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Essence Recognition as Art - BJORK - THE GATE

[Verse 1]
My healed chest wound
Transformed into a gate
Where I receive love from
Where I give love from

[Chorus 1]
And I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
Care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you

[Verse 2]
Split into many parts
Splattered light beams into prisms
That will reunite

[Chorus 2]
If you care for me, care for me
If you care for me, care for me
Care for me, care for me
And then I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
Care for you, care for you

[Verse 3]
Didn't used to be so needy
Just more broken than normal
Proud self-sufficiency
My silhouette is oval
It is a gate

[Chorus 3]
I can care for you, care for you from
I can care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
I care for you, care for you
You care for me, care for me
Care for you

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User Feedback


Posted (edited)

I love Björk. The Artisan of all Artisans.

Although I like the music, it is about so much more than the music. It's about EVERYTHING. Didn't Michael say that she is a Lesson ?


So normally there is just so much that anything she does awakes in me, but this - this was crazy!


At work I always have TLE on my little screen, and that's where I today watched this video.


I couldn't watch all of it. Not only did tears just start flowing but I simply started crying. Not being tearful, not sobbing - crying!


I had to pretend that I was sneezing/coughing and ran to a restroom (we sit in an open environment) and I just totally collapsed for some five minutes, shaking and muffling my cries the best I could.


When I finally was able to get myself together, I spent another 5 minutes by applying cold water to my super puffy and swollen eyes (yep, I am an ugly-crying dudette) before I could return to my desk. (Thanks god I don't use make up on a daily basis because if I had mascara - MAN!)


I still don't really dare to watch all of it, or to look into why it touched me so profoundly. I think I need more than a day, maybe the weekend to be able to process it.


The only thing that did appear for me, was the picture and the feeling of the fragile, almost disappearing beauty of the most delicate wings of a butterfly or even a dragonfly, my favourite insect.


I have some introspection to do this weekend, that's for sure...


Unworldly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 













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Posted (edited)

Well, Caring is the responsibility of Old Souls.

While I don't find Bjork's music very appealing/catchy, I do find it intriguing. Her message in this song seems to be about exposing your broken heart and resolve, so that healing may come forth.

And that healing is a form of caring for yourself by realizing the truth of your pain, and caring for others by extending that care.


The graphics are gorgeous, and it reminds me that Imagination truly is the Old Soul's playground!

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Nick Sweeney (Babylove)


wow.  other-worldly.  beyond words.  just feel awe and a strange sensation...

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