it just before you came here. We hoped our probe would encounter someone in the future. Someone who could be a teacher. Someone who could tell the others about us.

Jean-Luc Picard: Oh... it's me? Isn't it? I'm the someone. ... That's what this launching is. The probe that finds me in the future.

Eline:  The rest of us have been gone a thousand years. If you remember what we were, and how we lived, then we've found life again. ..... Now we live in you. Tell them of us, my darling.

And, of course, the Flute Playing that reminded Bobby of his future life:

Here's the whole episode for those who wish to see it:


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  • TeamTLE

After Kurtis "liked" this old posting I had the urge to add clips from a favourite episode of mine from Star Trek: The Next Generation -- S5E25: The Inner Light. I asked Michael about it being a possible Grand Cycle, for many of us, and it turned out it was. So check it out if you're interested.  💫

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  • TLE12

There are also various versions to this theme:


One of the orchestral versions:



The 40th year anniversary is also a nice hommage:


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