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Ask The Channel - How Do You Receive Names?

A question from PPLD:


So I understand how Michael find a fragment they are asked about, when a name or relationship or at least a context is provided. I also understand that when unpacking Overleaves, you as a channel are working with a “language” that you speak fluently.


What I find absolutely fascinating however and want to ask about is how you obtain a concrete name for e.g. a previous incarnation someone has had?


I’m thinking about it in connection to the latest session we had, when Michael found Vygotsky and Sturluson as my friends’ previous incarnations. Although both persons are definitely of historic significance, they fall under a rather narrow field of knowledge. These are not names that are easy to create an association to.


How does it work Troy? What are the steps that you and Michael need to take, in order to narrow down this kind of transmission so you have the intended person, name etc?


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Wow! I like how the channel stumbled over the words like he didn't even know how to pronounce them and yet boom there they are channeled and everything. Excellent!


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