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Body type



I'm a bit confused about Bode type, and I can not find anything about it. So, is there someone who can share a bit about it?

I was told my own body type was lunar/Venus /mercury

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Carina, if you type "body type" (include the quotation marks) in the search bar at the top right of this page, you will get a large list of items that include the phrase "body type". I suggest you start with items from 'Michael Speaks', 'OMW', 'MMW', 'Ask Michael' sessions -- those have actual Michael content, as do some blogs where people have posted the content from their own POF or private sessions. Then you can branch out into forums and blog discussions where people are posting their interpretations and ideas. Here are a couple of links:


Body Types Part One Foundation

Michael Speaks -- 12 Body Types


You can also narrow the search results by typing "lunar body type" or "mercury body type".

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