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Hopskinville goblins


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Tristan: Hi Michael I wanted to ask about a strange UFO event known in popular culture as the "Kelly-hopkinsville encounter". This took place on August 21 1955 in Hopkinsville Kentucky, with at least 2 E.T.'s multiple witnesses and gunshots ect. Would you be able to expound on the event in question?
MEntity: The event as it is known to have happened is valid. The non-terrestrial beings appear to have been the "children" of a family who was fascinated by Humans and wandered off while their "adult" members collected materials and rushed repairs on a vehicle. The concept of danger was not involved, and the experience was one of play and a game, much like the familiar "hide and seek."
Tristan: How were they able to deflect the gun shots?
MEntity: These children were "brats," if you will, and were prone to rebelliousness and defiance.
MEntity: This species, like many who travel beyond their familiar system, can equip themselves with a kind of magnokinetic barrier that shields and deflects all material or debris or surface when it exceeds a certain velocity.
MEntity: In other words, one can reach into it and through it, but not punch it.
MEntity: It "springs" into effect upon impact and depending on the velocity has a circumference that grows in proportion.
MEntity: If the body falls, for instance, a cushioning effect would activate at about 10 "feet" from impact, whereas a punch or bullet might be deflected only inches away.
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Fascinating.  Thanks, Tristan.  There is a similar technology mentioned in Herbert's book "Dune" where the Sword Master Duncan Idaho has a field around him which will deflect any incoming object approaching at speed but which could not deflect an slowly moving knife.



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Thank you Tristan. I learned that when the bullets struck the visiting “goblin” children  they made a metallic sound. That’s what Geraldine Stith said at a seminar at Cryptid Con 2021. She was in the house as a child during the “attack”. She said she believes there were only a few of these visitors and despite the fear response from her family, she thinks they were peaceful. Michael confirms her suppositions here. Very interesting to know that magnokinetic barriers make a metallic sound when deflecting bullets. Also, the visitors were thrown back by the impact. 

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That kinetic barrier sounds like the Holtzman Effect from Dune used for the force fields. It stops fast moving projectiles so they have to resort to using swords and some kind of advanced projectile that slows down before impact. Pretty badass that it’s possible. And when humans inevitably acquire that technology, I guess warfare will resemble dune to some extent


haha didn’t even realize someone already said what I just said but 5 years ago

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