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MMW - December 17, 2016 - Getting The Most From 2016

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1 hour ago, Bobby said:

In short: what happens TO you matters less than what you DO with what happens to you.

This makes me think of the quote from John Wooden, "things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out".

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Interesting ...I just saw this online.  


"Michael Sheen is stepping back from his acting career to fight against the rise of the 'hard populist right' as an activist. 


The accomplished stage and screen actor said the 'demagogic, fascistic' change in politics, including the election of Donald Trump, has prompted his desire to counter it. 


The 47-year-old Welshman said that through grassroots organizing in his home town of Port Talbot, he will fight the rise of the 'hard populist right' which has emerged in the UK, the US, France and Austria.


It means that I would work less as an actor, and possibly stop,' he told The Times.


'Once I'm in, I'm fully in, and this is big. It will be a big change for how people relate to me.'


Sheen has already been outspoken on a number of issues including protecting the NHS and criticising potential changes to freedom of information legislation."

MEntity said in today's MMW:  "The current paths are Young and help one to keep his distance, to keep his territory, to keep his privacy and privileges and conveniences. These would not be thrown out for Mature paths, but built upon because there is nothing "wrong" in securing one's own position while using it to help others. The difference is that the priority shifts toward the impact of the help.


We cannot say how this will unfold, but it is a priority in the masses, and we do not see how 2017 can conclude at this point without some tremendous advancements in capacity for one group to help another."


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Leela Corman

I love this session so much. I just tried the overleaf exercise and got +Connection & Love/- Obsession for Round One, and + Re-integration/- Self-hate for Round Two. 2016 was actually a revelatory, amazing year for me, personally. I don't know if it's a stage of the 4th IM, or something that happens when you're in your 40's, but this year I reintegrated all this stuff I had rejected in my early 20's, actually at what I am pretty sure was the beginning of my 4th IM, now that I'm typing this that jumps out at me. I have a goal of Discrimination, and it definitely took the form of Rejection when I was younger. I tended to use the term "cutting" quite a bit back then. At 23, I cut out rock and roll boyfriends, stopped going to rock shows, became a hermit in the service of getting good at drawing comics, decided I was going to not only be single, but entirely celibate for two years and that at the end of the two years I would meet the man I would marry (this actually happened, don't ask me how because it sounds like magical thinking), and went back to school for illustration because I knew I had to make a living drawing pictures. My life took the shape it mostly has now. 


In 2016, largely as a result of meeting my local cadence mate, I rediscovered my rock and roll side in a way that felt like a massive celebration, and forgiveness of my younger self. It isn't just music, of course - for the first time in years I talked about relationships I'd been in before Tom, who I've been with for 19 years, and other experiences I had as a younger person, and forgave and even embraced my younger self, and felt gratitude for her. That has all been radical enough, but this friendship also helped me to see my own power fully for the first time, and even my beauty, which I have a really hard time with, and it also made me stop wanting to die, which has been in the back of my mind since my first daughter died five years ago. She was also a cadence mate. They've figured pretty heavily this year.


in any case, pardon the rambling. I will take very good things from this year, personally. Even the period where I was deeply unhappy didn't leave a mark on me, oddly. As for the larger world...well...I can show up for it. I feel that pull of altruism they mentioned.

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