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NEW SERVICE: My Turning Point

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By popular request, we now have a focused live session option for those seeking to explore their "Turning Point" this year (or any year). Though this session format is set up for those who may be new to exploring their Turning Point, if you already have insight from Michael about your Turning Point, you are welcome to use this focused time for exploring further or asking more questions.  


Schedule your discussion with Michael about your Turning Point via the Services Calendar (scroll down to the Focused Topics section).


SESSION ID - MTP30 - VIA LIVE CHAT - 30 minutes of discussion with Michael about your "Turning Point." A Turning Point is a breakthrough or a breakdown point in your life where the patterns lead to a pivotal shift in some fundamental level of the life. Talk to Michael about the THEME of your Turning Point, where you are in relation to your Turning Point, how to aim for a Breakthrough over a Breakdown, what may have led up to the Turning Point, and/or what is to come after the Turning Point, plus Q&A.


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