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Bad Dream



Years ago, I had a terrible dream that I’ve never been able to forget. This was a prehistoric setting, and took place in a cave.  I was an apprentice to a priestess who held knowledge and power of gemstones. I was told I could inherit her knowledge and mastery of them, but only if I sacrificed my human love. The weapon to use was an axe. I didn’t see the outcome, but there was a very heavy feeling of oppression and the smell of blood. I felt that I had committed the death.

I equated the priestess with my present mother, and the lover with my now husband. Both my mother and I present as artisans, and I make chainmaille jewelry. I have been told by several psychics that my husband and I have been connected at least back to Egyptian lives.

Could this be a valid memory, or have I read The King Must Die  one too many times?

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that honestly sounds like a past life to me. 


I have found that past lives come through as 'real' more so then dreams.   For some, reason I always 'know' I am in a dream even if I am not driving it consciencely.   Past lives.....I wake up and many times have trouble remembering that I am in a body, or the body feels 'off'. 


strong smells, sounds, physical pain....usually indicate that to me.  

So I would agree that it is. 

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